400+ Race Horse Names


Horse racing is one of the most popular sports today. It is an equestrian performance activity that typically involves two or more horses being ridden by jockeys over a predetermined distance for competition. If you are an enthusiast of this sport and got a new horse, here are some great name inspirations for your new pet.

Famous Race Horse Names

If you are a horse racing fan, you know the names of the most famous horses today. So, if you are inspired by these horses and want to name your new horse after them, here are the best famous racehorse names with a twist.

Mister Secretariat

Seattle Slow Slew

Greatest Man o’ War

Citation Report

Dark Red Rum

Lord Seabiscuit

Mister Kelso

Native Little Dancer

Affirmed Win

Count Master Fleet

Alydar Ryder

Dr. Fager Flew

Just Justify

Little Black Caviar

Lord American Pharoah (Triple crown winner)

Spectacular Bid Bye

Eclipse Night

Holy Bull Hops

Phar Lap Lady

Bold Ruler Mist


Lady Sunday Silence

Winx Club Leader

King War Admiral

Ruffian Brown

Lost in the Fog

Smarty Jones

A.P. Indigo

Barbaro Lace

Race Horse Names Female (Girls)

black race horse

If you have a female horse you plan to compete with in horse racing, here are great name ideas you can use to get the attention of others. Let’s choose the best one for your horse below.

Dark Marigold

Sapphire Lead

Pearl Hops

Hayley Muncher

Ellie Sparks

Pantsy Peanut

River Run

Miss Marmalade

Lady Nutmeg

Piper Jones

Gypsy Lane

Blue Butterscotch

Clover Flee

Sadie Locks

Miss Sassy

Bailey France

White Skydancer

Daisy Mare

Frisky Strawberry

Lady Kennedy

Morgan The Great

Nightmare Jane

Magnolia Ryder

Mustang Sally

Hollyhock Sindy

Haybale Aster

Lady Molly

Willow Bark

Meadow Stomper


Carolina Hayrera


Cherish Winner

Rosette Shanks

Miss Midsummer

Amethyst Flyer

Eleanor Haystack

Juliet Price

Jasmine Floats

Velvet Skin

Big Mama Pie

No Temperance

Race Horse Names Male (Boys)

If you need a name for your new horse, here are names inspired by racehorses across the globe. These names from Triple Crown and Kentucky Derby race horses are perfect for your male horse.

President Champion

Sheriff Kicker

Deputy Box

Lucky Baller

Pecos Nightshade

Colt Bringer

Horseshoe Jack

Barley Weed

Bronco Stance

Fire Blazer

Champion Wilbur

Buck Jack

Leading Franklin

Free Kentucky

Fast Trigger

Blacksmith Eye

Buckeye Jones

Bolt Crasher

Willy Washington

Connecticut Racer


King Stryder

Jockey Foster



Sir Jupiter

Mister Tennessee

Texas Cold Brew

Diesel Lungs

Two Tank

Mighty Colorado



Sir Shoelace

Colonel Racer

Lincoln Mower

Grover Steeltoe

Officer Whineigh

Rushmore Hooves

Cool Race Horse Names

fast race horse

Your new horse deserves a cool name, so here are the best cool race horse names we’ve gathered. Let’s see which one of these names inspired by players of famous horse racing tournaments like Belmont Stakes and Breeder’s Cup Classic is the one for your new horse.

Rigged Game

Neigh Bronco

Clever Hans Hoof

Wildfire Chaser

Ride Chetak

Beau Champ

Chub Hub

Cincinnati Flyer

Iron Clad Hooves

Mister Noble Heart

Major Heartstopper

Pokey Tail

Lady Firefoot

Buttermilk Skin

Amigo Fuego

Lady Copenhagen

Mister Quarterback

Trigger Flyer

Khan Maester

Colonel Long Jump

Lil E Tee

Northern Dancer

Aster Lane

Rarity Bones


Velvet Rose

Never Regret

Kleo Stomper

Sunset Shimmer

Chant My Name

Princess Cadence

Charismatic Fella

Meridian Knight


Azra Sun

Starsky Chaser

Pinkie Pie

Frou Frou

Miss Flurry Heart

Funny Dirty Horse Race Names

These horse names are perfect for your new pet if you love a good name and have a great sense of humor. These funny dirty horse names will definitely catch the attention of people!

JustIn Front

Comply Or Die

Horlicks Skim

Reggin Er’day

Go Tebow Go

Date More Mares

Miss Mile High Club

Gay Crusader

No Fat Chicks

Little Hitler Bum

Always Hoof Hearted

First Base

No Wasting Time

Magic Carpet Burns

Havatryst Ofme

Frisky No More

Nixon Humper

Tudor Armov

Two in the Pink

Cherry Poppers

Panty Raider

Mister Golden Shower

Kinky Lingerie

Kentucky Derby Race Horse Names

Kentucky derby race horses

Kentucky Derby is the most awaited horse-racing tournament each year. If you are a fan of this sport and recently got a horse, here are horse names inspired by the sport.

Beauty Simplification

Smile Happy Hoof

Happy Jack-jack

Summer Is Not Tomorrow

Charge It Up

Tiz the Bomb

Zozos Flyer

White Abarrio

Taiba Hooves

Zandon Shire

Barber Road

Mo Donegal

Pioneer of Medina

Crown Pride Leaper

Mister Tawny Port

Classic Causeway

Little Cyberknife

Epicenter Racer

Ethereal Road

Jack Messier

Thoroughbred Race Horse Names

The United States is one of the top breeders of Thoroughbred horses since they are bred for show and racing. If you have a thoroughbred horse, here are some of the some of the best funny racehorse names you can choose.

