304 French Cat Names (With Meanings)


Are you looking for a fancy cat name for your new kitty? We have French cat names that will sound perfect!

French names are not so much used to name a pet, especially because they are hard to pronounce.

But, we made a few adjustments just for your new pet! Let’s read the adorable French cat names for cats below.

Female French Cat Names (Girl)

French names for cats are underrated, so we gathered some of the best French names for female cats that you could use for your new feline friend. Check out these amazing names and choose one that will perfectly match your cat’s personality:

Babettoes (My God is plentiful)

Bijou (jewel)

Bonbon Butt (candy)

Cherie Tails (darling or dear)

Matisse (gift of God)

Amélie (strive)

Miaou Kitty (meow)

Minette (drop of the sea)

Coco Purrs (French fashion designer)

Adaline Tails (beautiful or noble)

Béatrice (she who brings happiness)

Cosette Toes (little thing)

Eloise (healthy)

Felicienne Fur (great happiness)

Giselle (a pledge)

Simeowne (listen or hear)

Vivienne Hiss (lively)

Lassie (maiden)

Minet (kitty)

Clawquine (naughty)

Leelou (gorgeous one)

Aimée Cat (beloved)

Angèlique (angel)

Mischievous Antoinette (after Marie-Antoinette)

Belle Furr(beautiful)

Biscat-te (biscuit)

Blanche (white)

Bleue (blue)

Boulette (mistake)

Clawmille (perfect)

Celine (sky)

Cendrillon (Cinderella in French)

Chantail (to sing)

Chouquette (French pastry)

Clawreto (illustrious)

Clawdette (enclosure)

Clémeowntine (a type of orange)

Clochette (French for Tinkerbell)

Colette (victorious)

Coquelicat (poppy flower)

Coquette (a tease)

Cosettail (small and tiny)

Desirée (desired one)

Démoiselle (lady)

Doudoune (blanket)

Duchesse Sass (duchess)

Furine (flour)

Florine (flowering)

Frimeowsse (someone young)

Felicienne (version of feline)

Ficelle Claws (string)

Galipurte (to tumble around)

Gamine (playful, young girl)

Gisele (bright light)

Grisetta (a type of candy from Montpellier)

Jolie Pants (pretty)

Julliet (justice)

Libellule (dragonfly)

Lourdes (a city named after a saint in France)

Lionette (after the city of Lyon in the France)

Maëlle Kitty (princess)

Miette Lickers (crumbs)

Minou Purr (nickname for cat)

Minouche Kitty (small cat)

Mistigri Hisser (feline that could be domesticated)

Myrtille Cat (blueberry)

Mysticat (quality of glamor)

Nanette Fleece (grace)

Nicolettoes (victory)

Noisette (small nut)

Odette (rich heritage)

Olivette (olive)

Ophelie (one who saves)

Pawlette (mall, humble)

Purle (pearl)

Pierrette (female version of Pierre)

Reinnette (Small queen)

Risette Meows (one who sings)

Satine Coat (satin)

Sucette Chomper (lollipop)

Suzetta (lily flower)

Tartiflette (cheesy potato dish)

Toulouse (a city in the south of France)

Vedette (celebrity star)

Yuna (variation of the name “Yvonne”)

Male French Cat Names (Boy)

If you are a new pet parent and you are looking for male cat names, then these French cat names are a great start to finding the perfect name! Male cats are regal and possess a strong exterior like royalty, so here are some of the best French cat names for your new kitten:

Beau (fine)

Gastoen (man from Gascony)

Furnçois (free man)

Jacques (supplanter)

Adel (noble)

Avignon (A Southeast France city)

Etienne Smackers (crown)

Laurent (bright one)

Milou (French word for bitter warrior)

Monet (to be heard)

Paswcal (born on Easter)

Pierre Fur (a stone)

Remy (remedy)

Voltaire (lightning volt)

Yves (yew)

Rex Master (king of the universe)

Sultoen (sovereign)

Oscar (jumping fighter)

Chatoen (kitten)

Adrien (of Hadria)

Andrawr (manly)

Antoine (beyond praise)

Arnaud (eagle power)

Bastille (fortress)

Bisou (kiss)

Bonapurte (a good match)

Cesar Paws(head of hair)

