Vs Flatline Quarter Horse: In-Depth Analysis & Insights

Are you curious about the differences between the Vs Flatline Quarter Horse and other breeds? Look no further! In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Vs Flatline Quarter Horse and explore its unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. From conformation to performance, we’ll provide valuable insights that

Vs Flatline: Breed Overview

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History and Background

Vs Flatline is an outstanding Quarter Horse stallion, renowned for its performance and progeny in the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) world. Born in 2010, this exceptional horse has made a name for itself in various competitions and as a sire. The pedigree of Vs Flatline traces back to prominent horses like Lazy Loper and Gota Lota Potential. As of January 2023, Vs Flatline has become a Million Dollar Sire, with his offspring earning a total of $1,005,593.

Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of Vs Flatline are impressive, contributing to its success as a competitor and sire. This blue roan stallion stands out with its striking color and build. Vs Flatline is a product of quality genetics, as evidenced by its lineage which includes well-known Quarter Horse names such as Lazy Loper and Gota Lota Potential.

A key factor that makes Vs Flatline a desirable sire is its negative test for the five-panel genetic tests conducted by AQHA, ensuring the health and well-being of its offspring.


Vs Flatline is known for passing down a calm and gentle temperament to its offspring, making them perfect for both beginners and experienced riders. Offspring of Vs Flatline have been successful in multiple competitive events due to their level-headed nature and willingness to perform.

In addition to their trainable temperaments, Vs Flatline offspring have demonstrated versatility in various disciplines, such as Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, and Showmanship. The achievements of this sire include a large number of AQHA foals that have amassed a total of 16,586 points, with 128 money-earning progeny who average $7,856 in earnings.

To summarize, Vs Flatline is an esteemed Quarter Horse stallion that has made a significant impact in AQHA competitions and breeding programs. Its combination of excellent pedigree, physical characteristics, and desirable temperament has made Vs Flatline a sought-after sire for producing champions in the Quarter Horse world.

Glover Galyean Partnership

The Glover Galyean Partnership is known for its ownership and management of the exceptional quarter horse, VS Flatline. This prestigious partnership has played a critical role in shaping VS Flatline’s successful career as a champion show horse.

VS Flatline is a 2010 bay roan quarter horse, sired by Lazy Loper and out of Vital Signs Are Good by Zippos Mr. Good Bar. Under the stewardship of the Glover Galyean Partnership, VS Flatline has achieved remarkable accomplishments in the equestrian world. Among his accolades are multiple All American Quarter Horse Congress Championships, as well as AQHA and NSBA World Championships. Known for being a 5-panel N/N horse, VS Flatline is a popular choice for breeders seeking to produce top-quality foals.

The Glover Galyean Partnership is responsible for ensuring VS Flatline’s standing at EE Ranches, Inc., a renowned facility located in Whitesboro, Texas. Breeders interested in producing Western and English Super Sires foals can contact the partnership directly at their given phone numbers or refer to their Facebook page for more information.

In 2020, VS Flatline was recognized as one of the Top 5 Western Pleasure Sires by the AQHA. The stallion’s offspring excelled in various competitions, resulting in aggregate earnings of $61,232. With 21 money earners, the average earnings per offspring reached $2,916. The highest-earning foal, Line Up Behind, boasts an impressive $27,662 in earnings.

The Glover Galyean Partnership’s commitment to the growth and success of VS Flatline is evident in their dedication to the stallion’s development and promotion. Their support has played an indispensable role in securing VS Flatline’s prestigious standing as one of the finest quarter horses in the industry today.

Vs Flatline’s Stallion Career

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Major Achievements

VS Flatline, a stunning 2010 bay roan Quarter Horse, has had an impressive career with numerous accolades to its name. Some of its most notable accomplishments include winning the 2012 All American Quarter Horse Congress Open 2 Year Old Western Pleasure and Non-Pro 2 Year Old Western Pleasure championships. Additionally, VS Flatline achieved the title of World Champion 2 Year Old Western Pleasure at the AQHA World Championship Show in 2012.

