300+ Funny Horse Names


Horses are often seen as serious and scary animals because of their height and body. But, they are one of the most gentle creatures, if they are appropriately taken care of. Also, there are only a few wild horses in the world, for humans tamed them long ago. But, some of them still have restless and energetic spirits that can be hilarious at times.

If you are horse owners of a horse with a funny color, marking, or personality; or if you are a funny person who loves to name a pet something funny, then here are the best funny horse names for horse racing.

Funny Race Horse Names

If you have a racehorse and want to name it catchy and funny, here are some names that would be perfect for your own horse!

Miss Horsen Around

Hoofy Heartstopper

Gaits of Hell


Talk Derby to Me

Walk of Hay

Odor in the Court

Bored Bronco

The Mane Event

Foalin Around

Equine Intervention

Fifty Shades of Hay

Whinny the Horseshoe

Mr. Long Face

Just Mare-ied

Mister Neighing


Hot to the Trot

Mane Occassion

Riding Miss Daisy

Wheres the Teeth


Rogue Three

Horse Powers

Pony of my Ownie

What the Buck

Honeycrisp Bee


Funny Horse Names Puns

brown horse

If you love a good pun, these pun-y horse names will make your day! Here are the funniest horse names that will surely catch others’ attention.

Mr. Harry Trotter

Pony Souprano

Arnold Schwarze-neigh-ger

Neigh Slayer

Justine Thymeberlake

Minnie Scule

Post Stallione

David Hassle hooves

Britneigh Spurs

Pony Montana

Zee Bruh

Kate Winsalot

Jon Bon Pony

Ginny Neighsly

Ron Neighsly

Edgar Allen Pony


Richard Rid

Tina Hayball

Hay Neighbor

Jersey Shorse

Sweet Maple Stirrups

Alanis Mare-issette

Spongebob Horsepant

Little Chuck Horris

Night Mare

Leon Trotsky

NeighNeigh Leaks

Horsey Slop


Sylvester Stallion

Usain Bolt

Kolt Kardashian

Forrest Jump

Tater Trotter

Liam Neighson



Al Ca-pony

Funny Show Horse Names

Show horses are all about attention, so if you have a show horse that’s practicing to be the center of attention, then here are funny names for show horses to kickstart your horse’s career!

Tiny Diva Prancer


Mare In Mane-hattan

Marely Famous

Take Offence

Bale-or Swift

A Sher-bet

Hayl-or Swift

Miss High Maintenance

One Trick Pony

Stomped On By Fame

Center of Attention

Spotlight Grabber

Instagram Mare-del

The Big Letrotsky

Drama Queen


Buckingham Prance

Victoria’s Secret

Gigi Haydid

Gucci Girl

Show Stomper

Everybody Loves Haymond

Worth Every Penny

Tailent Scout

Selfie Whiz

Fashionista Mare

Prima Diva

Gold Stand-ard

Big Show Girl

Brilliant Hay

Legs 4 Days

Oat Jumper

Beastly Beaute

The It Girl

Winning For Days

Where There’s A Win There’s Hay

Mister Record Breaker

Funny Dirty Race Horse Names

smiling black horse

Who doesn’t love a funny name with a hint of dirtiness, right? If you are a horse owner and have a great sense of humor, then these dirty and hilarious horse names are perfect for your new horse.

Running Bomb

Stan the Mane

Speedy con Guac


Mark 2 Escargot

Ivan Humpalot

Fur Fooksake

Hors d’Oeuvre

Lightning Hump

Peony’s Envy

Brian McHumpy


Wicked Bums


James Bond

Our Soles

Bea O’Problem

Lame Jane

Crustacean Kid

Ivanna Tinkleberry

Brian the Bruiser

Jenny Talkdirty

Mighty Mollusc

Anita P. Freely

Dead Slowburn

Juicy Lucy

L’Escargot to Go

Hoarse Whisperer

Hoof Minded

Phil Hatio


Kebab You

Mollusc Kintyre

Lettuce Licker

Turbo Ted

Ben Dover

Funny Red Horse Names

smiling horse

If you have a red horse that needs a name, here are funny horse names that will perfectly match its coat color. Read the list we provided below and see which one is the perfect horse name for your female or male horse!


Apple Fluffcheeks

Cherry Pie Devourer

Cherry Ripered

Fire Red Lips

On Red Alert

Reddish Streak

Red Button-nose

Red-blooded Hooves

Miss Rosy Cheeks

Simply Redmeat

Funny Female Horse Names

If you need a funny name for your female horse, we’ve got you covered! We have funny names for your female horses that you’ll surely love!

