200+ Korean Cat Names for Any Male or Female Kitten


South Korea is famous for its beautiful places, delicious food, and the best movies and television shows and girl/boy groups that caught our attention and our hearts.

We can’t deny the fact that we listen to the trendiest Kpop songs, watch every Kdrama movie and series, and own a few items that are made in Korea.

We know that you are a fan of Kpop or Kdrama, just like everyone else today. So, it’s only right to name your cat a Korean name based on its personality, color, or gender.

Therefore, we listed many Korean cat names inspired by Korean culture. Now, let’s find the perfect name, below!

Cute Korean Cat Names

Do you have a cute cat that deserves a name equal to its cuteness? There’s nothing cuter than naming you one of the Korean names we gathered below.

These names are perfect for your pet, and will even be a conversation starter among your friends and other Korean fans out there. Let’s choose the best cute Korean cat name for your furry friend!

Ae-Rum (beauty)

Bae (inspiration)

Binna (shine)

Bo-A (rare)

Borawr (purple)

Boram-meow (valuable)

Chae-Won (gather, beginning)

Chae-Yeong ( color, glory/honor/jade)

Chi-Tah (cheetah)

Da-Eon (much more, kindness)

Da-Som (andcient Korean word for love)

Dong ee (chubby)

Eun-Ju (little flower)

Gommy (Bear)

Ha-Ni (wind and sky)

Jang-Meow (rose)

Jeong-A (be good)

Jia (beautiful)

Ju-Meow (gem)

Keyowo (cute)

Mi-Sun (tender and kind)

Mongshil (fluffy)

Na-Moo (tree)

Noo-Ri (world)

Nyah-Ong-Ee (Kitty)

Som-Ee (cottonball)

Korean Cat Names Female

Korean names for your furry pet are a great idea for a unique name.

If you need Korean female cat names for your new pets, or if you want to rename your cat something that’s unique, then we listed options for you to look into.

Here are our top female Korean cat names you’ll surely love:

Ae-cha (loving daughter)

Ari (lovely)

Bo ram ee (worthwhile)

Bo-Mi (beautiful cat)

Bong cha (ultimate girl)

Choon hee (spring girl)

Dal-Rae (to soothe or to lull)

Dan-Bi (sweet rain)

Eun (kindness)

Eun-Ji (kindness and wisdom)

Eun-Ju (grace or silver and pearl or pillar)

Eun-Kyung (grace and honor)

Eun-Sook (kindness and pure)

Goo (someone who completes you)

Hana (favorite)

Hae (like the ocean)

Haw (beautiful flower)

In-Hui (beauty, kindness)

Jin sol ee (truthful, honest)

Na-Bi (butterfly)

Ye-Bin (Pretty)

Ye-Jin (precious)

Yeo-Ja (woman)

Yeo-Sin (goddess)

Yon (blossom)

Korea Cat Names Male

Getting a cat is an interesting journey, so it’s only fitting to name him something unique.

If you are into Korean cat names, then this list is perfect for you! We have Korean male cat names you can choose from, and we are confident you’ll find names for your male cats.

The names we provided also have meanings that match perfectly your cat’s personality.

Let’s read what we have below:

Ba-Ha-Neul (Night Sky)

Ba-Ram-Ee (wind)

Bohoja (protector)

Dae-Hyung (respectful, healthy)

Eui (righteousness)

Go Mi Nam (handsome cat)

Haenguni (lucky)

Him (strength)

Ho-ho (goodness)

Jun-U (excellent)

Kal Claws (sword)

Ji Eyes (wisdom and knowledge)

Kwan (Strong)

Maeum (heart and mind)

Makki Baby (youngest)

Namja (man)

Ryung (Light)

Seo-Jin (Omen)

Suk-ky (Rock)

Tae-Hui (big and great)

Korean Cat Names Unisex

Are you receiving a special gift in the form of a cat and want a name that can be used for either a male or a female cat? Well, we have what you’re looking for!

We listed unisex Korean cat names that are perfect for any cat. Let’s check them out in the list below:

Ba-lam (wind)

Bae (inspiration)

Chin (precious)

Cho (beautiful or handsome)

Da-Ye (multi-talented)

Daeshim (greatest mind)

Gi (brave)

Hak-kun (rooted in intelligence)

Ha-Yeong (glory)

Haneul (heaven)

Hei (wisdom)

Ji (wisdom)

Jimin (quick)

Jiwooo (mercy)

Joo (precious)

Jung (righteous)

Jung nam ee (friendly)

Kang-dae (mighty, strong)

Kyung-Soon (honored and mild)

Ma roo han (leader)

Min (clever)

Myeong (bright and clear)

Ro-Wah (wise)

Sal-Gu (Apricot)

Sang-ook (forever well and healthy)

Soo (excellence)

Suk-Chin (unshakable rock)

Woo-Jin (protected house)

Woong (magnificence)

Won-Chul (wise)

Ya-oong-i (Meowie)

Yong (brave)

Yu na (enduring)

Yue (Moon)

Korean White Cat Names

Owning a white cat is fun, and you’ll also have a fun time naming it.

