160 Black Horse Names for Mares

Are you still looking for that perfect horse name for your black mare? Look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of all our favorite picks for the best black horse names for mares that are not only classic but also beautiful.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional, modern, or exotic, this list has it all.

From Athena to Zena and everything in between, here are 15 of the best black horse names for mares!

Unique Black Horse Names for Mares





Ebony Rose


























More Creative Black Horse Names for Mares

black mare horse in the mountain

Night Blossom

Velvet Moon

Stormy Star

Charcoal Dream

Cosmic Shadow

Starlight Serenade

Coal Gardenia

Thunder Miracle

Pitch Nightingale

Ebony Mystique

Cinder Jewel

Black Velvetine

Dark Nebula

Jet Spinel

Raven Onyx

Night Widow

Jet Delight

Onyx Sunrise

Velvet Pilot

Sable Splendor

Coal Jubilee

Ebony Chantel

Raven Cadence

Pitch Paradise

Cinder Mystic

Ink Ribbon

Starlight Empress

Abyss Queen

Shadow Fairly

Indigo Enchantment

Traditional Black Horse Names for Mares

Scarlet Sunset

Ash Passion

Ivory Moon

Ink Harmony

Starry Majesty

Mystic Blaze

Snow Flash

Night Glance

Pitch Glimmer

Jet Eclipse

Black Beauty

Jet Star

Ebony Rose

Midnight Lily

Raven Queen

Charcoal Magic

Cinder Spice

Velvet Dynasty

Shadow Dancer

Onyx Jewel

Stormy Whisper

Pitch Jewelry

Coal Rush

Night Diamond

Starlight Symphony

Shadow Fortune

Onyx Artist

Velvet Visionary

Coal Joy

Ebony Serenity

Exotic Horse Names for Black Mares

Black Sapphire

Jet Mystery

Ebony Galaxy

Midnight Shadow

Raven Wonder

Charcoal Enchantment

Cinder Destiny

Velvet Mysticism

Shadow Gala

Onyx Eclipse

Stormy Magic

Pitch Oasis

Coal Grace

Night Dynasty

Starlight Dream

Scarlet Embers

Ash Whisper

Ivory Escape

Ink Miracle

Starry Charm

Mystic Elixir

Snow Journey

Night Splendor

Pitch Rhapsody

Jet Adventure

Shadow Forge

Onyx Dazzle

Velvet Beauty

Coal Echo

Ebony Cascade

Pop Culture Horse Names for Black Mares

Wonder Woman

Sailor Moon

Bat Girl

Super Girl

Spider Woman

Cat Woman

Storm Queen

Iron Maiden

Mad Maxine

Little Mermaid

Captain Marvel

Mystique Rogue

Scarlet Witch

Ice Princess

Black Widow

Purple Sage

Azure Dreamer

Golden Lullaby

Verdant Shimmer

Amethyst Monarch

Crimson Spell

Scarlet Fever

Silver Mirage

Aquamarine Journey

Ruby Oasis

Indigo Moonbeam

Aztec Enchantment

Diamond Starlight

Mystic Whisper

Opal Eclipse

Bonus: Three-Word Black Horse Names for Mares

black mare horse sitting on grass

Majestic Shadow Mare

Glistening Midnight Blaze

Illuminating Astral Mirror

Fiery Thunder Moon

Mystic Arctic Snowflake

Elegant Polar Rosebud

Mysterious Nebula Empress

Sterling Galaxy Diamond

Silent Lunar Whisper

Silver Opal Eclipse

Vibrant Blazing Comet

Noble Starry Entwined

Glimmering Cosmic Jewel

Radiant Northern Eclipse

Mythic Thunderous Dream

Definition of Black Mare Horses

A black mare is a female horse of any breed that has a dark coat color.

These horses can range from dark brown to jet-black, with many having a glossy sheen to their coats.

Most black mares have white markings on the face, legs, and chest, although there are some that are completely solid in color.

Black mares are often associated with beauty and power, making them popular choices for horse owners.

How to Choose a Unique Name for a Black Mare

Choosing a unique name for your black mare doesn’t have to be stressful and mind-boggling… it can and should be a fun and rewarding experience.

So, let us help you help yourself with a few things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect moniker:

  • Think about her personality. Is she friendly, energetic, and calm? Consider characteristics that describe your horse and pick a name that reflects that.
  • Avoid easy-to-read names. Try to opt for names that are not easily recognizable as they will be more memorable and special.
  • Consider her breed. If you have an American Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred, look to their roots for inspiration. You could take inspiration from old English or French words related to horses, too!
  • Look around you. What is the landscape like near your barn? What objects or creatures do you see outside your window? Look to these items for creative and unique horse names!
  • Consider family ties. Does the horse have any special connections with anyone? Consider honoring someone special by giving them an equestrian namesake!

Places to Find Naming Inspiration for Your Black Mare

Still haven’t found the best black horse name for your mare? If so, don’t give up yet!

Instead, try looking for some fresh and out-of-the-box inspiration to find the perfect name for your black mare.

Here are a few places you can look:

  • The Classics: Look to popular fiction and poetry from different eras for classic names. You can also look to mythology for interesting names like Achilles or Athena.
  • Nature: Look to nature for beautiful and unique names that represent the environment around you. Consider flowers, plants, and animals in your area or the horse’s coat color.
  • Pop Culture: From movies and television shows to books and cartoons, pop culture is full of interesting and fun names that could be perfect for your mare.
  • Your Interests: Look to your hobbies, interests, and other activities you love for ideas. Think about what words represent these topics – they could make excellent horse names!

Wrap Up

When it comes to finding the perfect name for your black mare, there’s no shortage of options.

Whether you’re looking for something classic, modern, or exotic, this list has it all. From Athena to Zena and everything in between, these are 150+ of the best black horse names for mares.

Whichever name you choose, we wish you and your beautiful mare many years of happy living together!