156 Spiritual Cat Names (With Meanings)


Cats are one of the most spiritual creatures today. They symbolize many cultures and are believed to be magical.

Witches, gods, and goddesses have cats they trust, and in Egypt, cats were once worshipped. These magical creatures also rule our homes. We know they can be ruthless but they are also loving.

If you have a cat that’s magical, we have spiritual cat names that are perfect for these magical cats.

These magical cat names will surely catch your attention, so let’s read everything and choose one for your new cat today.

Female Spiritual Cat Names (Girl)

Do you have a new furry friend that you’d like to name something magical? Then, maybe one of these spiritual cat names for female cats would be the perfect fit! Let’s see the options we have for mystical cat names below:

Astrawl (space)

Anastoesia (one who will be reborn)

Aurawr (a luminous field that envelops all beings)

Boneshee (shrieking in the dead of night)

Chakrawr (spiritual, physical, and emotional horizons)

Kelpurs (drowning and flood)

Pixie (a prankster fairy)

Phoenix (ashes to live again)

Seruff (closest to God)

Sibyl (seer or prophet)

Sprawte (an elf)

Tazia (One who will be reborn)

Uri (God is my light)

Ariel (lion of God)

Leda Meow (very beautiful woman)

Zaria Pur (goddess of beauty)

Arclawdia (utopia)

Bliss (supreme happiness)

Clawres (Roman goddess)

Chewpel (place of worship)

Clawrity (generous actions)

Chewrish (to hold dear)

Clemeowncy (showing mercy)

Christmeows (annual Christmas holiday)

Deva (divine, shining one)

Divine (relating to a god)

Durgas (Hindu goddess)

Eastfur (annual Christian holiday)

Eden Claws (garden of Eden)

Etherawrl (otherworldly)

Furrtune (chance, luck)

Gangclaw (Hindu goddess)

Geneshiss (first book of the Bible)

Infinity (immeasurably great)

Kali (Hindu goddess)

Kameowd (Hindu goddess)

Lothuss (spiritual lotus flower)

Lux (Latin for light)

Menorawh (Chanukah lamp)

Mercy Claws (compassion toward others)

Meownerva (Roman goddess)

Mirawcle (an extraordinary event)

Pawrvati (Hindu goddess)

Paz (peace in Spanish)

Pawma (Tibetan lotus flower)

Praise (expressing admiration)

Providence (divine care)

Purrdence (a virtue)

Radha (Hindu goddess)

Saraswati (Hindu goddess)

Sita Hiss (Hindu goddess)

Sunday (holy day)

Tara Fur (Buddhist spiritual figure)

Templeton (a place dedicated to worship)

Trinity (Christian doctrine of father, son, and holy spirit)

Toelsi (Hindu goddess)

Tychee (Greek goddess)

Veda Meow (sacred texts of Hinduism)

Venus Ruffs (Roman goddess)

Vesta Fluff (Roman goddess)

Alpawren (heroic saint)

Abigail Fluffs (brings joy)

Adnawls (pleasure, delight)

Aisha Ruffs (life, Vivaciousness)

Ameowna (loyal, faithful)

Anani Claws (a cloud)

Rawmi (beauty)

Male Spiritual Cat Names (Boy)

Male cats are also magical and beautiful creatures that deserve names fitting their character. If you have a male cat that embodies a beautiful spirit, then these male spiritual cat names would be perfect for your furry pet.

Choose the best name that suits your spiritual cat below:

Atropaws (fates)

Chimeowra (body of a goat, head of a lion)

Elijah (the lord is my God)

Psychiss (human soul, mind, or spirit)

Sooth Whiskers (prophet)

Seton Leaper (sea settlement)

Tobias (Goodness of Yahweh)

Berachath (Jewish blessing)

Bishop (spiritual supervisor)

Bodhiss (enlightenment in Sanskrit)

Brahmeow (Hindu god)

Canaan (Biblical place name)

Deacoat (messenger in Greek)

Dionysus (Greek god)

Gandhiss (Hindu spiritual leader)

Honor (honesty and fairness)

Hypnos (Greek god)

Janus Long Coat (Greek god)

Jerichoat (Biblical place name)

Journey Feather (passage from one stage to the next)

Justice Meadows (moral righteousness)

Klawsmet (fate, destiny)

Krishna (Hindu god)

Loyal Spirit (showing faithfulness)

Maitreya (Buddha Maitreya, the future Buddha)

Manjufur (Buddhist spiritual figure)

Mahaklaw (Buddhist spiritual figure)

Nazareth (Hebrew place name)

Noble Kitty (moral character)

Pawrson (clergyman)

Pawstor (spiritual leader)

Peacer (state of harmony)

Priest (a clergyman)

Revel Fur (to rejoice)

Sabbath (a day of rest and religious observance)

Shakyameow (Buddha Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha)

Shiva (Hindu god)

Sinai (Biblical place name)

Tenzin (a name of the Dalai Lama)

True Purr (real, genuine)

Trust O’Claw (confidence)

Truther (the true state)

Vajrapawni (Buddhist spiritual figure)

