500+ Cute Horse Names


Horses are considered to be the first companion of man. They were used in farms, as transportation, and carriers of heavy items. We can admit that horses, though huge and muscle-y, are cute and adorable. So, if you own a horse and are looking for name ideas, then this list is perfect for every horse lover out there!

Cute Girl Horse Names (Females)

There is a long list of cute girl horse names and it might be a bit overwhelming if you need a name as soon as possible. So here are our top picks for cute horse names for girl horses!


Little Miss Hira

Heather Feather

Iris Hooves

Miss Honey

Hope Fluff

Jamaica Boy


Lollipop Legs

Sire Astar

Bely Buns

Beauty Curls

Misty Whites

Moly Poly

Opal Pricness

Little Pandora

Piper Pepper

Polk York

Silly Ruby

Sunny Sandy

Salsa Dancer

Rumba Strides

Cute Tara

Tulip Buds

Rose Hair


Prancing Pansy

Vanita Milk

Zelta Zoomer

Ursula Bale

Vanilla Sky


Sublime Pony

Pearl Tiara

Snow Queen

Ballerina Dancer

Baroness Grace

Beachy Waves

Beautiful Sunrise

Beauty France

Bitsy Mitchy

Black Snow

Bessy Wess

Pearly White

Blanca May

Modern Bliss

Blondie Shoes

Blooms Meadow

Blue Fairy

Blue Moonlight



Bonny Rohode

Brandy Simons

Breeze Flyer

Brown Beauty

Bruma Flow


Camellia Rides

Candy Coat


Anne Capella

Carmen Flows


A Celebrity

Charmed Fruits

Cherry Raider

Soft China

Prancing Cinderella

Cindy Hopper

Cleo Prancer

Cleo Hoover

Comet Ride

Cover Girl

Lilac Cream

Miss Crystal

Cymbal Mood

Miss Dahlia

Daisy Jumps

Dakota Prancing

Dark Cutie

Lady Delilah

Dark Desire

Destiny Stride


Sassy Diva

Divine Mist

Dixie Hay

Cute Boy Horse Names (Males)

three horses walking on a farm

Horse names for boys can be a long list. So, if you have an adorable male horse and are looking for a cute horse name, here are our top male horse names for your cute boy below.

Strong Alfie

Arnie Bale

Sweet August

Beau Ford

Bert Tim

Blue Hoof

Wobbly Bobby


Buddy Tany

Cooper Night

Cosmo Shine

Duke Ernie

Finn Stryder

Frankie Stein

Freddy Kicker

Georgie Mane

Gus Buster

Herbert Shields

Hudson Tracker

Nigel Flyer

Niko Neigh

Cutie Oliver

Oscar Prance

Parker Leaps


Perry White



Sammy James

Timmy Lynn

Toby McFluffy

Todd Stryder

Sir Tommy Mist


Ziggy Zaggy

Cute Black Horse Names

Black horses are stunning creatures that will definitely stand out from a bunch. If you have a cute horse with this mesmerizing coat, here are some horse names we think will sound perfect for your new pet.

Black Shack

Pedro Coal

Small Mystery

Little Pirate

Dreamy Shadow

Mini Velvet

Small Jackson

Licorice Shine


Black Beardy

Caviar Pearl

Panther Flyer

Mischievous Wizard

Jet Stike

Black Winter

Mini Onyx

Dark Sunshine

Young Slate

Galaxy Coat

Volcanic Eruption

Spady Ace

Cute Show Horse Names

horse with white frizzy hair

Show horses are one of the most spoiled creatures on the planet, and we couldn’t agree more. If you have a little pampered horse and are looking for a show-stopping and cute name, here are our best picks.

