180 Good Zelda Horse Names

Are you looking for an inspiring new name for your horse?

Look no further – the world of The Legend of Zelda has an abundance of mystical and powerful names from which to choose a unique idea.

From Link to Ganondorf, these names are sure to capture the imagination of any fan – both young and old.

Let’s look at some of the best horse names based on or inspired by The Legend of Zelda.

Male Zelda Horse Names

Sacred Stone

Lost Woods

Ocean King

Light Arrow

Iron Knuckle

Tower of Hera

Snowpeak Summit

Fire Temple

Lake Hylia

Water Temple

Twilight Realm

Skull Kid

Great Fairy

Skyward Sword

Shadow Temple

Shield Knight

Wind Waker

Star Fox

Sacred Grove

Twilight Realm

Gerudo Valley

Light World

Goron Tribe

Phantom Hourglass

Darknut Captain

Great Deku Tree

Desert Colossus

Moon Pearl

Spirit Tracks

Master Sword

Female Zelda Horse Names

Starlight Pony

Moonlit Pegasus

Sunlight Steed

Mystic Mare

Heavenly Horse

Firewing Filly

Trident Unicorn

Wild Mare

Lightning Mustang

Rainbow Pegasus

Forest Runner

Azure Charger

Amber Glider

Golden Pegasus

Diamond Cot

Mystic Mane

Mythic Mare

Dreamy Steed

Star Rider

Midnight Pegasus

Azure Mantle

Shadow Knight

Flaming Chariot

Diamond Dapple

Glowing Gala

Sweet Stallion

Fiery Phoenix

Golden Griffin

Windswept Colt

Heavenly Hawk

Non-binary Zelda Horse Names

Mystic Wanderer

Miracle Steed

Star Dust Cavalier

Wild Prowler

Rainbow Trailblazer

Azure Magician

Celestial Seeker

Moonlit Maverick

Firewing Pathfinder

Heavenly Hero

Diamond Dancer

Fierce Dragoon

Shadow Sentinel

Glowing Gryphon

Golden Gallant

Mystic Magister

Silvery Sage

Dreamy Traveler

Star Spark Voyager

Midnight Mystic

Azure Archer

Shadow Sorcerer

Flaming Fury

Diamond Drifter

Glowing Guardian

Sweet Salvation

Fiery Falcon

Golden Gryphon

Windswept Wanderer

Heavenly Horsie

Unique Zelda Horse Names

Mystic Mirage

Crystal Colt

Silver Spirit

Dreamy Drifter

Midnight Mane

Blazing Beast

Rainbow Rider

Star Sparkle Colt

Azure Acrobat

Glowing Gambler

Moonlit Musketeer

Diamond Diviner

Celestial Crusader

Shadow Saint

Windy Wanderer

Primeval Pilgrim

Phantom Paladin

Fiery Falconer

Golden Gryphon

Silver Sandman

Heavenly Handler

Mystic Mercenary

Magma Maverick

Therian Trotter

Noble Navigator

Flux Foxfire

Charmed Crow

More Great Names for Horses Inspired by Zelda

Mystic Magician

Silver Sorceress

Dreamy Darbuka

Star Sparkle Strider

Midnight Maverick

Azure Archmage

Shadow Sage

Flaming Fluxmane

Diamond Djinni

Glowing Galleon

Sweet Seraphim

Fiery Flamebearer

Golden Grenadier

Windswept Warlord

Heavenly Harpist

Mystic Maverick

Magma Menace

Therian Trooper

Noble Nomad

Flux Firebrand

Charmed Corsair

Astral Apprentice

Tempest Tracker

Exalted Exile

Mirage Mare

Bonus: Three-Word Zelda Horse Names

Mystic Mirage Mare

Crystal Colt Charger

Silver Spirit Swayer

Dreamy Drifter Steed

Midnight Mane Mustang

Blazing Beast Bolter

Rainbow Rider Ranger

Star Sparkle Colt Cruiser

Azure Acrobat Armor

Glowing Gambler Galloper

Moonlit Musketeer Mender

Diamond Diviner Dancer

Celestial Crusader Caparison

Shadow Saint Stallion

Windy Wanderer Warrior

Primeval Pilgrim Prancer

Phantom Paladin Pegasus

Fiery Falconer Flyer

Golden Gryphon Gallant

Silver Sandman Sleuth

Heavenly Handler Harnesser

Mystic Mercenary Marauder

Magma Maverick Monarch

Therian Trotter Tracker

Noble Navigator Nimble

Charmed Crow Courier

Why Choose a Zelda Horse Name?

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most legendary RPG games ever made, making it more than suitable as a source of inspiration for your new horse’s name.

The iconic video game was originally created by Japanese game designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka and published by Nintendo and has since been the inspiration behind scores of games, comics, and animated films.

The fantasy game’s main story plot centers around the quest to save a princess named Zelda.

But, interestingly enough, the character you actually play in the game series is a common boy named Link that wears a green suit that is reminiscent of peter pan, robin hood, and the Keebler elves.

Choosing a name for your horse, based on Zelda, shows your true colors (as a fan of the epically famous series) to the real world.

How to Pick a Zelda Name for Your Horse

There are thousands of potential Zelda names for your to choose from for your horse. That said, choosing a Zelda name for your horse doesn’t have to be painful, and it shouldn’t be.

Start by having a second look over our list of Zelda horse names, more slowly and systematically this time.

Write down the ones you like best and take some time to consider which ones you like the best.

After you have a list of Zelda names that you think love, have a little chat with your horse, or look at his or her picture, and go over your list of names again.

Eventually, the right Zelda horse name should jump right out at you! However, if it doesn’t you can always search up Zelda name generators and give them a spin!

Wrap Up

These legendary horse names inspired by The Legend of Zelda capture the spirit of adventure that the beloved game brings us.

Whether you’re a fan of Link or Princess Zelda, these names are sure to impress everyone with their grandeur and power.

Have fun galloping off into the sunset with one of these amazing horse names!