400+ Buckskin Horse Names


Buckskin horses are most easily recognized by their coloration. Horses with a buckskin coat have a tan or gold coat with a black lower legs, mane and tail. These horses have the most unique and beautiful colors, and we’re not surprised if you have a buckskin horse.

Looking for the perfect buckskin horse name may be tough for a first time horse owner, since there are so many options for you to choose from. But, here are the best buckskin horse names we gathered just for you! Find out which of these is the perfect one for your horse.

Buckskin Brindle Horse Names

Brindled horses have black stripes or markings on their coat, which makes them even more majestic. If you have a brindle buckskin horse and are searching for the right name, here are some options you might like.

Inky Tan

Tipper Splotch

Dips in Ink

Dipsy Tanner

Flimsy Boots

Striped Fancy Feet

Raven Lines

Blackfoot Flare

Smudge Lines

Pretty Paws

Hadrian Tan

Nigel Mane

Kerry Long Legs

Miss Luna

Moonbeam Riser

Bullet Sands

Dark Winter

Wolf Coat

Milky Sander

Steele Glare

Shadow SAnds

Sandy Mist

Asher Jones

Sunset Ash

Sunrise Cloud

Crystal Dawn

Greyson Lines

Dove Stripes

Black Mercury

Pearl Stripes

Pepper Lines

Smokey Sands

Stormy Pebbles


Slate Racer

Tan Stone

Miss Titanium Streaks

Granite Prancer

Earl Gray Lines

Hazey Gallops

Buckskin Horse Names Females (Girls)

buckskin horse

Buckskin horses are magnificent creatures with the most beautiful color combination. If you own one today and want the perfect name for it, here are buckskin horse names for your female equine friend.

Amaranth Stormsand

Amora Sunrise

Arizona Bale

Tan Beauty

Bella Sand Coat


Bonnie Fairskin

Butterscotch Mare

Cajun Rider

Charlene Tanner

Sandy Cheyenne

Ciara Black Point

Black Cowgirl

Daisy Strutter

Dakota Cream

Darcy Rice

Procelain Dawn

White Devotion

Dolly Bone

Dream Cotton

Creamy Ella

Emily Creme

Leap of Faith

Fiona Ivory

Frida Dark Hooves

Garnet Point Black

Georgia Lace


Goldie Black

Hanna Sand

Sandy Holly

Honey Coal

Hope Smokes



Lady Buckers

Lakota Ecru

Levi Blacks

Lulu Dusky

Dark Melody

Merry Dawn

Moxy Lights

Nadia Shade

Miss Sandy Nicolette

Pip Skipper

Purty Scone

Tan Rose


Sally Storm


Shera Ember



Light Sparrow

Shining Spice

Summer Dawn

Tabitha Fringe

Cream Tandy

Tequila Sunrise

Silly Tilly

Sunny Valeria

Venus Pearl

Victoria Rhode

Buckskin Horse Names Males (Boys)

buckskin horse in the sunset

If you need a buckskin horse name for your male horse but can’t seem to find the right one, here are some great name options you can choose from!

Ashy Point

Sandy Bailey

Beamer Tan

Big Brown Light

Bloke Hooves


Sandy Boaz

Bozo Storms

Tan Brick

Butch Cream

Cash Rider

Flint Casanova

Cedar Wood

Chance Storm

Tan Chaplin

Black Cherokee


Hubs Chubs

Cigar Legs

Clyde Shanks



Death Valley

Tan Denzel

Doc Summers



Flint Esteban

Fernando Sands

Frank Black

Gallant Mind

Gatlin Braveheart

Fracier Grazer

Harley Blaze

Gracie Harpoon

Tan Harvey



Hyde Bale

Moustache Grant

Nigel Sands

Nordic Vikiing

Northern Sun

Ole William

Omega Black


Patrician Coal

Patriot Power

Light Pepper

Sir Pirate

Lord Quimby


Danger Ringo

Rino Buck

Rocky Stream




Sergeant Light Lace

Teak Fleak

Tommy Shadow


Trooper Grant



Sooty Buckskin Horse Names

sooty buckskin horse

Sooty colored buckskin horses might look weird but they have the coolest pattern and color combination. If you have a sooty buckskin equine friend, here are some of the best names we came up with.

Apache Blotch

April Showers

Bear Splot

Bel Bel


Blondie Dots

Black Buck

Buckwheat Shade

Bucky Spirit


Copper Pot

Coyote Lane

Doe Remy

Dragonfly Rider



Finebar Points

Francis Tan

Freedom Point

Gladiator Rider

Heroic Stomper

Bucky Insidious

Jester of the Court

Laredo Stones

Rainy London

Loquacious Storm

Fiery Mercury

Light Minx

Mystic Points

Sand Neptune

North Storm




Slate Dawn




Taurus Hooves

Terracotta Mane


Treasure Mane


Twilight Sand

Mister Ultimatum

Sandy Underdog

Viceroy Lace



Wisdom Cream


Dappled Buckskin Horse Names

dappled buckskin horse

Dappled buckskin horses have pretty spots that are unique. These spots make any horse stand out, and we know everyone wants one. So, if you already got a dappled buckskin horse, then here are a few of the best horse names for him or her.

