250 Ancient Egyptian Horse Names (With Meanings)

Horses have played a significant role in Ancient Egyptian culture and mythology, and they were often depicted in art and literature as symbols of power, beauty, and grace.

If you’re searching for the perfect name for your equine companion, look no further than this list of 250 Ancient Egyptian horse names, each with a unique meaning and inspired by various themes such as emotions, nature, racehorses, and even some funny names. Whether you have a stallion, mare, or foal, there’s a name on this list that’s perfect for your horse.

Ancient Egyptian Horse Names

Popular Ancient Egyptian Horse Names

  1. Akhom – “One who is sharp-witted and intelligent”
  2. Ammon – “The god of fertility and creation”
  3. Anubis – “God of mummification and afterlife”
  4. Apis – “God of strength and fertility”
  5. Aset – “Goddess of motherhood and fertility”
  6. Bakeneko – “Cat-like creatures with the power to shape-shift”
  7. Bastet – “Goddess of protection, pleasure, and childbirth”
  8. Benu – “Symbol of rebirth and creation”
  9. Bes – “God of fertility, childbirth, and family”
  10. Dakar – “One who is swift and agile”
  11. Demeter – “Goddess of harvest and agriculture”
  12. Edfu – “City in Upper Egypt known for its temple dedicated to Horus”
  13. Geb – “God of the earth and vegetation”
  14. Hapi – “God of the Nile and fertility”
  15. Hathor – “Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility”
  16. Horus – “God of the sky, war, and hunting”
  17. Imhotep – “God of medicine and healing”
  18. Isis – “Goddess of magic, motherhood, and fertility”
  19. Khepri – “God of creation, renewal, and the morning sun”
  20. Khonsu – “God of the moon and time”
  21. Ma’at – “Goddess of truth, justice, and balance”
  22. Medjed – “A mysterious god with unknown origins”
  23. Menes – “The first pharaoh of unified Egypt”
  24. Meretseger – “Goddess of the Valley of the Kings”
  25. Montu – “God of war and the sun”
  26. Mut – “Goddess of motherhood and fertility”
  27. Neferet – “One who is beautiful and elegant”
  28. Nehebkau – “God of protection and rebirth”
  29. Nefertiti – “Queen and wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten”
  30. Nekhbet – “Goddess of vultures and protection”
  31. Nephthys – “Goddess of mourning and the dead”
  32. Nut – “Goddess of the sky and the heavens”
  33. Osiris – “God of the afterlife, resurrection, and agriculture”
  34. Pahket – “Goddess of hunting and the desert”
  35. Ptah – “God of craftsmen, architecture, and creation”
  36. Ra – “God of the sun and creation”
  37. Sekhmet – “Goddess of war and destruction”
  38. Set – “God of chaos, storms, and desert”
  39. Sobek – “God of the Nile and crocodiles”
  40. Sokar – “God of the dead and the underworld”
  41. Thoth – “God of wisdom, knowledge, and writing”
  42. Tefnut – “Goddess of rain, moisture, and fertility”
  43. Unas – “Pharaoh of the fifth dynasty of Egypt”
  44. Wadjet – “Goddess of protection and the cobra”
  45. Wenis – “God of fertility and youth”
  46. Wepwawet – “God of hunting and war”
  47. Yinepu – “God of mummification and the dead”
  48. Zephyr – “God of the west wind”
  49. Zoser – “Pharaoh of the third dynasty of Egypt”
  50. Zet – “One who is small and swift”.

