140 Black and White Spotted Horse Names

Still haven’t been able to track down the most suitable name for your black and white spotted horse?

We feel your pain! Picking an important name, whether for a character or a real horse, isn’t always quick and easy.

That’s why we’ve put together this extensive list of the best black and white spotted horse names.

Our list features the traditional to contemporary, so we’re sure you’ll find something special for your four-hooved fur buddy.

From common palomino to rare pinto colorations, these names will really make your horse stand out!

Read on below, and find the perfect one!


Black and White Spotted horse prancing

Black and White Spotted Horse Name Ideas

Polka Dot

Oreo Cookie

Domino Spot

Stormy Sky

Marble Slab

Nightshade Shadow

Twilight Shine

Starlight Spark

Snowflake Drift

Diamond Dust

Charcoal Chip

Onyx Shimmer

Velvet Gleam

Granite Glitter

Licorice Lace

Comet Halo

Dusk Dapple

Tornado Smudge

Lava Flow

Foggy Mist

Color-Inspired Black and White Spotted Horse Names

Black Granite

Snowy Storm

Black and Mild

Marbled White

Nightshade Shadow

Twilight Shine

Starlight Sparkle

Snowflake Flurry

Diamond Dapple

Charcoal Chipmunk

Onyx Oasis

Velvet Vision

Granite Glint

Licorice Lightning

Comet Crossing

Dusk Dawning

Tornado Tempest

Lava Lunar

Foggy Fizz

Nature-Inspired Black and White Spotted Horse Names

Polka Meadow

Oreo Forest

Domino Lake

Snowy Summit

Marbled Mountain

Nightshade Valley

Twilight Trail

Starlight Sky

Snowflake Stream

Diamond Desert

Charcoal Creek

Onyx Ocean

Velvet Prairie

Granite Grove

Licorice Lawn

Comet Canyon

Dusk Dune

Tornado Tundra

Lava Landslide

Foggy Fjord

Fictional Race-Inspired Black and White Spotted Horse Names

Polka Pegasus

Oreo Centaur

Domino Unicorn

Snowy Griffin

Marbled Minotaur

Nightshade Chimera

Twilight Wyvern

Starlight Dragon

Snowflake Harpy

Diamond Sprite

Charcoal Shapeshifter

Onyx Mermaid

Velvet Fairy

Granite Satyr

Licorice Siren

Comet Ogre

Dusk Hippocampus

Tornado Nymph

Lava Gryphon

Foggy Phoenix

Pop Culture-Inspired Black and White Spotted Horse Names

Polka Nirvana

Oreo Bowie

Domino Hendrix

Snowy Clapton

Marbled Spears

Nightshade Mendes

Twilight Cyrus

Starlight Lennon

Snowflake Zappa

Diamond Winehouse

Charcoal Gaga

Onyx Houston

Velvet Adele

Granite Timberlake

Licorice Dolly

Comet Cash

Dusk Sinatra

Tornado Elvis

Lava Presley

Foggy Parton

Bonus: Black and White Horse Names Inspired by Song Lyrics

Paperback Beatle

Diamonds from Gaga

Don’t Believe in Houston

Chasing Adele Horizons

Come Together with Lennon

Jump Timberlake into the Fire

Rolling Clapton Stone

Brown Sugar Hendrix

Bad Sinatra Moon Rising

A Hard Place to Find Parton

Afternoon Winehouse Delight

It’s Now or Never Elvis

All Roads Lead Cash to You

Dancing Queen Spears

Purple Haze Zappa

Heaven Must be Missing Houston

Born in the U.S.A. Mendes

Sweet Child of Mine Cyrus

Let’s Stay Together Dolly

Bohemian Rhapsohorse

Four Hooves in the Wind

Oats of Fire

Stairway to Canterly

Riders on the Stallion

Mustang Sally II

Ain’t No Mountain High Horse

Go Your Own Hay Way

Free Rein of the Beast

The Great Gallopotti

Thoroughbredlee Superstar

Wild One Size Fits All

Brown Spot in My Rainbow

Sugar Maned Pie

Country Roads Ride Home

Born to Be Wile

Rocky Road Trip


Horses in the Sky

Types of Black and White Spotted Horses

There are several types of black and white spotted horses to choose from:

  • Appaloosa
  • Knabstrupper
  • Noriker
  • Piebald Horse
  • Pinto Horse
  • Dapple Gray Horse
  • Brindle Horse
  • Skewbald Horse
  • Tobiano Pinto
  • Overo Paint Horse
  • Near Leopard Appaloosa
  • Reverse Dapple Gray
  • Sabino Overo Paint
  • Brindle Pinto
  • Snowflake Appaloosa
  • James Fiddler Spotted Draft
  • Criollo Appaloosa
  • Palomino Tobiano Paint Horse
  • Framboise Paint Pony

Black and White Spotted Horse Winter

Choosing a Name for Your Black and White Spotted Horse

Choosing a name for your black and white spotted horse can be challenging but there are some tips that you can use to help make the process easier.

First, think of the characteristics or personality traits that you would like to emphasize in your horse’s name.

Consider words related to strength, speed, agility, or perhaps even something whimsical like those found on MyLittlePonyNames.com.

It is also important to consider the associated colors of a black and white spotted horse when choosing a name.

Popular color names include Polka Dot, Oreo, or Domino but you could also go with something more abstract such as Stormy or Marble.

Additionally, think of words associated with light and darkness such as Nightshade or Twilight.

When it comes down to it, don’t be afraid to get creative!

While some people prefer traditional names for their horses, others may opt for something unique that reflects their individual style and personality.

Additional Resources and Tools

Apart from online horse name generators and books (which we discuss in more detail below), there are other useful resources and tools that can help you find the ideal name for your horse.

These include:

  • Horse Forums where you can ask fellow horse owners and enthusiasts for their advice on potential names
  • Social Media Groups dedicated to horses, offer up a range of suggestions from members
  • Horse Name Generators Apps such as ‘Horse Name Generator’, available on both iOS and Android devices
  • Name Lists organized by breed or theme, such as this list compiled by The Spruce Pets.

Relevant Online Horse Name Generators

There are also many online horse name generators that can help you develop a unique and meaningful name for your horse.

These websites typically ask for information about your horse such as its gender and color and then generate a list of potential names based on this information.

Some popular online horse name generators include the following:

  • Horse Name Lists which offer thousands of names
  • Horse Name Generators which contain both traditional and modern name options
  • Pop culture which offers thousands more cute names inspired by franchises like My Little Pony character and Disney

Most Popular Horse Name Books

If you prefer the old-fashioned method of flipping through name books, try one of the following popular horse name books:

  • The Perfect Horse Name: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Horse, Pony or Foal by Jane Mclean
  • Horse Names: How to Choose the Perfect One for Your Equine Friend by Julie Miller
  • 500 of the Most Popular Horse Names edited by Diane Morgan
  • Name That Horse: 200 Great Ideas for Naming Your Horse compiled by Arlene Hirschfelder
  • The Absolute Best Horse & Pony Names: More Than 5,000 Inspirational Ideas to Help You Choose the Right Name by Shelley Royce

Wrap Up

Our all-original list of black and white spotted horse names is quite expansive and you won’t have a problem finding a name for your beloved animal.

Whether it’s a classic horse name or a more modern option, your horse will stand out with its beautiful white markings or dark coat.

Pick something that stands out to you and shows the love and care you have for your black and white spotted horse!