300+ Red Horse Names


Red horses frequently have various reddish-brown colorings and patterns all over them. That does not exclude you from having fun naming your new red horse after various reds, though. To inspire your imagination, check out the categories of some intriguing Red horse names listed below that will be perfect for either a male or female horse.

Red Roan Horse Names

As they occasionally display dark brown as well as the red or pinkish gene, red roans have also been termed as chestnut and strawberry roans of the horse world. If you have one now, here are the perfect red horse names to match its color.

Flaming Amber

Striking Apricot


Strawberry Azalea (very soft fragrance)



Light Brick

Celosia Sparks

Cherry Sparks

Copper Chrome

Coral Stone


Ember Fire

Empire Apple


Gala Jones


Gretta Fury



Marinara Mane

Sleek McIntosh

Plump Merlot


Peach Creme


Pomtini / Tini

Rose Quartz

Scarlet Nimera

Sweet Shirley

Strawberry Shortcake

Sumac Cloud

Tawny Mist

Flaming Teak

Red Dead Redemption Horse Names

red horse prancing

Action-adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2 was created and released in 2018 by Rockstar Games and had a Western theme. Therefore, there are many horse characters in the game. If you love Red Dead redemption, here are the best horse names inspired by the game.

Sir Usain Colt

Bored Bronco Mane

Mustang Hybrid

Chain of Rubies

Neighing Rose

Red Equine

Leon Trotsky

Gelding Red

Whinny the Shoed

Each Half

Rhonda Strawberry

Lil Sebastian

Red Al Capony

Pony Soprano

Britney Spurs

Red Roach

Ruby Bojack

Snake Plissken

Mule Blood Brynner

Sylvester Stallion

Harry z\Red Trotter

Hermioneigh Ruby

Red Houdini

Duke Shanks

Layla Red

Deadly Dynamite

Mars Galaxy


Red Horse Names Females (Girls)

Here are the best red horse names for female horses. See which one of these names is the perfect horse name for your new pet.

Scarlet Dream

Misty Scarlet

Bella Rose

Pink Wish

Bloody Whisper

Summer Sunset

Hope Heart

Red Luna

Rose Beauty

Golden Honey

Lady Red

Rumor Blood


Alev Whisper

Basia Lanes

Brigit red

Crimson Belenus

Electra Spark

Miss Calida

Fiery Ember



Mrs. Mars


Azalea Crimson




Cerise Mane


Pele Rose

Lady Strawberry

Miss Red

Scarlet Russet


Crimson Bloom


Autumn Night

Roxanne Flame



Lady in Red

Rose Fire


Little Anne


Red Dazzle

Scarlet Diva

Lovely Heart

Cherry Flames

Aria Summer


Red Dawn

Peony Petal

Scarlet Tulip


Sally Sunset

Bailey Striker

Red Horse Names Males (Boys)

red horse with glossy coat of fur

Here are the top male red horse names for male horses we chose for you. See if one of these reddish brown names perfectly matches your new pet.


Golnar Reed

Bloody Conker

Rufus Flame

Rusty Hooves

Sandy Sunset

Maroon Shade

Sir Gizmo

Brick Heart

Crimson Taz

Prince Harry

Mr. Red

Bronze Stallion

Chuck Noris

Eric Red

Tiger Stripe

Sir Brandy

Reddish Sire

Red Herring

Red Boy

Jonty Jones

Scarlet Dusk

Red Hulk

Rosso Mane

Blaze Trail

Punchie Shoe

Titian Valera


Russel Red Mane



Ruddy Ruby

Scarlet Gem

Flame Runner

Roan Red


Radcliff Jones


Red Baron

Flaming Jazzy

Jackie Strydes

Scarlet Hurricane


Fire Thunder

Ember Cowboy

Sun Eclipse

Sunrise Hunter

Colonel Patriot

Copper Flames

Star Striker

Rocky Freedom

Chestnut Stallion

Funny Red Horse Names

red horse flipping its red hair

Here are funny red horse names for your new chestnut horse. These names are inspired by food, color, etc, with a twist.