The horse’s success continued into 2013, when it won the Junior Western Pleasure at the NSBA World Championship Show. Later, VS Flatline competed and excelled in the Amateur Western Pleasure and Junior Western Riding categories at prestigious horse shows and events.

Stud Fee and Offspring Earnings

As a distinguished and successful stallion, VS Flatline’s owners began offering breeding services, commanding a stud fee of $2,500 – which includes a $1,850 stallion fee and a $650 chute fee. VS Flatline is known for producing high-quality offspring that continue to raise the horse’s profile in the equine industry.

These offspring have excelled in various competitions, earning impressive sums of money for their owners. As a result, the earnings for VS Flatline’s offspring continue to grow year after year, attracting numerous mare owners and breeders interested in incorporating the stallion’s exceptional bloodline into their own.

Stallion Services

VS Flatline’s stallion services are offered through a well-managed breeding process, ensuring the highest quality semen and most reliable transportation options. The initial $750 chute fee covers the first shipment of semen, while mare care, subsequent transported semen fees, and veterinary expenses are billed separately to the mare owner.

The stallion’s owners are dedicated to delivering top-notch stallion services, ensuring mare owners receive the best possible experience and outcome when breeding with VS Flatline. As a result, this remarkable horse continues to cement its legacy as an outstanding and sought-after sire in the competitive world of Quarter Horse breeding.

Potential Disciplines

The offspring of VS Flatline have shown promise in various equestrian disciplines, with Western Pleasure being their primary focus. However, their exceptional pedigrees lend themselves to versatility and the potential to excel in other disciplines as well.

For instance, Flatline – KM Flat Out The Best, one of his successful offspring, not only triumphed as an overall champion but also won the conformation portion and placed third in both pattern and pleasure at different events, as mentioned on VS Flatline’s website. Florida Georgia Line, another distinguished offspring, secured a unanimous victory in the pattern portion of a challenge.

As Quarter Horses, the foals of VS Flatline are known for their steady dispositions and trainable nature, making them suitable for a diverse range of riding disciplines. Their hindquarters’ power and agility, combined with a balanced cadence, make them ideal candidates for disciplines such as reining, western riding, and trail.

In conclusion, VS Flatline, the Multiple World and Congress Champion, has an impressive track record of producing successful offspring in the world of Western Pleasure and other equestrian disciplines. The wealth of accomplishments and potential disciplines that his offspring can excel in are just a few of the reasons why VS Flatline continues to be a sought-after sire in the Quarter Horse world.

Breeding with VS Flatline

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Breeding Process

Breeding with VS Flatline, a world champion bay roan AQHA stallion, takes place at the renowned EE Ranches, situated in Whitesboro, Texas. As this full-service breeding facility occupies 1,300 acres in the heart of horse country, mare owners can expect top-notch customer service throughout the process. As a younger sibling of the accomplished stallion, VS Code Red, VS Flatline has made a name for itself in the world of Quarter Horses, boasting a strong pedigree and impressive performance history.

The state-of-the-art breeding process at EE Ranches is designed to optimize results while ensuring the welfare of both the mare and the stallion. With a stud fee of $2,500, clients receive the chute fee and first shipment included, streamlining the process for mare owners.

APHA Breeders Trust

VS Flatline is also a part of the prestigious APHA Breeders Trust, which certifies that the stallion meets specific criteria of excellence. By enrolling their offspring in this program, mare owners can take advantage of various benefits such as:

  • Increased access to limited sires in various equine disciplines
  • Opportunities for additional earnings and incentives

VS Flatline carries an impressive list of accomplishments, including:

  • 2012 All American Quarter Horse Congress:
    • Open 2 Year Old Western Pleasure Champion
    • Non-Pro 2 Year Old Western Pleasures Champion
  • 2012 AQHA World Championship Show:
    • World Champion 2 Year Old Western Pleasures
  • 2013 NSBA World Championship Show:
    • Numerous accolades in multiple categories

As a participant in the APHA Breeders Trust, VS Flatline helps mare owners to further their horse’s successes, while the expert team at EE Ranches ensures a successful breeding process.