Ancient Egyptian Horse Funny Names

  1. Anubra – “The dog-headed horse”
  2. Bitu – “The one who bites everything”
  3. Cenherkhepeshef – “The horse that never stops running”
  4. Dendera – “The horse with the silly walk”
  5. Edfufool – “The horse that loves beans”
  6. Fefe – “The horse with the big nose”
  7. Giza – “The horse that loves to stand still”
  8. Hati – “The horse that hates everyone”
  9. Ibu – “The horse that always looks like it’s smiling”
  10. Jendayi – “The horse that loves to dance”
  11. Kek – “The horse that loves to joke around”
  12. Lekythos – “The horse that can’t stop drinking water”
  13. Mafdet – “The horse that loves to chase mice”
  14. Nefertitiptoe – “The horse that walks on tiptoes”
  15. Opet – “The horse that loves to eat bananas”
  16. Ptah-pa-pa-pa-pa – “The horse with a funny name”
  17. Qetesh – “The horse that loves to sing”
  18. Ra’s Foal – “The horse that’s always following the sun”
  19. Sahu – “The horse that loves to dress up”
  20. Ta-weret – “The horse that’s always pregnant”
  21. Ubu – “The horse that’s always making strange noises”
  22. Vizier – “The horse that loves to give advice”
  23. Wabet – “The horse that loves to play hide-and-seek”
  24. Xerxes – “The horse that thinks it’s a king”
  25. Yinepup – “The horse that’s always playing dead”
  26. Zat – “The horse that’s always running in circles”
  27. Abu – “The horse with a big belly”
  28. Benben – “The horse that loves to sunbathe”
  29. Chemist – “The horse that loves to experiment”
  30. Dodo – “The horse that’s always forgetful”
  31. Eshmun – “The horse that loves to heal”
  32. Ficus – “The horse that loves to eat figs”
  33. Ganesha – “The horse that loves to meditate”
  34. Hapi-go-lucky – “The horse that’s always happy”
  35. Imhotrot – “The horse that loves to dance the tango”
  36. Jolly – “The horse that’s always in a good mood”
  37. Kheprie – “The horse that’s always covered in dung”
  38. Limestone – “The horse that’s always cool”
  39. Menkaura – “The horse that loves to play practical jokes”
  40. Neb – “The horse that’s always lost”
  41. Osir-us – “The horse that’s always reborn”
  42. Papyrus – “The horse that’s always writing poetry”
  43. Qadesh – “The horse that loves to party”
  44. Ra-re – “The horse that loves to sunbathe”
  45. Saqqara – “The horse that’s always exploring”
  46. Thutmose – “The horse that’s always dreaming”
  47. Ushabti – “The horse that’s always working”
  48. Vulture – “The horse that’s always looking for food”
  49. Wadjyt – “The horse that’s always shedding its skin”
  50. Xandu – “The horse that’s always in a hurry”.

Ancient Egyptian Horse Names Inspired by Emotions

  1. Amira – “One who is full of emotion and passion”
  2. Bahiti – “One who is cheerful and happy”
  3. Cahr – “One who is full of anger and aggression”
  4. Dabira – “One who is determined and strong-willed”
  5. Emuna – “One who is faithful and loyal”
  6. Farka – “One who is proud and confident”
  7. Genna – “One who is generous and giving”
  8. Hesira – “One who is calm and serene”
  9. Imaan – “One who is full of hope and optimism”
  10. Jazira – “One who is full of energy and enthusiasm”
  11. Kefira – “One who is full of joy and happiness”
  12. Laila – “One who is full of love and affection”
  13. Mira – “One who is full of wonder and curiosity”
  14. Nura – “One who is full of light and brightness”
  15. Ora – “One who is full of vitality and energy”
  16. Pari – “One who is full of grace and elegance”
  17. Qasim – “One who is generous and giving”
  18. Rasha – “One who is full of energy and enthusiasm”
  19. Safiya – “One who is pure and innocent”
  20. Tahira – “One who is pure and sacred”
  21. Uzma – “One who is great and magnificent”
  22. Varda – “One who is full of beauty and grace”
  23. Waseem – “One who is handsome and charming”
  24. Xara – “One who is full of mystery and intrigue”
  25. Yusra – “One who is prosperous and successful”
  26. Zaina – “One who is beautiful and elegant”
  27. Aaliyah – “One who is high and noble”
  28. Basha – “One who is full of authority and power”
  29. Cleopatra – “One who is queenly and regal”
  30. Darius – “One who is full of wisdom and knowledge”
  31. Eman – “One who is full of faith and belief”
  32. Farida – “One who is unique and special”
  33. Giza – “One who is ancient and wise”
  34. Hadiya – “One who is a gift and blessing”
  35. Imhotep – “One who is full of knowledge and intelligence”
  36. Jaffar – “One who is brave and courageous”
  37. Kamilah – “One who is perfect and complete”
  38. Luxor – “One who is majestic and grand”
  39. Merit – “One who is deserving and worthy”
  40. Nefertiti – “One who is beautiful and powerful”
  41. Ozymandias – “One who is powerful and imposing”
  42. Pharaoh – “One who is royal and majestic”
  43. Quetzal – “One who is colorful and vibrant”
  44. Rameses – “One who is powerful and mighty”
  45. Sobek – “One who is fierce and strong”
  46. Tutankhamun – “One who is famous and renowned”
  47. Uto – “One who is powerful and strong”
  48. Vega – “One who is bright and shining”
  49. Wadjet – “One who is protective and loyal”
  50. Xeno – “One who is foreign and exotic”.