If you are looking for Korean cat names that perfectly embody your white cat, then you might find what you’re looking for in the list we provided below.

Let’s choose the perfect name for your cat for the following list:

Bit-Na (to shine)

Book-Gyeuk (arctic)

Chija (gardenia flower)

Chun (spring girl)

Dallia (dahlia)

Deiji (daisy)

Eul-Eum (Icy)

Gam-Gi (cold)

Goo Reum Ee (Cloud)

Gyeo Wool (Winter)

Ha Yan Ee (White)

Hee (brightness)

Heen Doong Ee (White)

Hwi-In (bright)

Korain (luminous)

Kyu (health, fortune)

Mun-Hee (shiny, literate)

Na rae (wings)

Noon Bo Rah – (Blizzard)

Noon Dung Ee (Snowball)

Noon Ggot Ee (Snow Flower)

Noon Sa Ram (Snowman)

Noon Song Ee (Snowflakes)

Noon (Snow)

Soon Ding Ee (Pure, Innocent)

Soon Ee (Kind, Calm)

Soon Shim Ee (Kind Mind, Warm Heart)

Shiro (white)

Soju (Korean drink)

Sundo (pure)

Sum Yung White

Korean Orange Cat Names

Korean cat names are fun, so if you are looking for the perfect name for your orange cat, then the list we have below will surely be a fun read!

We have popular Korean cat names, names inspired by Korean culture, and names that resemble your orange cat. We guarantee you’ll find the right fit for your feline friend!

Are you ready? Let’s go:

Bang Hwa (Arson)

Bok Soong Ah (Peach)

Bong (Phoenix)

Bul Ggot (Blaze)

Bul Ta Neun (Burning)

Bul (Fire)

Byeol (star)

Chorong (sparkling)

Ga Eul – Fall (season)

Geum-Ee (Goldie)

Goo-Ri (Copper)

Gyul (Orange Fruit)

Haet-Bit-Ee (Sunshine)

Ho-Bak-Saek (Amber)

Ho-Bak (Pumpkin)

Hodori (Tiger Mascot)

Kah-Rae (Curry)

Kim (gold)

Kyong (brightness)

Mari-Ggot (Marigold flower)

Min-Jun (clever, talented)

Moh-Rae (Sand)

No-Rang-Ee (Yellow Cat)

Nok (Rust)

Nam-sun (pure and honest)

No-rang-i (gold or yellow)

Sagwa (apple)

Sah-Peu-Ran (Saffron)

Saja (lion)

San-Ho (Coral)

Yeo-Reum (Summer)

Yeo-Woo (Fox)

Yul (Heat)

Korean Black Cat Names

Black cats are beautiful pets that have so much character to them.

If you are planning to get a black cat and want to find the best Korean name for your cat, then you might find the right one from the list we have below:

Ak-Mon (Nightmare)

Bam-ee (night)

Dak ho (deep lake)

Eun-Ha-Soo (galaxy)

Geu-Rim-Ja (shadow)

Gum-Jung-Ee (black cat)

Gun-Po-Do (raisin)

Hang Swang (phantom)

Il-Sik (eclipse)

Ingkeu (Ink)

Ja-Jung (midnight)

Ma-Bub (magic)

Podo (grape)

Pyo-Bum (Panther)

Shin-Bi (mystery)

Yung Sum Black

Song-Yong-Dol-Ee (vortex)

Such (charcoal)

Sung-Woon (nebula)

Korean Grey Cat Names

Grey cats are not that popular, but they are beautiful cats with mesmerizing colors.

So, we gathered Korean cat names to match your grey cat, whether it’s a male or a female cat.

Let’s read what we have below, and choose one that best fits your furry friend:

Angae (fog)

Bi (rain)

Dan-Bi (welcome rain)

Deo-leo-um (smudge)

Eun (Silver)

Geuleisi (Graycie)

Geuneul (shade)

Habgeum (alloy)

Hoo-Choo (pepper)

Ip (blade)

Jinju (pearl)

Joyagdol (pebbles)


Miseuti (misty)

Pogpung (storm)

Silkeu (silk)

Yeongi (smoke)

Yeonghwa (sterling)

Yoo-Ryung (ghost)

A Final Word About Picking a Korean Cat Name

Did you find the perfect Korean cat name for your cat? You may also use most of these names for your other pets.

We hope the list above helped you make a naming-decision and that you unjoy using the new name you chose for your furry friend!

Thanks for reading!