Bloodlines and Related Stallions

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Hotrodders Jet Set

VS Flatline, a prominent quarter horse, boasts an impressive lineage, drawing influence from some of the most notable bloodlines in the world of quarter horses. One of these influential bloodlines is Hotrodders Jet Set, known for producing successful and competitive offspring in the western pleasure discipline. Hotrodders Jet Set is a sought-after stallion and has made a lasting impact on the American Quarter Horse industry.

Zippos Mr Good Bar

Another prominent stallion in VS Flatline’s bloodline is Zippos Mr Good Bar. Renowned for siring versatile and athletic offspring, Zippos Mr Good Bar has earned its reputation as a top sire in western pleasure events. His progeny have displayed exceptional talent in various disciplines and have earned numerous titles, exemplifying the excellence and versatility of this bloodline.

Blazing Hot

Blazing Hot is yet another distinguished stallion that has had a significant influence on VS Flatline. Known for his exceptional performance in the show arena, Blazing Hot earned championships at prestigious events like the All American Quarter Horse Congress and the AQHA World Show. The success of his offspring further solidifies Blazing Hot’s legacy, receiving top honors across multiple disciplines, including western pleasure.

Machine Made

Finally, Machine Made is another important bloodline contributing to the remarkable lineage of VS Flatline. Ascending from a line of accomplished sires, Machine Made has successfully passed on his inherent performance traits to his offspring. Many of his progeny have excelled in western pleasure events and captured numerous titles, further establishing the prominence of this bloodline in the quarter horse world.

In conclusion, VS Flatline’s lineage comprises several notable stallions, such as Hotrodders Jet Set, Zippos Mr Good Bar, Blazing Hot, and Machine Made, each contributing exceptional traits and performance abilities to their offspring. The success and recognition of these bloodlines have cemented their significance in the American Quarter Horse industry, and their influence on VS Flatline is undoubtedly responsible for his remarkable accomplishments as an acclaimed quarter horse.

VS Flatline Quarter Horse: An Overview

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VS Flatline, born in 2010, is a prominent Quarter Horse with an impressive pedigree. This blue roan horse has garnered attention and success in the world of Western Pleasure competitions. Sired by the renowned Lazy Loper, VS Flatline possesses desirable traits that make it an excellent contender in the show arena.

One aspect that highlights VS Flatline’s capabilities is its remarkable show record. As a young horse, it already showed great potential. In 2012, it became the All American Quarter Horse Congress Open 2-Year-Old Western Pleasure Champion and Non-Pro 2-Year-Old Western Pleasure Champion. This success continued as it became the World Champion 2-Year-Old Western Pleasure at the 2012 AQHA World Championship Show.

VS Flatline continued to excel, earning the title of Unanimous Congress Champion Non-Pro 3-Year-Old Western Pleasure at the 2013 All American Quarter Horse Congress, once again showing its remarkable skill in the competition ring. These achievements demonstrate the level of talent this horse possesses, making it a sought-after sire for breeders and other enthusiasts.

In addition to its impressive performance in competitions, offspring of VS Flatline have also found success. For instance, KM Flat Out The Best, sired by VS Flatline, was the overall champion in a Flatline competition and won the conformation portion of the challenge. Moreover, Florida Georgia Line, another offspring of VS Flatline, won the pattern portion of the challenge unanimously.


In conclusion, VS Flatline Quarter Horse has made a significant impact in the world of Western Pleasure competitions. With its strong pedigree and impressive show record, this horse is an excellent example of athleticism and skill in the discipline. Furthermore, its success as a sire demonstrates the power of its genetics and the potential to produce champions. Overall, VS Flatline represents the epitome of excellence in the Quarter Horse breed and serves as an inspiration for those who aspire to achieve greatness in the equestrian world.