Hey Girl Hay


Penny Loafer

Princess Runner Up

Duchess of Oats

Miss Shoe Crew

Tig Neightaro

Pony Tails

Foalever Young Mare

Lady Strong Hoofer

Duchess of Canter-fury


Hay-ters Gonna Hate

Miss Strong Tattle Tail

Diamond In The Hay

Sugar Cube Muncher

Derby Duchess

Miss Trotting Spree

Unicorn Girl

Apple Eye

Not An Angel

Straight Outta Filly

Prancing Queen

Little Silverman

Nonstop Chatters

Poehler Hooves

Maney Schumer

Lady Sherbet

Lucy Fur

Haddish Diva

Reya Sunshine

Princess Prance

Funny Horse Names Minecraft

If you are a fan of Minecraft, then what’s a more perfect name for your horse than something inspired by your favorite game? Since Minecraft has horse characters, here are funny horse names after Minecraft characters.

BuckleUp Buttercup

Someboney love me

Tweedle Dum

Kiss My Asterisk

Maney McHorseface

Cremane-o Anthony

Sir Lucky Strike

Miss Bee Havin

Fatty McButterpants

Puffed Manesmallow

Never-ending Trauma

Mane Event

Got Hay

User Furr-ey


Wee Biscuit

Liam Neighsun

Funny Kentucky Derby Horse Names

horse resting on the fence

Kentucky Derby is the most-awaited event each year for every horse-lover and enthusiast worldwide. If you love Kentucky Derby and have a new horse that needs a hilarious name, then you can use one of these funny Kentucky Derby horse names for your new pet.

Miss Barely Legal

Bet on Mane

Ms. Bodacious Tatas

Brangelina Mane-y

Busted Hoof

Call the Trainer

Comeback Lady

Curse Reversed

Fifty Shades of Mane

Sir Final Finisher

Forget Me Not

Gimmie a Neigh

Watch Me Neigh-Neigh

Hay Burner

Hot Rod Charlie

In It to Wing It

Funny Black Horse Names

Black horses are mesmerizing creatures, but they can still have funny personalities. So, if you need a funny horse name for your black horse, here are some of the funniest names that we think are perfect for your pet!

Bear Frills

Black Eyed Pea

Black Sundae


Cole Dark

Don Key

Fifty Shades of Neigh

Inspector Horse

Black Humo

Dark Lawnmower

Bad Mayo

My Little Blackie

Fifty Bales of Hay


Rotten Radish

Coal Trojan

Severus Mane

Funny Boy Horse Names

Owning a horse is a fun experience and will also need a lot of discipline. So, here are the best funny male horse names we think are perfect for your pet.

Pinto Beanly


Silly Sidney

Mister Burress

Sir Neighs A Lot

Horsey Mchorseface

Fleabag Runner

Mount Whiney

Hart Thumper

Tosh McRace

Colt Forty Five

Billy Neigh

Ricky Bobby

Russel Mane

Chappelle Hay

Eddie Hayeater

Dirty Hooves

Mr Mane-nagi

Colt Turkey Sandwich

Champion Stomper

Martin Neigh

Sir Ferris Mueller

Hoof Jackmane

Ocean Cookie

Henry Hoofers

Tabasco Sawce

Bradley Dylan Hoofer

Hairy Allen

Colt Neighsworth

Oh Hale Yes


Robin Hoove

Horse Coder

Barnsley Mane

Gone Swishing


Emotionally Stable

Herd You

Sir High Horse


Major Payne Kick

Neighvy Boy

Alimony Pony

Seinfeld Hooves

Mr McWhinney

Gluteus Max

Funny Celebrity Horse Names

Celebrity names can be recreated and turned into funny names. So, if you have a horse and love to take a dig at celebrities, here are funny horse names after celebrities!

Joseph Stallion

Red Hot Filly Pepper

Benjamin Haylin

Usain Colt

Caesar Salad Finisher

Mangey Vladimir

Whinney the Pooh

Ferris Meuller


Bonnie Clydesdale

Al Ca-horsey

Napolean Mane

Raphael Long Tail

Rodney Racer

Neighston Churchill

Chuckmane Horris

Jon Bon Pony

Richard Friction Run

Alanis Mare-issette

Prada Flyer

Tiger Hoofs

Funny RDR2 Horse Names

Are you a fan of RDR2? If so, you can name your new horse after the best names in the game. Here are funny RDR2 horse names you can choose from!

Assault Humper

Bandito Hooves

Blizzard Licks

Lady Broomstick

Sir Bucktooth

Mane Clodhopper

Donkey Kong

Small Dragon Flame

Gomer Tails

Gunpowder Shooter

Sir Mighty Hercules

Highland Runner

Hoarse-y Posey

High Horsepower

Grass Nipper

Sir Outtatime

Huge Overbite

Pony Raider

Mister Quicksand

Rainbow Unicorn

Rusty Saddle

Did you find these funny horse names interesting? If so, we hope you find the perfect name for you new pet, and share these name ideas to your horse-loving friends and family!