245 Exotic Cat Names (Naming Guide And Meanings)


Exotic cats are hard to come by because most countries have strict guidelines when it comes to owning one. A wild cat may be domesticated to some extent but it doesn’t promise your safety and the safety of those around you.

But, there are exotic cat breeds you can easily get from reputable breeders in the country, so ensure you do your research before getting one.

If you have an exotic cat that you are excited to name, the best name for it should also be an exotic name!

We gathered the best exotic cat names for your new pet cat, and these are inspired by some of the best names in Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Roman mythology, and more! Let’s find the perfect name today:

Exotic Female Cat Names (Girl)

Do you want an exotic cat name for your new female cat? If you love unique and not-so-easy-to-find names, here are some exotic cat names that will be perfect name for your pet. From Greek goddess names to Japanese names, we got your female exotic cat names covered:

Akirawr (Japanese for bright)

Aklawmi (devil)

Angeliclaw (angel)

Antoinette (praiseworthy)

Bodhiss (tree)

Cat-lithea (exotic name means beauty)

Chau (Vietnamese for pearl)

Clawscade (waterfall)

Dita (Czech for happy fighting)

Dondi (royal or regal lady)

Flavia (Italian word that means blonde or golden)

Furnaka (Swahili name that means generous)

Guinevere (King Arthur’s wife)

Hiss-ao (Japanese for life story)

Jemimeow (Hebrew name means dove)

Katt-ana (sword)

Keiclaw (blessed child)

Kumeowko (Japanese for beauty)

Kyoukoat (Japanese for mirror)

Lotoes (Japanese flower)

Masao (Japanese for righteous)

Misaki (Japanese for flower or blossom)

Meowgan le Fey (powerful witch in Arthurian legend)

Naomi (Hebrew name for wisdom and kindness)

Noaki (Japanese for honest)

Nova (star or newness)

Nur Fur (Arabic for light)

Osameow (Japanese for mirror)

Pandora (mythological character)

Parthena (purity)

Prairie (meadow)

Priya (Sanskrit word for love)

Raquel (innocent)

Reza (Persian name that means will)

Sadirawr (Persian word for lotus plant)

Selene (Greek name for moon)

Siona Furs (Indian for star)

Solstice (when the sun is steady)

Svana Coat (swan)

Tailia (Hebrew name that means dew of heaven)

Tempest Pur (turbulent)

Terrawr (Latin for earth)

Valda (Latin moniker that means brave)

Yumikoat (child)

Yutoeka (Japanese for rich)

Zaliki (well born)

Ziva (Israeli name for one of the days of the nation’s independence celebration)

Exotic Male Cat Names (Boy)

Do you own a male cat and are looking for exotic cat names for him? Then, here are some of the best names from the most powerful Greek god to Celtic and Hawaiian mythology.

We gathered the best male exotic cat names for you to choose from:

Hondo (one of the four major islands of Japan)

Boldness (brave cat)

Genghis Khan (conqueror)

Heruff (sun god)

Jafuri (stream)

Jibade (royalty)

Jibri (Arabic form of Gabriel)

Kameowko (Japanese name means superior creature)

Lazarus (raised from the dead)

Lionidas (King)

Mekhi (Russian version of Michael)

Meowverick (a person who doesn’t follow the rules)

Norm (North)

Purwitt (small but brave creature)

Quicksilver (metalic name)

Ruftor (Good hunter)

Roccoat (Italian name that means rest)

Saber (French word that means sword)

Sameowrai (Japanese warrior)

Shem (son of the Biblical Noah)

Soren (thunder)

Ugo Long Coat (Nigerian name for eagles)

Ulrich Hunter (Russian word that means wolf)

Verdun Fur (green)

Zane Whiskers (Hebrew name for John)

Exotic Egyptian Cat Names

Are you an Egyptian god and Egyptian goddess enthusiast? Do you like learning about Greek Mythology? Then, these egyptian cat names for exotic cats are the perfect ones for you! Let’s choose the name for your cat below:

Akila (wise)

Bastoet (Meaning: She of the ointment jar; Cat goddess)

Beketoeten (Meaning: Handmaid of Aten)

Hent-Temehiss (18th princess of Bunson)

Henutpurr (Egyptian Princess)

Khameow (The Golden One)

Kemsit (Egyptian queen consort)

Masiklaw (Meaning: born during rain)

Memphurr (Enduring and beautiful)

Menhet (Meaning: the one who sacrifices)