Alphonse (noble)

Ameownd (almond)

Amboise (a city in the Loire Valley)

Aslan (lion)

Barnabé (after the Saint Barnaby)

Beauregard (good-looking one)

Boursinfur (type of French cheese spread)

Cezanne (famous French painter)

Chanceux (lucky one)

Chevalier (knight)

Dagobertoes (after a French King in a children’s song)

Descartes (a French philosopher)

Eustache Fur (fertile)

Fabrice Paws (craftsman)

Félix (happy)

Figarawr (after a French newspaper called “le Figaro”)

Filou (nickname for Philipe)

Fripurrns (naughty)

Gaillard (courageous)

Gin (alchoholic drink)

Gouda (a type of cheese)

Grenouille (frog)

Grincheux Face (grumpy)

Hameau (isolated home or place)

Haussmeown (after Baron Haussmann who rebuilt Paris in the 19th century)

Hélix (spiral)

Hipurr (from the old French name Hippolyte)

Houpett (a type of bird)

Isidor (gift)

Jardin (garden)

Jouer Kitty (playful)

Kat-put (broken)

Leroux (redhead)

Lutin (elf)

Magou Meows (a bit of a mess)

Marcel Fleece (dedicated to Mars)

Maximilien (greatest)

Nostradamueow(after the French astrologer)

Orfeus (obscurity in the night)

Ourson (small bear)

Pawtapouf (fat little one)

Pipou (excited, awake)

Quatre (four in French)

Rafale (after the French fighter jet)

Ripley (compensation)

Sartre (after the French philosopher and writer)

Stylo (French form of pen)

Tambour (drum)

Thibert (brilliant)

Titoune (boy)

Valentin (Valentine)

Viclawmte (A French nobility title)

French Cat Names Unisex

Does your cat look like a French guy and you want to find the perfect French cat name for it? If you are unsure whether your new kitten is a girl or a boy, then here are unisex and cute French cat names you can choose from:

Altesse (Your highness)

Ameowral (admiral)

Arcenciel Furs (rainbow)

Calîn Kitty (hug, cuddle)

Chanel (after the French fashion house)

Croissant Butt (French breakfast pastry)

Coeur (heart)

Crue Fur (flood)

Diamant (diamond)

Diablo (devil)

Déjà (already)

Dijon Leaper (a city in France)

Dormeowr (sleeper)

Eau (water)

Eclawr (a type of french dessert)

Epice (a spice)

Etaile (star)

Floçlawn (snowflake)

Foi (faith)

Fondue (melted cheese used as a bread dip)

Fripawille (scoundrel)

Gauffur (a waffle)

Gourmand (lover of fine foods)

Hermeows (after French fashion house)

Idée (idea)

Ilot (small island)

Indou (little one)

Jaune (Yellow)

Letchi (type of fruit)

Limeownade (lemonade)

Lumière (light)

Lune (moon)

Neige (snow)

Noel (Christmas)

Pawpillon (butterfly)

Purrfait (perfect)

Pupère (father)

Raclawte (a cheesy dish with potatoes and charcuterie)

Rescousse (rescue)

Rouge (red)

Saphur (sapphire)

Soufflé (a French pastry dish filled with cheese)

Trésor (treasure)

Utopie (utopia)

Ultrawr (really extreme)

Uzzi Paws (my power)

Velours (velvet)

Yaourt Devourer (yogurt)

French Grey Cat Names

Grey cats are unique and beautiful creatures, so they deserve to be named something that matches their presence. If you want great French cat names for your grey kitten, here are options that might be to your liking:

Grisouille (grey)

Pluie (rain)

Rue (street)

Ombrawr (shadow)

Nuaguss (cloudy)

Tempawt (stormy)

Sombre (murky)

Fumeow (smoke)

Clawndre (ash)

Poussière (dust)

Purdre (dust or powder)

French Black Cat Names

Do you own a black cat and want to give it a name to match its color? Here are French cat names inspired by the French word and term for black. Let’s see what we got, and find the perfect one below:

Darcy (dark one)

Meowtagot (black cat)

Réglisse (licorice)

Minuit Fur (midnight)

Furntôme (phantom or ghost)

Noir (black)

Nuit Coat (night)

Pawnthère (panther)

Pénombre (twilight)

