500+ Paint Horse Names


Due to the breed’s popularity, finding names for paint horses is quite simple. Paint horses are adaptable in terms of color, genetics, and physical temperament. Riders get the best riding experience from them.

The first step in introducing new horses to the stable is by naming them. Paint horses require original names because of their various hues and body types. So, here is a list of paint horse names categorized by gender and specific color combinations. Let’s see which of these will perfectly reflect your unique horse!

Paint Horse Names Females (Girls)

If you have a female paint horse and you are looking for the perfect name, here are the names we gathered that will be perfect for your new pet!

Darling Paint

Party Color

Poly Color

Miss Confetti

Lady Versicolor

Empress Prismatic Coat


Party Tint

Marked Princess

Winsom Color

Rink Martini

Ink Blot

Cherry Blue


Mrs. Domino

Paint Aire

Lady Airebrush

Paint Brushstroke

Pastel Mane

Irredescent Coat

Party Lust

Gold Radiance


Patent Pearls

Carbon Color


Technicolor Skin


Snow Raven

Prancing Colors

Lacey Tuxedo


Colour Palette

Color Hunter

Flaming Pastel

Piano Keys

Colored Polka Dot

Metallic Fix

Miss Gem Tone

Raven Sky

Mangolia Blush

Colour Beauty

Perfect Blend

Cloudy Splatter

Miss Paint Splash


Strong Color

Paint Horse Names Males (Boys)

paint horse running

Paint horses are unique, for no two are alike. So, here are the names of male paint horses you might like for your new horse.

Slow Pearl

Yos Mite

Colored Illusion

Kansa Prance

Paint Kares

Montie Blotch

Crazy Stroke

Low Danger

Acomi Paint


Junior Pinto

Colored Pitches

Skunk Stripes

Freckled Prince

Prismatic Shadow

Shady Aire

Light Spectrum

Show Spotter

Brutus Brush

Sir Cowboy

Cruize Shade

Paint Dozer

Mac Truck

Designer Jen

Custom Color

Lophy Gup

High Paint

Cocktail Rainbow

Indian Paint Horse Names

Native Americans are one of the people who love paint horses. So, if you want an Indian name for your paint horse, here are some options for you to choose from.

Taipa Brush

Hinto Dunes

Taima Colors

Chumani Mane

Dotty Tablita

Onatah Coat


Mai Beautiful Coat

Yoki Mane

Lord Hachi

Angeni Splats

Mika Burst

Florench Nidawi




Sir Tadita

Neche Splatter

Una Fleece




Namid Colors


Nashota Blotch

American Paint Horse Names

paint horse with blonde hair

Here are great name ideas for American paint horse names you might like. Let’s choose the perfect name for your new equine friend.

Rapid Colors

Milky Way

Galaxy Challenger

All that Jazz

Atlantic Shades

Spotty Outlaw


Surprise Coat

Midnight Patches


Blotchy Houdini

Victory Paint

Slow Danger

Zodiac Colors


Painted Justice

Encore Strokes

Dotty Sputnik

Wildfire Blotch

Little Trickster


Talk of the Town

Yellow Yeller

Polka Avenger

Patterned Champ

Black and White Paint Horse Names

black and white paint horse

If you have a black and white paint horse, then you might be looking for a name that will match its color. So, here are our top black and white paint horse name picks that you’ll definitely love.

Domino Brush

Ink Spot

Two Tone Frappe

Storm Cloud


Tuxedo Man

Cookies n’Cream

Chex Monochrome

Dark Cappuccino

Oreo Cookie

Little Orca

Coco Fluff

Black Patches

Like Zebra

Tapir Coat

Smudge Coat

Dooty Cola


Dark Magic

Inkblot Racer

Dotty Prancer

Sir Dice

Panda Mane

Lord Snoopy

Milky Cookies

Famous Paint Horse Names

Here are some of the names of the most famous paint horses today. We gathered what we think perfectly suits your new equine family member.