Nefurhetep (Egyptian princess of the 4th Century)

Nefertails (Egyptian goddess)

Nepurrpes (Meaning: her grace is beautiful)

Omeowrose (beautiful)

Ramhiss (Egyptian god)

Subirawr (patient)

Tey Tail (An Egyptian Queen)

Tia Sass (princess)

Exotic Spanish Cat Names

A Spanish name for an exotic cat is the perfect match. Therefore, read what we have gathered below, and find the right exotic cat names to perfectly go with your new pets’ personality. Here are the Spanish cat names we think will be perfect for you kitten:

Ambrawrsia (divine)

Anahiss (beautiful)

Agatoes (good-hearted)

Baltoesar (God’s protection)

Bibiana (full of life)

Cat-riann (darling of all)

Daza (diplomatic)

Eberawrdo (possess bravery)

Eugenia (well-born)

Eulalia Fangs (good talker)

Meowlagros (miracles)

Teofurra (gift from God)

Thiago (supplanter)

Exotic Cat Names Bengal

Bengal cats are a breed of domestic cat that look like little leopards. They come from the Egyptian Mau breed and Leopard cats to form the perfect breed fit for any family. Therefore, we listed exotic Bengal cat names that will perfectly match your kitten! Let’s find out the names below:

Alessandro (defender of men)

Ari King (lion or eagle)

Aristaeus (excellence)

Asha (alive and well)

Anisa Long Tail (friendly)

Astraea (of the stars)

Azizi Purrs (precious)

Bala Claws (young girl)

Bairawr (courageous one)

Bijan Knight (hero)

Chi Fur (spiritual being)

Dhana Coat (wealthy)

Emeowlius (rival)

Erasmus Furs (beloved)

Eros (love)

Godiva Tails (gift of God)

Hari Fangs (lion)

Iha Bites (earth)

Ilona (joy)

Karawrsi (life)

Karimeow (noble or honorable)

Kasrawr (wise king)

Lalma Toes (land that depends on rain)

Lahiss-ri (wave)

Lakshmeow (Goddess of wealth)

Lalita Toes (variety)

Maali (greatness)

Meowza (Prince)

Nazo (whimsy)

Nishith (midnight)

Octavius Toes (eight)

Olena Fur (light)

Philo (love)

Rawrna (beautiful)

Reza (contentment

Salmeown (secure or safe)

Sania Toes (radiant)

Sasha Light Tail (defender)

Ursus McWhiskers (bear)

Exotic Black Cat Names

Black cats are beautiful animas and they bring good fortune to their families. But, not all black cats are accepted because some believe that they are bad luck.

But, if you are a proud black cat owner and want to name your cat something unique, catchy, and adorable, then we hope you find the best exotic cat name below:

Abraclawdabra (Magic)

Achromeowtic (without color, dark)

Astral (nonphysical realm, dark realm)

Blackie Chan

Blackout Toes (no power)

Blaken (Dutch word that means to burn)

Bittersweet Purr (chocolate)

Boogie Meow (Mythical creature that comes out at night)

Silhouette (means shadow)

Sin Furs (immoral act)

Black Ju Ju (spiritual belief)

Eight Ball Coat (8-Ball)

Gloomy Fur (dark day)

Gothic Streaks (not classic, fashion that mostly uses black clothes, makeup, and accessories)

Grimm Meows (Grimm Reaper, Death)

Hallow Cat (Spooky season)

Kuro Slay (Japanese for black)

Mournful Coat (a negative feeling when someone dies)

Mustoes (Finnish for black)

Nimbus (dark clouds)

Noir (French for black)

Nox (lights out)

Night Lady

Obsidian Fur

Papa Midnight

Phantom Shadow (apparition)

Phlegein (Ancient Greek – scorch)

Pitch Coat (pitch black, very dark)

Pretoes (Portuguese for black)

Six Zero (code for black)

Sly Paws (troublemaker)

Stygian Fur (River Styx, dark)

Sundown Eyes(sunset; going into the night)

Sweart (Old English for black)

Exotic Warrior Cat Names

If you have a cat that’s tough and has its own rules, then you know you have a warrior cat.

If you are looking for warrior cat names to match your pet’s personality, then we have the perfect names for you below!

