300 Twin Cat Names (Top Picks for Cat Pairs)


Do you have twin cats or planning to get two cats that are siblings? Then, we know that looking for twin cat names is your next agenda, and we’re here to help!

We have beautiful, funny, and gender-based twin cat names that you can choose from and decide upon for your twin kittens.

So, let’s read below, and find the best twin cat names for your sibling cats!

Cute Twin Cat Names

Are you getting ready for new members of your fur family? If you are expecting cats from the same litter and want to find names for twin cats, then we have some names you can use.

Here are some of the cute twin cat names for your inseparable cats:

Salt & Pawpper

Cinnameow & Sugar

Pawnut Butter & Jelly

Fish & Chips

Tigress & Tiger

Navy & Blue

Stripe & Spawt

Stormy & Thunder

Taz & Spaz

Tom & Jerry

Pepsi & Clawa

Raggy & Richie

Ginger & Spice

Fluffy & Buffy

Nooker & Crammer

Cain & Abel

Woodsie & Snoopy

Winnie & Pooh

Piggy & Tiggy

Hawl & Oats

Yogi & Boo Boo

Moon & Star

Happy & Grumpy

Sun & Shine

Ginger & Goldie

Hugger and Wiggler

Sunny & Cloudy

Cherry & Blossom

Blossom & Bubbles

Coco & Mellow

Coral & Scarlet

Pepper & Pickle

Cheddar & Brie

Twin Boy Cat Names (Brothers)

If you are looking for male cat names for twin cats because your cat gave birth and your want to take care of the kittens, then we have the best names for them!

Here are ideas for your male cats, so let’s find the one that best fits their personalities. Let’s go:

Fuzzball & Wuzzball

Logan & Morgan

Ryan & Ian

Landon & Brandon

Phil & Bill

Lord & Bow

Blake & Jake

Brett & Rhett

Bumper & Thumper

Derrick & Eric

Torian & Dorian

Mojo & Milo

Chip & Dale

Mojo & Riley

Tom & Jerry

Batman & Robin

Starsky & Hutcher

Sherlock & Watson

Bert & Ernie

Scratcher & Biter

Ren & Stimpy

Ben & Jerry

Larry & Moe

Harry & Ron

Ren & Stimpy

David & Goliath

Sam & Dean

Jekyll & Hyde

Timon & Pumba

Harry & Lloyd

Buzz & Woody

Cheech & Chong

Spock & Kirk

Mario & Luigi

Bevis & Butters

Wayne & Garth

Marty & Doc

Fred & Barney

Shaggy & Scooby

Smoky & Bandit

Albert & Costello

Ali & Baba

Bebu and Babu

Whiskey & Icey

Arrow & Hunter

Simba & Pumba

Bronzo & Coppaw

Toeby & Moby

Twin Girl Cat Names (Sisters)

We know you want the best twin female cat names for your cats, so we gathered these names for you to choose from.

Here are female cat names and sister cat names perfect for your female cat. Let’s check out the names and find the one that’s meant for your new kittens:

Niki & Brie

Summer & Autumn

Summer & Winter

Ava & Allie

Faith & Hope

Thelma & Louise

Chloe & Sophie

Abbie & Annie

Emma & Grace

Heidi & Heather

Madison & Morgan

Lisa & Lottie

Tulip & Lily

Daisy & Minnie

Mary Kate & Ashley

Mia & Tia

Kelly & Coco

Serena & Venus

Laverne & Shirley

Jules & Julie

Romy & Michelle

Rory & Lorelai

Serena & Blair

Dixie & Pixie

Betty & Wilma

Elsa & Anna

Lucy & Ethel

Willow & Buffy

Naomi & Wynonna

Emma & Ava

Rizzo & Sandy

Lily & Ivy

Diamond & Ruby

Mona & Lisa

Aimie & Emma

Luna & Nala

Misty & Stormy

Midnight & Shady

Lory & Lynn

Chelsey & Margaux

Sassy & Sweety

Twin Girl Cat Names That Rhyme

Rhyming names can be fun, especially if you have two identical cats from the same litter.

We have famous names, unique names, and cute names for your new furry babies, and we’ll help you choose the best one for your twins.

Let’s have a closer look at the following name options for twin cats:

Chloe & Zoe

Anisha & Tanisha

Jessa & Tessa

Lilly & Millie

Gabby & Abby

Miranda & Amanda

Tia & Dia

Madison & Addison

Hailey & Bailey

Katie & Sadie

Marcy & Darcy

Farah & Sarah

Diana & Athena

Winnie and Minnie

Bella and Stella

Mocka & Cocka

Tora & Dora

Trina & Rina

Cruella & Bella

Shane & Maine

Cottontail & Cattail

Lassie & Cassie

Black and White Twin Cat Names

If you have two cats with opposite colors, personalities, or attitudes, then giving them unique and funny twin cat names for black and white cats is perfect!

Read the list of black and white cat names we have below, and see if one of them is perfect for your new pets:

Yin & Yang

Blackey & Whitey

Light & Dark

Polka & Dottie

Flakey & DustyRosin & Pasas

Alpha & Omega

Inky & Dotty

Marble & Chess

Choco & Chip

Blanco & Blanca

Panda & Koala

Bianco & Nero

Dawn & Light

Starry & Moonless

Bright Star & Night Sky

Pawpper & Sugar

Clawey & Timid

Diamond & Onyx

Zeus & Hades

Twin Black Cat Names

Adopting two black cats is a great way for your pets to grow up. This way, they have a friend when you leave the house, and they’ll grow up to be more sociable than isolated from other animals.

