150 Italian Cat Names (With Meanings and Naming Guide)


Italian cat names can add something extra special to your cat. These names are the best names that come from an Italian word, a famous character, and more.

We have Italian cat names for your female cat, male cat, and more.

So, if you are planning on naming your cat something unique, then these names will get pet parents excited about their new pet.

Read on below, to discover the best Italian name choices for your new kitty!

Italian Cat Names Female

We have clever Italian female cat names inspired by famous Italian women, Italian culture, and more. we are confident that you’ll find the right names for your furry friends, and we’ll help you choose the right ones for you!

Begin exploring the possibilities with the list of options below:

Agata (kind)

Aria (air)

Baffurtta (little whisker)

Battuffola (Cotton Ball)

Bella (Beautiful)

Bella Li (sweet)

Bolla (bubble)

Briclawla (crumb)

Bruna (brown)

Carmeowla (garden)

Carrotina (Little Carrot)

Celeste (sky)

Clawlia (unknown)

Edda (war)

Fiammeowta ( little flame)

Furccia (Arrow)

Furia (Rush)

Furrsina (purring cat)

Gattara (cat lady)

Gigina (little Gina)

Gufurtta (little owl)

Iris (the flower)

Lunettoes (little moon)

Macchia (Spot)

Meowmellata (jam)

Meowsina (sweet face)

Nuvola (cloud)

Pawlosa (Furry)

Pawpita (Nugget)

Pietra (stone)

Piccola (Little cloud)

Powlpetta (meatball)

Preziosa (precious)

Pulcatta (little flea)

Purrfeta (Little Smurf)

Salice (Willow)

Viola (Violet)

Virgola Girl (Comma)

Zampaws (Paw)

Zampeowna (Little legs)

Zucchina (Courgette)

Italian Male Cat Names

If you are looking for Italian names for your male cat, then you’re looking at the right place! We have cat names for your male cat that you will surely find interesting.

Let’s see the names we provided below, and find the perfect Italian name for your new cat:

Acatto (Vinegar)

Ameowdeus (famous musician)

Apawrol (Italian drink)

Aristoeteles (famous philosopher)

Banditoes (bandit)

Blu Baby (blue)

Bimbo Fur (Baby)

Birillo Long Coat (Skittle)

Cesarino Claw (little Caesar)

Catiolo (pet)

Dragono Claws (dragon)

Elmeow (Helmet)

Giove (Zeus)

Spawnacino (little spinach)

Meowtillo (blueberry)

Meowstico (mystical)

Napawleone (cartoon cat)

Nettoeno (Neptun)

Nutella Fur (nut Italian cream)

Otto Whisker (Eight)

Pawllino (little ball)

Pisolo (Sleepy)

Pawnto (dot)

Quasimeowdo (italian poet 0

Satoenino (little Saturn)

Tatoes (little dear)

Vulcano Meowster (volcano)

Cute Italian Cat Names

Searching for the best Italian name for your cute kitty won’t be too hard because we provided cat names you’ll surely love!

These names pay homage to the culture and language of Italy, and we cannot wait for you to choose the perfect name that will match your cat’s personality.

Let’s have a look at these excellent choices:

Atomeow (atom)

Bambi-dear (a cartoon character)

Bolla Toes (bubble)

Buba Cattoe (term of endearment)

Bubu Tinytoes (term of endearment)

Campawnello (little bell)

Cattolino (little pebble)

Ciuffurno (little tuft)

Ciupawla (little tuft)

Cucciola Von Tails(pet)

Cucciolo Shadows (pet)

Cuoricatna (little heart)

Didi Long Coat

Dodoe Striker

Dona Delizia (delight)

Dreamy Lola

Furgiolo (bean)

Fagiolina Paws (little bean)

Furrtina (little fairy)

Fofò-bear (term of endearment)

Furllettoes (elf)


Fusina Meowers (purring female cat)

Fusino Hisser (purring male cat)

Gigina Wools (little Gina)

Marmeowllata (jam)

Meowdicchio (little bite)

Mozzicatto (little bite)

Meowsetto (little face)

Musina Cat (sweet face)

Purllino (little ball)

Piccoatla (little)

Pilù Girl/Boy (silly)

Pursolo (Sleepy)

Polpeawta (meatball)

Preziosa (precious)

Pulcatta (little flea)

Risottoes (rice)

Scricciolo Paws (little in size)

Tati Mc Night

Trillo de Bello


Zameowna (little legs)

Zucchitoes (courgette)

Italian Black Cat Names

Black cats deserve an extra special name. Find more inspiration from the list of Italian cat names for black cats below, and have something special for your new kitty.

