160 Black Friesian Horse Names

Have you been searching high and low for the perfect name to fit your beautiful black Friesian horse?

If your answer is “yes”, then search no more! You’ve landed on the right post.

We have gathered a list of the very best options out there to inspire and get you started.

From DarkKnight to MysticMoonshine, these names will make your horse stand out in a crowd.

So don’t hesitate – read on below and give your horse a one-of-a-kind name today!

Original Black Friesian Horse Name Ideas

black friesian horse head side view

Mystic Blaze

Midnight Onyx

Obsidian Spark

Raven Knight

Carbon Magma

Shadow Thunder

Rebel Monarch

Glimmer Rembrandt

Freedom Eclipse

Storm Ryder

Liberty Warrior

Arctic Fire

Pride Majesty

Valiant Diamond

Excalibur Silver

Glacier Velvet

Jet Blizzard

Chaser Silvermoon

Polaris Monarch

Glacier Maiden

Rebel Prince

Icebolt Thunder

Onyx Silvermoon

Raven Magma

Mystique Diamond

Shadow King

Silverstar Eclipse

Heavensnight Velvet

Sunfire Ryder

Black Thunder Ryder

Valkyrie Spirit

Flannery Courage

Glimmer Warrior

Odin Maverick

Comet Mystic

Snowstorm Rembrandt

Elegance Majesty

Cool Black Friesian Horse Name Ideas

Mystic Fury

Silver Eclipse

Black Diamond

Rogue Knight

Obsidian Phoenix

Blaze Shadow

Aurora Majesty

Rebel Blizzard

Glacier Onyx

Jet Rembrandt

Phantom Velvet

Raven Ryder

Mystery Storm

Moonbeam Roan

Stardust Courage

Lunar Warrior

Carbon Mystic

Corsair Maverick

Midnight Freedom

Traditional Black Friesian Horse Name Ideas

Coal Rembrandt

Avery Sliver

Jet Blackhorse

Dusk Majesty

Magma Ryder

Obsidian Vale

Marengo Shadow

Noir Midnight

Archer Onyx

Raven King

Valiant Glory

Courage Expresso

Roan Flame

Valiant Knight

Master Eclipse

Liberty Diamond

Falcon Fire

Patriot Silver

Hades Brave

Exotic Names for Black Friesian Horse Names

Mystic Jet

Stardust Belle

Onyx Nebula

Jet Phoenix

Raven Rain

Nova Flame

Blaze Horizon

Comet Starlight

Opal Moonbeam

Breeze Midnight

Rebel Glitter

Cosmos Sparkle

Eclipse Skye

Shadow Lunar

Frost Sunrise

Midnight Galaxy

Thunder Dynasty

Phantom Moonstone

Infinity Blaze

Black Friesian Horse Names Based on Literature

black friesian horse on field

Don Noir

Branwen Shadow

Shadowfax Eclipse

Pegasus Rogue

Black Beauty Obsidian

Medusa Phoenix

Sir Lancelot Blaze

Nimue Blizzard

Aragorn Onyx

Galahad Rembrandt

Valkyrie Velvet

Beowulf Ryder

Odysseus Storm

Hektor Moonbeam

Athena Courage

Eomer Warrior

Grendel Mystic

Conan Maverick

Mavis Midnight

Trendy Pop Culture Black Friesian Horse Names

Rey Thunder

Loki Diamond

Aquaman Fire

Black Widow Sunbeam

Mulan Blaze

Thor Opal

Iron Man Eclipse

Cinderella Glitter

Starlord Shine

Spiderman Solitaire

Elsa Nova

Shuri Moonstone

Belle Flashlight

Gamora Eclipse

DarthVader Onyx

Captian America Rush

Wonder Woman Stormclouds

Groot Stellar

Tiana Comet

Bonus: More Unique Names for Black Friesians

Jett Sparkles

Belle Eclipse

Onyx Rush

Jet Mirage

Raven Dawn

Nova Blaze

Blaze Hope

Comet Odyssey

Opal Starlight

Breeze Crusader

Rebel Sunbeam

Cosmos Roar

Eclipse Haven

Shadow Skye

Frost Lunar

Midnight Phoenix

Thunder Ruler

Phantom Glitter

Infinity Shine

What Are Black Friesian Horses?

Black Friesian horses are a warmblood horse breed originating from the Netherlands.

The black Friesians are known for their striking black coat, powerful build, and elegantly curved legs.

Traditionally used as cavalry horses in the past, these horses now come in many shapes and sizes and can be found all around the world.

Their muscular frame gives them natural balance and grace, making them ideal for any type of riding discipline – from dressage to endurance racing.

They’re also an incredibly intelligent breed which makes training easier.

Whether you’re looking for a loyal companion or a trusty mount for competition, choosing a black Friesian could be a perfect choice!

Benefits of a Unique Black Friesian Horse Name

Choosing a unique name for your black Friesian horse has many benefits:

  • Not only will it make your horse stand out from the crowd, but picking an appropriate name can also have a positive effect on your relationship with them.
  • A personalized name helps to create a sense of trust and connection between you, as it shows you’ve taken the time to think about what is perfect for them.
  • Additionally, choosing something unique is also a great conversation starter, allowing for interesting stories to be shared about the origins of your horse’s name.

With these advantages in mind, take the time to find the perfect option for your Friesian today!

Additional Resources for Naming a Black Friesian Horse

If you’re still looking for more inspiration for naming your beautiful black Friesian horse, there are plenty of online resources to choose from.

From websites highlighting traditional horse names to blogs full of creative ideas, the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few great places we suggest you get started at:

  • Horse Blogs
  • Horse Name Books
  • Horse Name Generators
  • Lists of Horse Names (like this one)

Wrap Up

Naming your black Friesian horse is an exciting opportunity to be creative and make your horse stand out from the crowd as totally unique.

With this list of 150+ names, you’re sure to find one that compliments your horse perfectly.

From DarkKnight to MysticMoonshine, and all the listings in between, each of these names is special in its own way.

So what are you waiting for, cowboys and cowgirls? Get out there and get to pickin’ the perfect black Friesian horse name option today and bestow it upon your more than deserving horse!