Black Gunner

Joe Leo

Affirmed Spots

Ruffian Shade

Dottie Huaso

Kelso White Shadow


Spotty Secretariat

Dotty Best Mate

Kingston Blotches

Paint Horse Names for Mares

If you have a new mare, you’ll want to name her something beautiful. And if your mare is a paint horse, then these names are perfect for her!

Dottie Ebony

Bindi Strokes

Serena Rainbow

Black Pearl

Versailles Color

Kia Pride


April Hues

Lacey Sand

Songbird Color

Mildred Blotchers

Mahogany Spots

Spotty Isabelle

BeeBee Coat

Spotty Nestle

Anne Colors

Queen Polka

Spark Dots

Blondie Freckles

Colored Nuts

Universal Color

Mona Paint Splatter


Velvet Freckles

Marked Yanaba

Isi Dots

Nutmeg Spots

Miss Dahlia

Lotus Sparkle

Shirley Marks

Zelda Cosmos

Sable Star

Skadi Paint

Mahu Blots

Lady Scout

Sparkly Clementine

Juliet Fleece

Dolly Domino

Polka Dot Elegance

Petunia Marks

Celestial Dots

Cute Popcorn

Ashley Marks

Dreamy Dots

Polka Morticia

Aurora Sands

Usdi Mane

Gene Polka

Miss Wauna

Ice Princess

Mighty Miss

Misty Sparks

Star Spirit


Crystal Paint

Twinkie Brush

Amanda Freckles

Rosie Dream

Little Miss Hopi

Missy Steele

Diana Colored Dots

Twilight Sparks

Tawny Paint

Powder Easle

Crown Royal

Lina Shady


Colorful Calamity

Scarlett Spots

Small Sydney

Keres Rayne

Angel Spots

Sunny Cheyenne

Cher Fire Bloom

Tiara Colors

Valerie Brushstrokes

Amber Girl

Gracie Streaks

Dina Blobs

Two Tone Mischief

Miss Chance

Fudgsicle Spots

Aida Freckles

Lady Blotchy Carolina

Monroe Polka

Dottie Paprika

Frida Splash

Dewy Dark

Ivory Night

Lightning Dots

Rhoda Willis

Kwanita Splatter

Allegria Paint Splash

Jesse Gravel

Dotty Diva

Elina Blots


Colored Promise

Brown and White Paint Horse Names

brown and white paint horse

Here are the best brown and white paint horse names you can use for your new paint horse. See if one of these paint horse names is the one for your new equine friend.


Clayton White

Tawny Pearl

White Cocoa

Java Snow

Carob Brown

Buffer Tan

Beaver Snow

White Chewbacca



Almond Roast

Peanut Butter

Crop Wonder

Maple Mane

Mocha Foam

Little Fudge

Sky Gizmo

Piccolo Blonde

Cinnamon Spots

Brown Sugar

Sahara Wild

Kiwy Dots

White Brandy

Snowy Nutella

Brown Paint Horse Names

Do you have a brown paint horse? If you have one that needs a new name, then here are the best brown paint horse names for your new equine friend.

Chocolate Blotch

Dusty Clay

Spotty Hershey

Brandy Splatter

Spotty Toast

Kit Kat Marks

Hawk Shades

Opie Splatter

Rusty Dust

Toffee Velvet

Raisin Spots

Truffled Mane


Autumn Blots

Brown Beauty

Dooty Ember

Sand Castle

Russel Sandstorm

Adobe Brownshade

Teak Dawn

Clay Flame

Apricot Buzz

Little Croissant

Blizzard Clay

Polka Peanut

Paint Horse Names for Geldings

If you have a gelding horse with a beautiful paint coat, here are some of our top paint horse names for geldings that you might like. Choose from one of these names below.

