Spooky Cat Names for Your Creepy Feline Friend


Halloween is just around the corner and is the perfect time to get a cat.

If you are already pet parents and your feline friend is expecting babies by the time Halloween comes, then what better name to give your new cat, right?

So, we listed some of the best and most unique Halloween cat names inspired by famous Halloween shows and scary movies for the spooky season.

Let’s get to know all the names we chose for your new kitty, below!

Spooky Black Cat Names

Black cats are the most popular symbols of Halloween, for they are associated with all things spooky.

Black cats are a witch’s favorite friend, so if you relate to witches and your favorite holiday is Halloween, then let’s name your new cat something that resonates with the spooky season.

Find the perfect Halloween cat name for your male black cat below.

Count Dracu-cat

Crow Nails

Dagger Toes

Dark Bones

Dark Enchantress

Dark Moonlight

Dawny Purrs

Dusky Fur

Furry Shade


Lil’ Witch

Luna Mystery



Misty Shade

Night Mare

Raven Fur

Salem (Sabrina the teenage witch)

Smokey Tail

Stormy Bite


Spooky Cat Names (girl/female)

Looking for cat names inspired by the Halloween season is exciting, especially when your new cat arrives near or on Halloween.

So, what better way to embrace the Halloween spirit than to give your female cat the perfect cat name?

We have a list of spooky names from iconic symbols and popular characters, with a cat-inspired twist for your new pet!


Carrie Biter


Crescent Tail

Cruella dela Fur

Daphne Horns

Dark Crystal

Elm (Nightmare on Elm’s Street)

Glinda Nightmare

Hazel Snakes

Lucy Fangs


Noir Paws

Scary Sally

Stormy Spirit


Twilight Whiskers


Wailing Winifred

Spooky Black Cat Names (Boy/Male)

They say black cats are bad luck, but we don’t believe it, for they are one of the most elegant creatures today.

Do, owning a black cat will bring you more luck than bad. So, if your new kitty arrives on Halloween, then it deserves a Halloween cat name.

We listed some of the best Halloween cat names perfect for the fall season. Let’s read them below!


Chucky Biter

Damion (demons)

Dexter (serial killer)

Fester Fur

Frankie Steinstail

Freddy Purrger (Freddy Krueger)

Ghost Cat



Igor Spirit

Jack (jack o lantern)

Jason the Striker

Lucifer (devil)

Mr. Burton

Tim Furrton



Cute Spooky Cat Names

Halloween time is about to start, and if you are expecting a new cat and are looking for the perfect name to fit the Halloween spirit, then we listed options for cute yet spooky names you might want to use.

Let’s read the list below, and find the best name for your furry friend:



Boogey Woogey



Casper (friendly ghost)

Dusa Cat

Fright Tail

Harpy Claws



Monster Tails

Nessie Cat

Ogre Breath


Siren Purr

Stephen King Claw

Spooky Halloween Cat Names

More spooky names inspired by Halloween are available below. We know how much you love the spooky season and getting a cat around this time is the perfect coincidence.

Find the best cat name for male and female cats on the list we provided below:





Grave Digger





Potent Potion





Vamps Bite

Zombie Fangs

Spooky Orange Cat Names

Are you looking for the perfect cat name for your orange cats and you want a name inspired by Halloween? Then, we have the perfect names for your new pet!

We know you are excited and so are we, so let’s dive into these cute, spooky, and fun Halloween names for your cat, below:

Autumn Fur

Cinnamon Breath

Draco Streaker

Ember Flames






Orange Stripes (Candy corn)

Phoenix Fur


Sweet Reese


Taffy Toes

Willow Whiskers

How to Pick the Best Spooky Cat Name

Choosing the very best name for your spooky cat comes with a bit of effort and possibly some research involved.

Below, we’ve laid out several important questions you should ask yourself before committing to any one spooky name for your cat:

What Color is Your Cat?

The color of your cat is one of the main factors that may be helpful in finding its perfect name. If your cat is black, grey, or multi-colored, it’ll be even easier to find a great spooky name for it.

Certain cats, like white fluffy ones, aren’t exactly as naturally spooky-looking, so finding them a spooky name will be more of a challenge.

How Spooky is Your Cat?

The spookiness level of your cat is another great factor to consider while searching for and selecting the right spooky name for your new kitty.

Is it a solid black cat? Or, does it have a feisty attitude, and the brains to match, the combination giving it a witchy vibe?

Pay attention to this factor and weigh in on it before committing to any old spooky-sounding cat name for your new pet.

How Does the Cat Behave?

The behavior and personality traits that your cat displays are another great source for naming inspiration. The way it walks, the way it purrs, and the way it reacts to other people and pets are just a few of the cues you can look for to help peg the right name for your cat.

Where Did the Cat Come From?

The origins of your cat, meaning, exactly where it came from, how you came to be its new owner, and any other interesting factors, are another great help when searching for that perfect spooky pet name.

Did you rescue the cat? Was it a gift from a family member? It is a therapy pet? All of these little questions may help you think of the most suitable name for your cat.

Do You Have Other Pets?

Whether or not you have other pets is one factor that many folks overlook when naming a new kitty.

However, if you have several pets, with themed names, you may want to take the extra time to come up with the best fitting name for your family of pets, rather than focus on the perfect spooky name.

What Are Your Favorite Spooky Things?

Taking the time to think of, and possibly write down, a list of all your very favorite spooky things, and the various aspects of spooky stuff that make you fond of it is a great practice when you’re in search of a great and spooky cat name.

Is it the Halloween cat names that you consider spooky? Or do you prefer spooky subject matter, such as paranormal creatures and/or serial killer-type stuff? The answer makes a world of difference in nailing down the right name for your new kitten.

Final Thoughts About Your Spooky Cat’s Name

Your spooky cat deserves just the right name, whatever that may be in your case.

Hopefully, with the giant list of names above, you’ve successfully found the purrfect name for your new kitty.

If you haven’t found a spooky enough name, why not glance over the list again, or perform additional research and then return to give it another look?

Thanks for reading, good luck to you and your spooky kitty!