Ardent Spots

Asbestos Dots

Beady Skin

Tanny Blotched

White Camouflage

Cave Painting

Chai Tan

Charred Specks

Cloudy Coat


Creamy Latte

Dingy Dottie

Dobby Creme

Dodger Rider

Dusty Coat


Elaborated Tan

Fancy Pattern

Light Flash

Little Giraffe


Gorgeous Hay

Hot Spot


Iris Spots

Khaki Girl


Tanny Loops

Misty Sand

Muddy Waters

Nominal Spots

Tan Opulence

Sandy Patches



Powdered Chocolate

Quaker Tanner

Rigid Rider

Sandstorm Hooves


Soda Pop


Splash of Sand

Splotch Coat

Spotty Mane

White Sprinkles

Star Spangled

Starry Coat

Stodgy Rider

Stone Striker

Striker Johnson

Dotty Tumbleweed

Twinkie Cream

Waverly Lace

Strong Wizard


Yarrow Bone

Zebra Dot

Famous Buckskin Horse Names

buckskin show horse

When looking for a name for your buckskin horse, its nice to know the most famous buckskin horses today. Here are famous buckskin horse names inspired by these famous horses.

Apache Tan (Adventures of Kit Carson)

Dun It Bale (Hall of fame quarter horse stallion)

Bandit Tanskin (Caitlin’s Way)

Buck Black Point (Jack Mahoney’s horse from The Range Rider)

Buttercup Dust (Dale Evans’ horse)

Tanny Buttermilk (Notorious Horse of Dale Evans)

Casey’s Ladylove (Quarter Horse Mare in the Hall of Fame)

Cisco Mare (Dances with Wolves)

Denny Lace (Hall of fame quarter from The Man From Snowy River)

Expensive Pet (Quarter Horse Gelding in the Hall of Fame)

Harlan Raider (Hall of Fame Quarter Horse Stallion)

Hollywood Tan It (Quarter Horse Dunskin Stallion in the Hall of Fame)

Spirit Flyer (animated film)

Buckskin Paint Horse Names

Paint horse have exquisite coats because of their different patterns, like paint splashes. If you own a buckskin paint horse, then here are our top buckskin paint horse names for your new pet.

Caramel Spots

Carob Splatter

Huge Freckles

Tanny Fudge

Gingerbread Spots

Tanny Blotches

Painted Tawny

Toffee Brushstroke

Light Blackbird

Prince Sandy

Shadow Blotches

Slick Lines

Mister Smokey

French Silk Coat

Black Jettpoint

Maggie Ways

Queen of spades

Brown Sable

Starling Tanny

Velvet Sandstorm


Seal Point Mare

Splatter Power

Dark Angel Wing

Spotty Darkness

Midnight Coat

Buttermilk Buckskin Horse Names

If you have a buttermilk buckskin that’s waiting to be named, here are the best male and female buttermilk buckskin horse names we gathered for your new family member.

Amber Point





Blondie Body

Bronzer Ears

Coconut Butters

Burnt Cookie Edge

Dark Cork

Olive Hoover

Pine Coats

Diluted Redwood

Blurred Sandy


Yew White

Wheat mane

Cute Buckskin Horse Names

When you are looking for a cute buckskin horse name for your new horse, you can choose from one of the cute buckskin horse names we’ve gathered below!

Light Amethyst

Simple Aquarius

Blessed Storm

Sunkissed Buddy


Cider Rider

Crispy Coconut

Tan Daisy

Fawny Sparks

Figaro Friend

Second Glance


Giant Hobbit

Honey Glaze


Nice Tan Baby

Nova Sands


Peanut Butter Lover


Pine Needle

Precious Sand

Pretty Dark Paws



Rice Cake

Rowdy Fred

Sea Wind

Blake Shadow


Sunset Flames

Tancy Sandy

Sully Tango

Tawny Reed


Tender Heart

Miss Timidity

Tinker Bell

Tree Bark

Turbo Tornado




Yawny Sails

Yellow Mist


Horse Names for Buckskin Geldings

Finding the right horse names for your buckskin gelding may be overwhelming, so we listed our top choices that you can use for your new pet.

Russet Sunset

Tan Beaver

Big Scooby

Rusty Hay

Buckie Black

Beach Boy


Missy Buckwheat

Lady Cedar

Sir Chewbacca

Cisco Loco

Buckington Prince


Buckingham King

Buckly Knight

Overgrown Tumbleweed

Woody Spakrs

Silly Tanner

Dusty Rust

Buckshot Coal

Buck Struck

Black Buckeye

Chewy Taffee

Miss Starbuck

Justin Tanster

Rhode Umber

Native American Horse Names for Buckskin Horses

Here are buckskin horse names inspired by Native American culture. Let’s see which one gives the best meaning to your new equine friend.

Adsila Tan (blossom)

Sandy Ahawi (deer)

Chepi Flyer (fairy)

Light Hinto (blue)

Kahe Tanshade (wildcat)

Sandy Kimana (butterfly)

Koko Stormhooves(night)

Macha Sands (aurora)

Light Maka (Earth)

Sandy Miki (little)

Tanny Oginalii (my friend)

Panola Cream (cotton)

Sawni Mare (echo)

Tadita Lights (one who runs)

Tan Wakshi (fox)

Wichahp Shine (star)

These buckskin horse names inspired by their patterns, markings, or from famous buckskin horses are the best names we’ve gathered for you. If you need names for buckskin horses inspired by great figures, then you won’t have trouble finding the one for your horse.