Vishnu (Hindu god)

Zion (Biblical place name)

Spiritual White Cat Names

White cats are ethereal and spiritual, so it’s just right to give your white cat a name to honor it. Mystical cat names or spiritual names would be perfect for your magical cat, so we have options for you below:

Seder (order)

Yoga-Cat (sun and sprout)

Avallach (the king of the mystical of Avalon)

Azrael (angel of God)

Inaraw (a goddess who protected animals)

Maia (brave or confident)

Heaven Coat (home of God)

Zen Purrs (meditation and intuition)

Hopaw (expectation or desire)

Spirit Fleece (the soul)

Aether Goddess (one who unites air, firewater, and earth)

Wraith Whisker (ghost)

Spiritual Black Cat Names

Do you have a black cat you want to name? Black cats are the symbol of spirituality in other cultures, and they are perceived to be amazing creatures of the night. Therefore, we have names that you can use when naming your beautiful kitten:

Rawvenant (spirit after his death)

Shade (looming shadow)

Shameown (supernatural and natural)

Spawcter (a horrifying ghost)

Spook (a spy or a prankster)

Krishna (black, dark)

Occulta (mystical)

Klawrma (the force created by a person’s actions)

Kismeowt (Destiny or fate)

Suerte (Lucky)

Sphynx (a creature with a woman’s head, a lion’s body, and wings)

Chanspaw (Lucky in French)

Pawgan (religious beliefs predate those of the main world religions)

Omeown (An event or sign that is a portent or prophecy of the future)

Mystery (unexplainable)

Spiritual Orange Cat Names

Orange cats are amazing creatures that most people love. Though their color might be common, it’s their personality and their aura that make them special. If you have an orange cat and want to name it a beautiful spiritual name, then here are some great options for you:

Orawion (a great hunter)

Aurawlia (gold)

Cherawb (an innocent being)

Shiva (destroyer)

Asahiss (morning sun)

Áine (the queen of fairies)

Cybella (nature goddess associated with lions and tigers)

Anatoele (rising sun)

Oriane (sun)

Spiritual Grey Cat Names

Grey cats are uncommon, so many people want to own one. If you have a grey cat, here are great name options for spiritual cat names that you can use. Let’s see if one of these names resonates with your cat’s personality:

Levi Meowsa (joining)

Oraclaw (prophecy)

Durga Hiss (Hindu warrior goddess)

Kikimeowra (scarecrow)

Nirvana (transcendent spiritual state)

Messiah Hiss (the promised leader)

Rawverie (dreamlike meditation)

Deity Toes (a divine supernatural being)

About Choosing a Spiritual Name for Your Cat

The well of spiritual name options to choose from is deep and wide – which can be hard to navigate alone.

That’s why we’ve put together a naming guide full of considerations for you to keep in mind while going through the naming process of your new cat.

Together, let’s explore:

What is Your Spirituality or Religion?

If you have a spiritual or religious that you subscribe to, it may be essential to choose a name related to those particular sets of beliefs/gods and goddesses.

Why a Spiritual Name for Your Cat?

What is it that has made you decide to name your cat something spiritual-oriented? Are you learning about a new and exciting spiritual path? If so, perhaps hold off and naming your pet until you are sure you really stand behind the faith.

What Color is Your Cat?

The color of your cat is one of the most important factors when it comes to naming them. For example, a white cat may be named Zeus, or Jesus, while a black cat is more suited to Lucifer, or something more sinister, like Hades or Hel.

Does the Name Match Your Cat’s Personality?

Have you taken note of your cat’s personality yet? If not, taking the time to do so with your new pet can make a world of difference in names that you consider.

Does the Name Match Your Cat’s Appearance?

Does the name you are considering actually match the physical appearance of your new kitty? Take a moment and reflect on this factor before moving on and choosing a single name.

Points for Picking Spiritual Cat Names

When you’ve had a read over the list above, as well as the considerations we’ve provided for you, you should be that much closer to picking the best name.

But, wait! There’s more! Before you dial in on any single cat name, first try these great points for picking spiritual cat names (at no additional charge!):

  • Angels and names of religious leaders
  • Names of Holy locations and/or relics
  • Names of spiritual belief systems (or religious orders)
  • Names of your past or current spiritual or religious minister
  • Famous people of your spiritual school of thought
  • Anything else that comes to you during the brainstorming process (whether from divine inspiration or otherwise)

When everything is said and done, the naming process is all yours, and that means that your imagination is the limit for your cat’s new name.

No one is likely to plop the best-fitting name for your new cat into your lap. Likewise, no one is going to stop you from picking a terrible name, either.

Pickings the Best Name Spiritual for Your Cat

Did you enjoy reading the names above? Did you find something that best fits your cat?

Whether you have a male or female cat, you won’t go wrong with these names with all of the wide variety of choices presented.

If you haven’t come up with the best spiritual name for your new cat yet, even after having a second look over our list and a glance over the considerations in the naming guide as well, we suggest seeking out spiritual guidance on the matter (as well as researching more lists of names and possibly tracking down a name generator of two).