Ancient Egyptian Race Horse Names

  1. Abasi – “A strong and fierce racehorse”
  2. Binti – “A fast and nimble racehorse”
  3. Chonsu – “A fast and powerful racehorse”
  4. Darius – “A smart and strategic racehorse”
  5. Eurydice – “A graceful and elegant racehorse”
  6. Fathi – “A determined and focused racehorse”
  7. Ghorab – “A swift and agile racehorse”
  8. Hatshepsut – “A regal and commanding racehorse”
  9. Imiut – “A fast and efficient racehorse”
  10. Jariya – “An athletic and competitive racehorse”
  11. Keket – “A mysterious and enigmatic racehorse”
  12. Liriope – “A fast and graceful racehorse”
  13. Menesha – “A strong and powerful racehorse”
  14. Nekhbetra – “A majestic and commanding racehorse”
  15. Osirion – “A dominant and commanding racehorse”
  16. Ptolemy – “A smart and strategic racehorse”
  17. Qasira – “A fierce and competitive racehorse”
  18. Renenutet – “A determined and focused racehorse”
  19. Setekh – “A strong and fierce racehorse”
  20. Tefnout – “A graceful and elegant racehorse”
  21. Uzuri – “A beautiful and graceful racehorse”
  22. Vardaia – “A majestic and impressive racehorse”
  23. Waset – “A swift and agile racehorse”
  24. Xanthos – “A swift and nimble racehorse”
  25. Yaretzi – “A fast and determined racehorse”
  26. Zeru – “A strong and determined racehorse”
  27. Amosis – “A powerful and commanding racehorse”
  28. Buto – “A swift and agile racehorse”
  29. Circe – “A mysterious and enigmatic racehorse”
  30. Djer – “A fast and efficient racehorse”
  31. Eirene – “A graceful and elegant racehorse”
  32. Fenuku – “A strong and fierce racehorse”
  33. Gebtu – “A majestic and commanding racehorse”
  34. Heka – “A powerful and dominant racehorse”
  35. Ihy – “A smart and strategic racehorse”
  36. Jepri – “A graceful and elegant racehorse”
  37. Khefri – “A fast and efficient racehorse”
  38. Lapis – “A majestic and impressive racehorse”
  39. Menhit – “A fierce and competitive racehorse”
  40. Nebty – “A strong and determined racehorse”
  41. Onuris – “A powerful and commanding racehorse”
  42. Pakhet – “A swift and nimble racehorse”
  43. Qadeshia – “A beautiful and alluring racehorse”
  44. Raena – “A fast and determined racehorse”
  45. Senusret – “A smart and strategic racehorse”
  46. Theshi – “A graceful and elegant racehorse”
  47. Uadyet – “A fierce and competitive racehorse”
  48. Valina – “A majestic and impressive racehorse”
  49. Wazner – “A strong and determined racehorse”
  50. Xenia – “A swift and nimble racehorse”.