Glamorous Maverick

Another Classic Black Beauty

No Sleepy Time

The New Deal

Destiny Rhode

Never Too Cute

Honey Shine

Blonde Perfection

Perfect Polaroid

Simply Gorgeous

Nebula Pirates

Potential Queen

Red Stilettos

Maverick Token

A Stunning View

Bewitching Beauty

Annie Sunshine

Calming Strides

Photgenic Mare

Cuddly Buddy

Princess Starlight

Bouncing Joy

Mysterious Maximus

Peaceful Grace

Butterfly Nebula

Adorable Stunner

Regal Luck

Another Butterfly

Between Worlds

Pinot Grigio

Mocha Hotty

Devine Grace

Breezy Day

Melodic Satin

Plotty Patooty

Little Dream

Lovely Mane

White Fluffy Clouds

The OG Star

Natural Romantic

Houston Racer

Pink Bubbles

Sparkle Shine

Rosy Bum


Sunshine Dove

Maximum Lover

Faith Hopes

Peppermint Girl

Cute Brown Horse Names

Brown horses are the most popular choice of pets and we can’t deny that they are the cutest. So, if you have a new brown horse, then here are the best cute names for your pet.

Almond Bark

Mini Auburn

Brick Princess

Brindle of Joy

Miniature Brule’

Spicy Sienna

Miss Chestnut

Chianti Slush

Hoovy Cloves

Henna Mane

Scottie Bumps


Burnt Mocha


Terra Shade

Terra Cotta

Sir Treacle

Cute White Horse Names

white and brown horses

If you have a white horse, you know they can be high maintenance. But, they have an awesome color! So, here are cute horse names for your white horse that are perfect for either male or female.

Chalky Mane

Cloud Stomper

Cottony Hay

White Crystal

Sparkly Diamond

Neve Tim

Nola Rhode

Littlw Nouvel

Prince Nova

Opal White



Porcelain Coat

Miss Rarity

Snowflake Boy


Prancing Titania


Willow Bark

Winter Haven

Xavier White

Striking Zinc

Cute Baby Horse Names

Do you have a baby horse that’s too cute and adorable? Here are the best cute horse names you can use to name the newest addition to your growing family!

Baby Guacamole

Cutie Cupcake

Carrot Muncher

Boots Flinch

Buggy Dug

Mr. Doodle

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Cutie Fluff

Peach Baby

Little Apples

Chippy Baby

Olive Babe


Honey Love

Marshmallow Flff

Swet Cheddar

Jelly Beany

Cute As Buttons

Chunky Boots

Coconut Cutie

Squishy Bubba

Little Cashew

Cute Bay Horse Names

A bay horse is a brown horse with black points. They are one of the most popular pets today, and if you happen to have a cute bay horse, here are the most perfect cute horse names for it.

Amber Pony

Auburn Chest

Baby Blackpoint


Baybie Angel

Bay Belle

Lee bay


Baylor Rhose

Brandy Hay

Burnt Cookie

Crunchie Cupcake

Ember Point

Java Chippy


Kava Lava

Latte Baby

Maple Coal


Mocha Choco

Burnt Muffin

Pepper Coat


Sierra Nights


Tootsie Bro

Badger Remy

Silly Bear

Mister Beaver

Brownie Batter

Caramel Latte

Forest Ghost


Moose Black

Cute Twin Horse Names

twin foals

Getting two new horses is better than one, so if you are on the hunt for a cute horse name for each of your new horses, here are cute and funny horse names perfect for them.

Andie and Tonya

Lemmy & Grandy

Fredstrike & Kellymare

Whinney & Neigher

Rich & Dirt

Laverne & Shirley

Gemi & Neigh

Mare-y & Bucky

Bonzer & Clements

Samuel & Davidoff

Prancer & Speed

Flora & Fauny

Sonny & Cheri

Cute Tan Horse Names

Tan horses are like diluted brown horses. But, they are still awesome creatures with beautiful light coats. Here are the top cute horse names from our pick that are perfect for your new tan horse.

Light Whiskey

White Timber

Brown Sugar

Caramel Boom

Malibu Sunshine

Kodiak Stryder

Hershey Caramel

Cream Mallows

Diluted Bear

Bread n’ Butter



Fierce Sand

Snicker Prance

Little Amaretto

Milky Chocco

Maple Skin

Tanny Buckeye


Lightest Flare

Holy Cannoli

Cork Bum



Brandy Shot




Little Sourdough

Topaz Mare


Apple Buck

Secret Sepia

Bronze Yellow


Amour Light

Faded Acorn



Butter Popcorn

Light Talon

WHite Checker


Rusty Mane


Light Almond

Twinkie Buck

Cute Mini Horse Names

Aren’t miniature horses the most adorable creatures? Nobody can resist the cuteness overload of these little horses. So, if you gave in and got yourself a mini horse, here are the cute horse names we can think of!