If you need twin cat names for you black kitties, then read the list of names we provided for you below:

Blacktail & Darktail

Neko and Bekku

Coffeecoat & Kahvicoat

Arcturus & Sirius

Arieh & Ariah

Satan & Lucifer

Silk & Satin

Tim & Tom

Nero & Negro

Preto & Branco

Shadow & Smoke

Dusk & Dawn

Milo & Oval

Midnight & Misty

Shader & Shadow

Dream & Desire

Morpheus & Nada

Unique Twin Cat Names

Do you want twin cat names that sound unique? Since there are millions of pet parents today, naming your cats something that hasn’t been used (yet) is perfect!

These names are perfect even when you have orange cats, white, cats, and more. So, let’s choose the right name for your babies below:

Burakku & Daburu

Kitty & Kitto

Tabby & Moggy

Cathias & Cattus

Ekpen & Gunju

Kunkun & Damdam

Mau & Paka

Gala & Gaia

Tiguan & Nissan

Raya & Risca

Kisa & Koshka

Kisunya & Kotenka

Funny Twin Cat Names

Are your cats quirky and funny? Then they deserve funny twin cat names!

Here are some of the best twin cat names for your funny-looking, sassy, and happy kittens.

These names can be sister cat names, brother cat names, or for a mix of twin female and male cats you have:

Whispurr & Whisker

Mcfluffy & McLovin

Catzilla & Clawdia

Bean & Boots

Cookie Orange & Daniel Dutch

Dixie & Moo

Cookie & Creamy

Wiggles & Wobblers

Scratch-a-lot & Purrs-a-lot

Creamy & Puffy

Ruffles & Curvey

Grumpers & Grizzlers

Slothy & Lightning

Twin Boy and Girl Cat Names

If you want brother and sister cat names for your twin cats with both genders, then read what we have below.

These names are perfect for your babies, and you can even mix and match those on the list to create the perfect cat names for your new cats.

Take a look, below:

Carrie & Harry

Kristen & Tristian

Kate & Tate

Quinn & Finn

Nitya & Aditya

Karen & Darren

Jillian & Dylan

Sue & Blu

Ryley & Wiley

Heer & Sameer

Ruhi & Ruhan

Romeo & Juliet

Mario & Peach

Sandy & Danny

Sonny & Cher

Minnie & Mickey

Harry & Herminie

Bonnie & Clyde

Dori & Marlin

Beauty & Beast

Vincent & Jules

Mulder & Scully

Daisy & Donald

Zeus & Aphrodite

King & Queen

Leia & Luke

Samson & Delilah

Artemis & Apollo

Hansel & Gretel

Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver

Fred & Wilma

Barney & Betty

Fred & Ginger

Tarzan & Jane

Daisy & Duke

Hannibal & Clarice

Barbie & Ken

Shane and Shaun

Adam & Eve

Tawny and Pawny

Shrek & Fiona

Tippy & Tipper

Rebecca and Matt

Tim & Tam

Pisica & Felino

Mia & mio

Lewis & Clark

Lexus & Porsche

Tiger & Tigra

Catty & Sammy

Arya & Nugget

Lassie & Foxy

Juno & Apollo

Gunner & Bianca

Miller & Mocha

Sammy & Sunny

Pattie & Bae-bae

Silly & Sully

Maica & Adams

Maggie & Maximus

Twin Siamese Cat Names

Siamese kitties are also associated with twins, so if you have twin Siamese cat brother and sister, and want to name them, here are a list of what we gathered and think are the best names for twin Siamese kittens.

Let’s help you choose the right ones for your babies, below:

Jim & Jum

King & Queen

Prince & Princess

Bulsho & Kijami

Mocha & Mochii

Kopiko & Machiatto

Koko& Shasha

Dimmy & Summy

Skittles & Reese

Tootsie & Toffee

Milky & Hershey

Choco & Coco

Duke & Duchess

Bella & Stella

Markian & Macey

Denver & Codey

Twin Calico Cat Names

Do you need twin cat names for your calico cats? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We have some of the best and funniest calico cat names inspired by their color and patterns.

These names are perfect for brothers, sisters, or brother-and-sister twin cats. Below, check out the list of options:

Cali & Calia

Mali & Uha

Frida & Aggie


Missy & Molly

Dawn & Eve

Woody & Willow

Prim & Brin

Runa & Reba

Chica & Chico

Catalina & Tatyana

Izzy & Maizze

Tabitha & Ziva

Tilly & Paisley

Willow & Rolo

Sooty & Sally

Peta & Selina

Polka & Dottie

Misty & Snowy

Lucifer & Lilith

Choosing the Best Names for Your Twin Cats

Before getting cats, ensure to ask for veterinary advice and prepare for everything your cats may need.

Always ensure you have veterinary guidance when you are helping your kittens grow.

Thank you for reading, and as always, we hope you have a good time taking care of your pets and that your twin cats will stay healthy and happy for years to come!