Ancient Egyptian Horse Names Inspired by Nature

  1. Ankh – “A horse that represents life and renewal”
  2. Badi – “A horse that loves the desert landscape”
  3. Cedre – “A horse that’s as strong and tall as a cedar tree”
  4. Dune – “A horse that’s as graceful and fluid as a sand dune”
  5. Eiru – “A horse that loves the cool air of the Nile river”
  6. Fiddan – “A horse that’s as fast and nimble as a gazelle”
  7. Gazal – “A horse that’s as elegant and graceful as a gazelle”
  8. Halima – “A horse that’s as gentle and nurturing as a mother camel”
  9. Ibis – “A horse with a long neck like an ibis bird”
  10. Juma – “A horse that’s as loyal and trustworthy as the Friday prayer”
  11. Kurna – “A horse that loves the lush green fields of Kurna”
  12. Lotus – “A horse that’s as beautiful and graceful as a lotus flower”
  13. Maat – “A horse that’s as just and fair as the goddess Maat”
  14. Nile – “A horse that’s as powerful and mighty as the Nile river”
  15. Oasis – “A horse that loves to rest and drink in the cool oasis waters”
  16. Papyrus – “A horse that’s as graceful and delicate as a papyrus plant”
  17. Qetesh – “A horse that’s as beautiful and enchanting as the goddess Qetesh”
  18. River – “A horse that’s as fluid and powerful as a river”
  19. Sahara – “A horse that’s as strong and resilient as the Sahara desert”
  20. Sycamore – “A horse that’s as majestic and towering as a sycamore tree”
  21. Taweret – “A horse that’s as protective and nurturing as the goddess Taweret”
  22. Uraeus – “A horse that’s as fierce and powerful as a cobra”
  23. Viper – “A horse that’s as quick and agile as a viper snake”
  24. Wind – “A horse that’s as free and wild as the wind”
  25. Xenos – “A horse that’s as exotic and unique as the foreign lands”
  26. Yara – “A horse that’s as gentle and peaceful as the night”
  27. Ziz – “A horse that’s as powerful and formidable as the mythical bird Ziz”
  28. Astarte – “A horse that’s as beautiful and alluring as the goddess Astarte”
  29. Baobab – “A horse that’s as sturdy and strong as a baobab tree”
  30. Cactus – “A horse that’s as resilient and enduring as a cactus plant”
  31. Djoser – “A horse that’s as majestic and impressive as the pyramid of Djoser”
  32. Edfufool – “A horse that loves the lush green fields of Edfu”
  33. Fen – “A horse that’s as mystical and enchanting as the Fen river”
  34. Gerda – “A horse that’s as brave and courageous as the goddess Gerda”
  35. Horus – “A horse that’s as powerful and dominant as the god Horus”
  36. Iris – “A horse that’s as colorful and vibrant as an iris flower”
  37. Juniper – “A horse that’s as fragrant and aromatic as a juniper bush”
  38. Khonsu – “A horse that’s as fast and agile as the god Khonsu”
  39. Lotusra – “A horse that’s as beautiful and graceful as a lotus flower”
  40. Meretseger – “A horse that’s as protective and healing as the goddess Meretseger”
  41. Nefertum – “A horse that’s as beautiful and fragrant as the god Nefertum”
  42. Oasisa – “A horse that loves to rest and drink in the cool oasis waters”
  43. Phoenix – “A horse that’s as resilient and powerful as a phoenix bird”
  44. Qadeshia – “A horse that’s as beautiful and alluring as the goddess Qadesh”
  45. Reeds – “A horse that’s as graceful and delicate as a reed plant”
  46. Sekhmet – “A horse that’s as fierce and strong as the goddess Sekhmet”
  47. Tefnut – “A horse that’s as powerful and dominant as the goddess Tefnut”
  48. Urchin – “A horse that’s as quick and agile as an urchin”
  49. Vine – “A horse that’s as lively and exuberant as a vine plant”
  50. Willow – “A horse that’s as flexible and graceful as a willow tree”.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Ancient Egyptian horse names are a great way to honor the rich culture and history of Egypt while giving your horse a unique and meaningful name. From popular names like Cleopatra and Tutankhamun to nature-inspired names like Baobab and Cactus, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects your horse’s personality or one that honors a particular deity or location, the perfect name is waiting for you on this list. So, take your time and choose a name that you and your horse will love for years to come.