We hope you choose a name that suits your cat from one of the options we have listed below:

Agnar (Noerwigan for warrior)

Agrawrna (Celtic name for battle or slaughter)

Blair (Gaelic for battlefield)

Borna (Croatian for battle)

Cat-thán (battle)

Chanda (Sanskrit for passionate)

Clawvis (French word that means glorious in battle)

Elbruffs (Iranian for high-guard)

Elda (Italian for battle)

Furis (Arabic for knight)

Furrta (Albanian name for strong)

Gunnar (Old Norse for warrior)

Harawrlin (Spanish for leader)

Igor Fangs (Ancestral warrior)

Ingvild Long Coat (Norweigan name that means battle)

Jarek Furs (Slavic for fierce)

Kemp Slacker (Middle English for warrior

Koa Bite (Hawaiian name for bold or fierce)

Lorcán Toes (little brave one)

Manpawl (Indian for the protector of spirit)

Mao Tail (protector)

Meowd (French name that means strength in battle)

Metoe (Turkish name for a brave hero)

Meownda (Old Norse name that means protector)

Oman Furs (Hindi name for protector)

Rainer Fangs (German name for deciding warrior)

Reimeow Shadow Tail (Finnish name for wise protector)

Rittoes Slasher (Finnish name for fight or force)

Satella Pur (attendant or guardian)

Serawrn (fierce brightness)

Seward Slim Claws (Old English name for a victorious guardian)

Sivert Bites (Swedish name for the guardian of victory)

Swithin Whiskers (Old English for strong warrior)

Veerle Fighter (Dutch name that means battle)

Warin Knight (German for guard or protect)

Wymond Winner (Old English name that means protect in battle)

Exotic Shorthair Cat Names

Shorthair cats are one of the most famous breeds worldwide, but they come at a hefty price. Therefore, when you get one, it’s best to give it a name worthy of it’s breed. So, we have exotic shorthair cat names that might interest you below!

Adelitoes (Spanish name for noble)

Adina Fangs (Hebrew name that means delicate)

Aiday Shadows (moon child)

Akio Purrs (Japanese for bright man)

Alvis Whiskers (Old Norse for wise)

Anisa Coat (friendly)

Aofur (beauty)

Ball-ris (peace)

Cat-listo (most beautiful)

Clawrdula (heart)

Dechen Furr (Tibetan for great happiness)

Deshal Mighty Bite (Hindi name for a great nation)

Fitria (pure or natural)

Fleurette Midnight (flower)

Freyde McTail (Yiddish name that means joy)

Furdaus (paradise)

Gracian Long Coat (grace)

Idris Wise (interpreter)

Jaball-ri Sass(brave)

Kaimeowna (Hawaiian name that means diamond)

Kat-lei (flowers or child)

Keava Paws (Scottish name that means beautiful)

Lalitoes (Indian name that means playful)

Maeve Von Strike (intoxicating)

Marise Goody (French name that means love)

Nanditoes (Indian name that means joy)

Nanea Claws (Hawaiian name that means fascinating)

Nicte McNight (flower)

Oriana Fur (gold)

Roselani Fangs (Hawaiian name that means heavenly rose)

Shion Furs (Japanese for aster)

Signy Claws (new victory)

Zuri Toebiter (beautiful)

Tips for Picking Exotic Cat Names

If you are convinced your cat deserves an exotic name, you’ve already taken note of its regal behavior and/or appearance. These clues should help you zero in on the perfect name.

Here are a few tips for areas to conduct further research/look for just the right exotic-sounding name for your cat:

  • A Celtic goddess or Roman goddess name
  • Ancient god names
  • Names of King Arthur’s soldiers
  • Names based on a Greek god or Roman god
  • A Latin word or Latin name
  • A Greek word or Greek name
  • Names from Roman mythology or Celtic mythology
  • A Spanish word or Spanish name
  • A Sanskrit word or Sanskrit name
  • A Hebrew moniker
  • Names for a God of war
  • A tough sounding Italian name
  • A Japanese word or Japanese name
  • A Swahili word
  • A foreign movie star name
  • An old English or British name

Picking Exotic Names for Your Cats

We hope you found the perfect name for your cat. Enjoy the adventure of having a new cat at home, and you’ll surely love every second of being a new fur parent to a loving and funny cat!

That said, if you are struggling to choose the perfect name for your exotic breed/unique-looking kitten, consider re-reading our list of names as well as performing additional research into exotic cat names.

The perfect exotic name for your cat could be found in important locations and/or diety from old cultures, like Ancient Egypt, or even in the name of a dangerous dinosaur species or ninja turtle name.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with naming your new cat!