Red Snaps

Strawberry Puffy

Cherry Garcia

Sassy Sriracha

Lady Marinara

Gala Nightshade

Empire Fluffs

Silly McIntosh


Boysenberry Foal

Pointy Poinsettia

Crazy Azalea

Sumac Scarlet

Miss Celosia (red flower)

Salmon Eater

Blushing Vermillion


Red Reeda

Ruby Cerise

Red Dun Horse Names

Dun horses have a gene that dilutes the color red and black of a horse’s coat. Dun horses are stunning, and if you have a red dun horse, here are the perfect names we came up with.

Scarlet Snow

Little Sparky

Honey Flames

Montoya Cabernet

Burning Beauford

Strawberry Fluffs

Crimson Wind

Ambrose Marshmallow

Sunny Cherry

Light Goji

Straw Lightning

Seeing Red

Bada Bing Cerise

Red Bale

Clifford the Red Horse

Ruby Stone

Sriracha Flame

Little Torch

Red Snap

Diluted Phoenix

Sir Marinara

Cherry Bliss

Red Herring

Red Hooves

Light Scorch

Small Volcano

Rose Mountain

Blaze Dust

Aguaje Red

Pinky Blossom (red flower)

Red Bloom

Miss Hibiscus

Red Chestnut Horse Names

chestnut horse drinking on a pond

Chestnut horses are some of the most common horse colors today. But, they are all special in every way. If you have a chestnut red horse, here are a few chestnut horse name options you can use.

Bloody Alchemist

Sugar Blaze

Chester Peanut

Copper Rhode

Flaming Cowboy

Red Flash

Bloody Hades

Maroon Lightning

Mars Shade

Meatball Flames


Red Devil

Rusty Mane


Sunny Reds

Lucille Belle

Merida Mane

Paprika Fur

Steel Apple

Galloping Ariel

Flaming Autumn

Burnt Brandy

Cayenne Storm

Cherry Fire

Cinnamon Flame

Coral Mane

Rosy Runner

Ruby Gallops

Miss Salsa

Snow Scarlet

Scully Danes

Little Sunshine

Red Mare Horse Names

If you are looking for a red horse name for your mare, here are the best female chestnut horse names for you to choose from. Let’s choose the perfect name for you new pet.

Red Abigail

Flaming Audrey

Scarlet Cascade

Acorn Blood

Aurora Fire

Cassie Redstorm

Fiery Alaska

Autumn Fur


Alexa Red Mane

Red Azure


Amber Blood

Bindi Hooves


American Red

Cleo Red Snow

Angel Flame

Bonnie Crimson

Red Clover

Apple Fire

Brooke Fire

Red Coco

April Fire Storm

Flaming Cake

Astrid Sunset

Candy Sunrise

Flame Dancer

Famous Red Horse Names

red horse and its foals

He gathered the most famous chestnut horses that you might want to use for your new pet. Let’s check each one and see which of these red horses names is perfect for your new horse.

Danni Shades

Red Lilly

Flame River

Sadie Red

Missy Flame

Juliet Rose

Scarlet Peanut

Steamy Blaze

Colt Ruby

Lucky Red

Scarlet Wilbur

Buck Sands

Sunny Bolt

Officer Crimson

Red and White Horse Names

Red and white or chestnut horses have beautiful color combinations. So if you have a new horse that has a red and white coat, here are the best horse names for you to choose from.


Brigit Rose

Alev Ruby

Pele Spots

Red Conker

Rufus White

Snow Ember

Ruby Spice

Red Azalea

Ginger White

Snow Vulcan

Lady in Red

Crystal Wildfire

Redmond Sparks

White Valentine

Redwood Snow

Mr Red Blotch

Rusty Snow


Mr. Tabasco

Red Bullseye

Red Devil

Red Arabian Horse Names

Do you own an Arabian horse? If your horse has a red coat and are looking for the perfect name? Here are the best red Arabian horse names you can look into.

Princess Flame

Ellie Fire

Destiny Rose

Fiery Mosaic



Crimson Melody


Flynn Flame

Red Indie

Scarlet Aristocrat

Fire Lightning

Celestina Fire

Red Toronto

Milky Way


Brick Phantom


Brown Sugar

Chestnut Ghost

Scarlet Moonshine


Red Pharaoh

Fiery Nutmeg

Oscar Fire

Midnight’s Pride



Crystal Ruby


Crimson Night

Flame Runner

Thunder Champ

Luna Red

If you have a chestnut horse waiting to be named, the names we gathered above are perfect name ideas. We hope you found the perfect name for your reddish brown male or female horse!