Charbon Fleece (coal)

Foncee Kitty (dark)

Obcure (dusk)

Soir Walker (eve)

French Calico Cat Names

Calico cats are one-of-a-kind cats that are perfect pets! You can give your new cat a French name to match his or her beautiful coat. Let’s look at the cat names for male cats and female cats derived from French words:

Abbé (abbot)

Absalion (handsome prince)

Regia (queen)

Achille (thin-lipped)

Bernardin (strong as a bear)

Pawline (small)

Pietail (blessed)

Pawnnelope (weaver)

Purnon (brave as a bear)

Bertrand (intelligent)

Rawrne (queen)

Fifi Whiskers (God raises)

Aurawr (dawn)

Constantoes (steadfast)

Clawrentin (friend)

Clawrneille (horn player)

Hewett (small intelligent one)

Juliette (youthful)

Hilairawr (happy)

Meowcellus (young warrior)

Ophélie (help)

Orawrlie (light of the sun)

Orane (rising)

Mathieu (gift of God)

Adelaide (nobility)

Abella Hisser (breath)

Princess Virginie (pure)

Viridienne (green)

Duchess Vivienne (alive)

Abrial (secure)

Maxence (greatest)

Liana Paws (to twine around)

Lilas (lily flower)

Liliane Purry (innocence)

Norhiss (caretaker)

Nouvel (new)

Reynaud (mighty)

Appawlinia (dedicated to Apollo)

Helene (bright)

Heloise (healthy)

Xaverie Biter (Saint Xavier)

Henriettoes (keeper of the hearth)

Aquitaine (a former region in Southwest France)

Elvérawr (true to all)

Eléonore (shining light)

Ember Coat (hot coals)

Arawbelle (prayerful)

Robinet (controlling the flow of fluid)


Doré (gold)

Franclawn (free one)

Furstine (freezing)

Douce (gentle)

Dulcet (sweet)

Roawrdolphe (honor)

Ulisses (wrathful)

Urbaine (from the city)

Danice (God is my judge)

Danique (morning star)

Daniéle (God is the judge)

Vachellie (little cow)

Zachalie (a Hebrew)

Zefurrin (West wind)

Catchet (prestigious)

Cadeau (gift)

Clawais (changing color)

How to Pick Great French Names for Cats

While cruising the lists of french cat names, there are several considerations that you should keep in mind that may help make the naming process a bit more natural and easy.

A few of the most important factors to include in the process of choosing the right name for your new feline friend include:

The Cat’s Attitude and Behavior

The behavior and attitude of your new pet, whether it is still a kitten or already a full-grown cat at this point, are a few of the most significant factors that may help you come up with a suitable name.

Whether you are looking for female french cat names or male cat names using a french word, the way the cats carry themselves and behave is a great starting point when searching for names for cats.

The Cat’s Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of your new cat is another great consideration to take into account while choosing a name for it. Whether your cat is multi-colored or a single color, for example, makes a big difference in what french word best fits your cat.

Likewise, the cat’s specific markings like spots, stripes, swirls, dots, or marbling, may have a unique enough appearance to lend inspiration for a proper name. For example, the name tiger is perfect for an orange cat with dark stripes, rather than a solid grey cat, or one with dots.

The Origin Story of the Cat

Where your new cat came from, and who its parents are, may also be a splendid source of inspiration in finding the right french word for your cat’s new name.

Your cat may have been given to you as a gift, or you may have purchased it from a local pet store or breeder. At any rate, the cat came from someone, and there is a bit of extra context for you to keep in mind during the naming process.

Any Other Interesting Facts About the Cat

If your cat has anything else about it that stands out to you, or to others who’ve pointed out such a thing to you, it is worthy of bearing in mind while you are searching for and selecting the best name for your new cat.

Final Thoughts About Picking French Names for Cats

Owning a new cat is so much fun, so don’t waste time and find the perfect French name for it! Enjoy your newfound companion, and we hope you found the right name on the list we provided for you!

If you are still struggling to select just the right french cat name for your cat, or kitten, we suggest having a second glance over the list of french cat names above!

You may also consider searching out additional resources to aid you in your naming process as well, such as using name generators, reading more lists, and conducting deeper and more thorough research into french names.

Thanks for reading!