Check out the names we have for your cat below, and see if something stands out to you:

Adriano Fur (dark)

Caffurr (coffee)

Catcao (cocoa)

Carbone Coat (coal)

Cioccolatoes (chocolate)

Cosmeow (cosmos)

Diavolina (little devil)

Eclissi (eclipse)

Griginose (little gray)

Lucifurro (lucifer)

Meowra (blackberry)

Morfurr (Morpheus)

Nerino Paws(little black)

Neritoes (a bit black)

Nero Catto (black)

Nerone Big Paw (big black)

Nottail (night)

Ombrawr (shadow)

Panterawr (panther)

Pepe Shadows (pepper)

Picche Claw (spades)

Purstello (crayon)

Rawrvido (rough)

Italian Grey Cat Names

Grey cats are majestic creatures, so they deserve a name worthy of their color and attitude. We have Italian cat names for grey cats that are fun, sweet, and strong.

Whether you need a male cat name or a female cat name for your new grey cat, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s have a look:

Argento Fur (silver)

Arian Purrs (silver; holy person)

Balnfurrd (Grey-haired man)

Buffura (storm)

Grigio (grey)

Guffurrta (owl)

Misticoats (mystical)

Pietrawra (stone)

Pirata (pirate)

Plutoes (Pluto)

Scatenarsi (rampage)

Tartufurr (truffles)

Tempawsta (storm)

Topina (little mouse)

Uragano Paws (stormy)

How to Pick the Best Italian Name for Your New Cat

Coming up with the most suitable name for your new cat isn’t always as quick and easy as we wish it would be. That said, there are several significant factors that, if you pay attention to them, may help make the naming process much less difficult.

Colors and Markings

The colors and markings of each cat, even within the same breed, are often uniquely definitive. That means, simply paying attention to these details can help you come up with a great Italian cat name for your new kitty.

Whether the new kitty has multiple colors on his or her coat, or their coat is a single solid color, makes a major difference in determining the best fitting name for them.

Personality and Behavior

The behavioral traits and bits of your new kitten’s personality are another big factor that can help you strike cat-naming gold.

Is your cat feisty and curious by nature, or shy and timid? Does it act differently around humans than it does around other pets? How does it behave when house guests come over?

Every aspect of your cat’s behavior and personality can be explored in order to come up with a perfectly fitting pet name.

Origins and Backstory

If you want to find just the right name for your cat, it may involve a deep search including the feline’s backstory and origins.

Where did you get your new kitten? Was the cat purchased from a pet store, come from an animal shelter, or cat rescue, or did you receive them as a gift from a female cat you already own?

The origins and backstory of your new furry friend matter, especially now, during the naming process.

Other Misc. Factors

Is your cat actually Italian? Or do you simply find an Italian word to be the perfect name for your feline friend?

Is there anything different about your cat from the other cats from the same litter, or from cats you’ve owned/been around before?

Oftentimes, all it takes to come up with the most fitting name for our pets is to realize what exactly it is in particular that makes them stand out as special to us.

Other Considerations Before Picking an Italian Name for Cats

Once you’ve gone over the basic factors that can help you come up with a good name, like fur color, eye color, behavior, and such, there are yet other considerations to make before deciding on any one name for your new pet.

Consider these additional questions before selecting your new kittens’ Italian name:

Why Choose an Italian Name for Your Cat?

What is the actual reason that you want to name your cat with an Italian name? Do you live in Italy, or do you have a fetish with the way Italian words sound? Are your grandparents from Italy?

Before choosing a name, take a moment to reflect on whether or not an Italian name is actually the best for your cat’s name.

What Italian Word Fits Your Cat Best?

The Italian vocabulary is made up of over 450,000 individual words (that’s a lot to choose from!), with more than 250,000 of them listed in dictionaries. That said, not nearly all of them are good words for names, but then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you are struggling to find the best name, on our list, maybe it’s time to head to an online Italian dictionary to find the best Italian word for your cat’s new name!

Tips for Finding Cat-Naming Inspiration

If you’ve tried your best and still can’t quite put your finger on the right Italian cat name for your new kitten, take your time and let inspiration find you:

  • Italian poet and writer names
  • Italian singers and movie stars
  • Words from an Italian dictionary
  • The Italian version of your favorite name (or child name)
  • The Italian word for a flower (or lover name)

Remember, your imagination is truly the limit (and in this case, your knowledge of the Italian language).

Closing Thoughts About Choosing Italian Cat Names

Did you find something you like? We sure hope so!

The best Italian name for your cat is waiting for you now! Remember, ask for veterinary advice before getting a pet, for they require special attention and have needs that are supposed to be met immediately.

With this said and you’ve found the right name, have fun with your journey as pet parents! Thanks for reading, and good luck.