The Enchantress

Let’s Get It


Amazing Grace Hooves

Enemy Exterminator

Looking Good

Senorita Flyer


Fast As Lightning

Magic Mikel


Anything’s Possible

Fifty Bales of Hay

Beauty Black Bess

Glamour Mane

Mysterious Girl

Super Starcrasher

Black Velvet

Golden Digger

No Fear

Super Starling

Braveheart John

Gold Dusty

Dis Nuts

Sweet Dreamer

Bucking Bronco

Great Gatsby Race

Old Town Road

Little Sweet Pea

Not Bullet Proof

Prancing Queen


Queen Bale

Wee Willie Winkie

Denman’s Call Jackpot

Queen of Sheba Race

Winsome Losesome

Destiny’s Champ

Jean Valjean

Rainbow Fire clud

Mister World Class

Don’t You Stop

Queen of Kings

Lady Razzle Dazzle

Zero Hero

Weirdest Race Horse Names

Some horse owners have a great sense of humor, so they name their pets some of the weirdest names. If you are one of the people who have a great sense of humor, you’ll appreciate the weirdest racehorse names we listed below.

Attention Skippers

Where’s The Beef

Bofa Deez Nuts

Sir Shakalakaboomboom

Red hot Filly Humper

Riding Miss Sassy


Baley Legal

Chopped Liver

Ha Ha Humps


Bodacious Tatas

Not Interested

Thats’ WhatSheSaid

Horsey McHorseshoe

Pantsy Raid






Walk Shameless

Mookie’s Runnin



Sotally Tober Dotay

Leading By A Tail

Race Career Ender

Black Race Horse Names

Here are the best black racehorse names you can use for your beautiful black horse. Let’s see which one of these names matches your horse’s personality, color, and stature.

Aurora Sky


Aragorn Velvet

Shadoe Arthur

Winter Arya

Dark Aslan


Beowulf Rider

Daenerys Stormborn

Drac Blac

Drago Fly

Shady Felix


Dark Gulliver


Khaleesi of the Night


Dark Magic Spell


Merlin Sunset

Morgana Night

Nagini Rhodes


Raven Shade

Sansa Black

Lord Gableclear

Hendrix Moonless

Tempest Blacc

Dark Tsunami

Lonely Willow

White Race Horse Names

If you have a stunning white horse, here are some of the best white racehorse names we gathered.  We guarantee one of these names is the perfect match for your new pet.

Moon Flower

Ivory Waters

Clara Snow

Shine Diamond


Faith Seeker

Fog Leaper

Ghostly Arctic

Bright Nova

Ghost Leader

Moonlight Face

Orchid Bloom

Buttermilk Runner

Daisy Clearsky

Stratus Scope

Blizzard Fuzz

Camellia Snowflake

Lily of the Field

Lady Dreamer

Princess White

Clear Iris


Cream Brulee

Coconut Mane

Duchess Jasmine

Cirrus Mane

Pure Pegasus

Peony Stryde

Clear Nimbus

Little Starlight




Raunchy race Horse Names

These raunchy horse names might seem odd, but if you have a good sense of humor, you’ll surely love these names. Let’s choose one of these names for your new racehorse.

Whiskey Beat

Shellgar Hump

Jack Inoff

Plastered Kiss

Hubba Hubba

Neil Enlick

Anita Longman

Top Bombing

Slither Ring

Herman the German

Bert Puttocks

Jump Jetstroke

Quick Silver Hump

Golden Dust Shower

Woody’s Whippet

Dick Hertz

Yummy Silver Trail

Crunch Mobile

Anita Blackman

Major Bonafide

Shelly Eater

MG Racer

Dick N. Cider

Zippy Doodaa

Muff Diver

Puff Crusher

Anita Dick

Guinness Right Hole

Nimrod Rider

Oliver Clothesoff

Dumbest Race Horse Names

We’ve heard every name possible, but these horse names are the dumbest yet funniest names. If you love these kinds of names, here are some great options for your horse.


Classic Causeway

Hiz The Bomb

Pioneer of Medina

Happy Jackstone

Tawny Porter

Barber Lane

Charge Me

Mo Donegann



Crown Shame



Simp Rider

White Abarrio


Ethereal Light

Japanese Race Horse Names

If you are looking for odd names for your racehorse, consider these Japanese racehorse names from real Japanese racehorses. We gave each name a twist to make it your own unique name.

Agmane Tachyon

Agitate World

Biwall Hayahide

Current Chan

Daiwa Major

Daiwa Scarlet Run

Durandal Showstopper

Eishin Apollonis

Eishina Preston

Fuji Kiseki Bum

Joie de Vivre

Kane Hekili Scout

King Mane Kamehameha

Kurofune Hooves

Meisho Light Samson

Mejiro Dober Man

Mejio McQueen

Manehono Bourbon

Nakayama Filla

Narita Brains

Narita Top Road

Oguri Cap It

Sakura Bakushina

Major Sakura Laurel

Seiun Skyflyer

Shinko King

Taiki Shuttle Lord

Tanino Gimlet

Tokai Teio

Mexican Race Horse Names

There are thousands of name combinations for your new horse, and these Mexican racehorse names are just a few of them. These names we gathered are our top choice, and we are confident you’ll like what you’ll read below.

Amigo Racer

Lord Arbaza

Armando Bale

Benito Ryder

Bios Humps

Blanca Shadows

Chico Light Star

Miss Chiquita

Cilantro Mawler

Deiz Chaze

El Diablo

Fresca Filla

Pantsy Fuego

Fuerte Lagros

Miss Sassy Mantilla

Mariposa Skyrunner

Muneca JIggles

Perro Humper

Poco Loco

Senor Sesamo

Lady Sonara

There are many horses that are bred to race, and if yours is one of them, then these names are perfect for your future champ. We hope you find the best horse name from the list of names we provided above.