Cookie Puffs

Sadie Slinky

Little Peony

Sedona Spark

Britney Milley

Bonnie Bubbs

Suzy Q

Laura Littles

Silly Izzy

TIny Treasure

Patsy Girl

Crusty Sebastian

Chet Minion

Small Angus

Khani Smalls

Jake Little

Mini Fargo


Billy Bob

Cute Stanley

Luke Lower

Baby Arthur


Little Gypsy Rose

Sentry Bums

Low Baller

Giddy Up

Small World

Pita Chip

Land Racer

More Cowbell

Scotch Soda

Rico Suave


You Go Girl/Guy

Fancy Pants

Flaming Flim

Cranky Doodles

Babs Seed

Chancellor Neighsay

Raven Inkwell

Small Bulky Biceps

Prince Blueblood

Sweetie Drops

Lyra Heartstrings

Little Octavia Melody

Dr. Hooves

Lemon Hearts

Sugar Pie

Honey Bun

Cash Carrie

Cocoa Puffball

Little Acorn

Flame Man

DJ Neighs-a-Lot


Pony Dottie

Al Capony

Drama Queen


Himself the Elf

Thundering Little Hooves

Roughing It

Buffalo Bill

Chieftain Smallpants

Monte Cristo

Blazing Saddles

Bad Romance

Sizzling Spice

Hob Goblin

Tonka Truck

Buck Stops

Luna Little

Mare-y Contrary

Sun Flows

Fire Cracks


Tiny Saddle

Horse Power

El Jefe Little

Scarlett O’Hara

Little Trots

Shorty Get Down

Slow Motion

Cute Chestnut Horse Names

Chestnut horses have reddish-brown colored coats. They also stand out from a sea of horses because of their bright fur, so it’s only right to give your chestnut horse a fitting name. Here are cute chestnut horse names perfect for your new pet.

Red Fiona

Gloriana Bright

Ruby Sparks

Stimpy Lily

Big Titan


Goji Khan

Sir Firecracker

Sopa Fleece

Sangria Wine

Blush Red


Saucy Marinara

Bright Autumn

Nicole Redweather

Nutty Buck

Scarlet Neighman

Chestnut Empire

Cinnamon Bale

Coral Fighter

Flying Orange

Strawberry Puff

Crunchie Sands

Sunny Weather


Red Snaps

Phoenix Flare

Gala Shine

Belenus Mark

Mr Fox

Amber Fire

Cute Black and White Horse Names

Do you have a striking black and white horse that needs a name? Here are black and white cute horse names that you could use for your new pet.

Creamy Oreo

Nutty Aurora

Junior Mint Chips

Whitey Freckles

Puffin Dots

Badger Two Tone

Boggle Black

Chester Blotch

Dotty Mane

Coco Vanilla

Two Tone Girl

Two Face Bale

Cupcake Sprinkles

Inky Splatter

Jasper Stripes


Flickity Split

Lady Grey

Shades Of Winter

Evening Shadows

Felicity Dark Snow

Lady Snow Dust

Pale Shadow

Domino Mane

Cute Grey Horse Names

If you own a gray horse, you know how stunning their coat can be. So, if you are looking for a cute name for your grey horse, here are our best gray horse name picks!

Gray Pearl

Jimin Storms

Cloudy Grey

Blanca Dust

Grey Marshmallow

Fury Gray

Wookie Smoke

Hermione Grey

J-Hope Storm

Dusty Buttercup

Daisy Thunder

Molly Dusts


Gray Cotton

Monochrome Rainbow

Dark Aurora

Juniper Grey

These cute horse names are the best names for your new horses. whether you have a male or female horse, we guarantee you’ll find the name you’ve been searching for!