Yellow Mount

Splashed Lasan

Admiral Paint

Maro Strokes

Bronze Brush

Major Paintcloud

Sir Altivo

Grayson Paint

Ruffian Colors

Blotty Odie

Polka Czar

Abu Dauntless

Freckly Baxter

Gus Blotches

Dusky Cruiser

Dottie Cash

Sudoku Boy

Stetson Paints


Calypso Color

Patterned Olaf

Caesar Freckles

Chopin Chunks

Napoleon Creme

Arod Prance


Jaguar Coat

Chester Swirl

Agape Splash


Amigo Strydes

Boot Prints


Asher Streaks

Oakley Shadows

Angelo Mane

Mozart Freckles

Bard Strides





Shamu Blobs


Da Vinci


Alb Strides

Viho Fleece

Barron Prince

Coven Shades

Dado Brushstrokes


Barkley Paints

Little Joe

Rio Freckles



Bolt Fire

Mai Blotchs



Blanco Swirls


Yosemite Mane




Bandit Splatters


Trapper Swirls


Barnaby Willies


Fargo Storms

Takala James

Dale Paints


Spiraly Wyntog



Swrily Thompson


Cute Paint Horse Names

paint horse prancing

Do you have a lovely colored paint horse that needs a name? Here are the best and cutest paint horse names you can choose from.

Patterned Innocence

Doli Patternson

Swirly Peaches

Mimosa Polish


Cheerio Pattern

Pongo Reeds


Honey Mustard

Patterned Hooves

Colorful Coconut

Cutie Pumpkin


Swirly Marshmallow

Awee Brushstrokes



Flopsy Pants

Red and White Paint Horse Names

Red and white is a magnificent color combo, and if your paint horse has this pattern, then here are the best names for your paint horse that you can use.

Bloody Airebrush

Carbee Red

Cherry Snowswirl



Crayola Red

Cruella White

Swirly Darling

Moony Eclipse


Pastel Red

Pearl Blood

Poly Mare

Prisma Lane


Snow Swell

Techy Dots

Freckled Red

Gusty Winter

Scarlet Snow

Karl Blots



Red Oreo

Snowy Picasso




Zoni Speckle

Palomino Paint Horse Names

Palomino paint horses have the most beautiful colored coats, like snow and sand in one. So, if you have a new Palomino paint horse that’s waiting to be named, here are our best picks for you!

White Orianna (“sunrise” in Latin)

Pale Croissant

Summer Breeze


Cheesecake Fluff

Soleil (French for “sun”)

Soft Amber

Biscotti Splatter

Sandman Mark

Fool’s Gold

Sunny Snow



White Gold

Aztec Gold

Irish Mist

Champagne Freckles

Atomic Blonde

Golden Ticket

Blanca Dots

Bambi Patches

Tesoro Mane



Lemon Drop

Applesauce Coat

Ginger Swirls

Golden Nugget

Copper Blotch

Sandy mane

Lady Suede

Honey Suckle

Corn Pop Racer

Light Margarita

Bailey Paint Splash

Penny Patterns

Sun Glider

Custard Creme

Grey Paint Horse Names

If you have a grey paint horse, then naming it can be a little challenging yet exciting. Here are the best grey paint horse names we’ve gathered for you!

Blizzard Dust

Blue Steele

Bly Storm

Cirrus Swirls

Cloud Walker

Jag the Thunder

Jane Dots

Jango Stead

Major Thundersotrm

Stormy Maximus

Mediavine Dark Spots

Moonshine Duster

Moonwater Paint


Opi Paint Splatter

Ordo Dots

Quicksilver Sliver

Rain Marks

Rain Maker

Rembrandt Dots

River Freckles

Ruger Grey

Chestnut Paint Horse Names

Here are the best chestnut paing horse names you can choose from. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect name from our list below.

Fiamette Shades

Conker Red

Sunny Blotch

Blotchy Jasper

Gloriana Patterns

Ember Sparks

Brigit Dotty Mane

Reba Red

Spice Gems

Pele Splats

Crimson Marks

Niran Shades


Cashew Swirls

Nutty Freckles

Coral Crasher

Red Sunrise

Autumn Pattern

Zenzero (ginger in Italian)


Flare Dots

Flying Orange

Spirally Goji

Ruby Sparks

Did you find these names for paint horses interesting? Whether you have white, brown, red, or black paint horses, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect name from one of the names we provided above. When you find one, then the hardest part is over and you’re ready to have some fun with your new pet!