300+ Famous Horse Names


There are plenty of famous horses in our history. They came from every continent and have participated in momentous occasions and life-changing events. We listed some of the greatest names of the best horses in history and added our own twist to make them new and ready for your new horse.

Since there are many horse owners out there, we also listed the most famous and popular horse names that you can use or take inspiration from. Find out all the names for your new horse below!

Famous Race Horse Names

Horse racing is one of the most sought-after sports each year. If you are a horse racing fan, then you are familiar with the most famous racehorse names in the world. Here are the names of these famous horses with a twist that you can use for your new horse.

Mount Secretariat (Secretariat – Virginia)

Seattle Sow (Seattle Slew – Lexington, Kentucky)

Warmane (Man o’ War – Lexington, Kentucky, winner of the Belmont Stakes)

Miss/Mister Citation (Citation – Lexington, Kentucky)

Rummy (Red Rum – Kilkenny, Ireland, 3-time Grand National champion)

Lieutenant Seabiscuit (Seabiscuit – Lexington, Kentucky)

Kelneigh Snow (Kelso – Clairborne Farm in Paris, Kentucky, Champion American Thoroughbred racehorse)

Native Dancer Little (Native Dancer – Scott Farm in Lexington, Kentucky)

Lord/Lady Affirmed (Affirmed – Marion County, Florida)

Emperor Fleets (Count Fleet – County Limerick, Ireland)

The Great Alydr (Alydar – Calumet Farm, Kentucky)

Frager Serious (Dr. Fager – Florida)

Justify Jones (Justify – Versailles, Kentucky)

Dark Caviar (Black Caviar – Victoria, Australia)

American Pharoah Jr. (American Pharoah – Stockplace Farm, Kentucky)

Bids Mighty (Spectacular Bid – Hawksfarm, Maryland – Eastern shore)

Great Eclipse (Eclipse – horse racing champion in Great Britain)

Bull Doze (Holy Bull – Florida)

Prancing Phar (Phar Lap – Timaru, New Zealand)

Leader Bold (Bold Ruler – Paris, Kentucky)

Zenny Mane(Zenyatta – Maverick Production, Limited, Kentucky)

Little Silence (Sunday Silence – bred in the US and exported to Japan)

Leader Winx (Winx – New South Wales, Australia)

Mister Admiral (War Admiral – Faraway Farm, Lexington, Kentucky, Triple Crown winner)

Foggy Run (Lost in the Fog – Northern California)

Smart Prancer (Smarty Jones – Chester County, Pennsylvania)

Indy Hooves (A.P. Indy – Lane’s End Farm, Versailles, Kentucky)

Barbs Strider (Barbaro – West Grove, Pennsylvania)

Pilgrim Taker (Pilgirmage – British Thoroughbred racehorse)

Famous Movie Horse Names

five horses

If you love watching movies, you might be familiar with these horse names. Here are the most famous horses in movies that are perfect for your first horse.

Grady Goliath (Goliath – Ladyhawke)

Artax Beast (Artax – The NeverEnding Story)

Copper Mane (Copper – Eddie Dean)

Little Sprout (Sprout – The Parent Trap)

Sweet Sugar (Sugar – These Thousand Hills)

Beau Lance (Beau – True Grit)

Den Zen (Denny – The Man From Snowy River)

Neighpoleon (Napoleon – The Black Stallion)

Apac-hay (Apache – Devil Horse)

Loud Thunder (Old Thunder – The Big Country)

Rhode Dice (Dice – Duel In The Sun)

Mischievous Jim (Bad Jim – Bad Jim)

Red Thunderhead (Thunderhead – Thunderhead, King Of The Herd)

Coal Beauty (Black Beauty – Black Beauty)

Donnie (Don – Hot to Trot)

Hub Chub (Chub – Bonanza)

Bitsy Bit (Two Bits – Two Bits and Pepper)

Mighty Cacti (Cactus – Sheriff Of Cimarron)

Little Sonny (Sonny – My Outlaw Brother)

Lady Senator (Senator – Ranchers And Rascals)

Cubby Bear (Bear – Dr Quinn, medicine Woman)

Ginger Strike (Ginger – Black Beauty)

Berry Ric (Beric – Knights of the Round Table)

Old Rusty (Rusty – Dynamite Canyon)

Towey Low (Tolo – The Long Shot)

Mon Chico (Chico – Land Of Wanted Men)

Dollar Bale (Old Dollar – The Shootist)

Full Storm (Stormy – Great Adventures Of Wild Bill Hickok)

Striking Lightning (Lightning – Western Heritage)

Bad Bad Horse (Bad Horse – Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)

Sir Bucephalus (Bucephalus – The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and Alexander)

Famous White Horse Names

Here are the most well-known white horses in history with a twist in their names to make them unique. This way, you’ll have the perfect name for your first horse!

Yukichan Wilde (Yukichan – Racehorse)

Captain Neigh (Captain – 101 Dalmations)

Silver Meadow (Silver – Lone Ranger’s Horse)

Phantom Silver (Phantom – Zorro’s Horse)

Maximus Chase (Maximus – Rapunzel)

Sir Eddie (Mister Ed – Talking Horse)

Orchid Sand (Desert Orchid – Racehorse)

Little Secret (Secret – My Secret Unicorn)

Buttercup Baby (Buttercup – Toy Story 3)

Snow Major (Major – Cinderella)

Blinding Shadowfax (Shadowfax – Lord of the Rings)

Astor Whiteshade (Astor – Snow White)

Achilles Silver (Achilles – The Huntchback of Notre Dame)

White Milton (Milton – Show Jumping Horse)

Sparkly Samson (Samson – Sleeping Beauty)

Pegasus Heart (Pegasus – Greek Mythology)

Snow Topper (Topper – Hopalong Cassidy’s Horse)

Famous Bucking Horse Names

Bucking is an entertainment enjoyed by horse enthusiasts. This horse competition is one of the most awaited competitions every year. So, here are some names you can use for your potential bucking horse.

Mighty Sylvester (Sylvester – a famous bucking horse from the film Sylvester)

Steamy Buck (Steamboat – Chugwater, Wyoming)

Barton Kicks (Sir Barton – Triple Crown Winner from Wyoming)

Khadi Shine (Khadafy Skoal – Wyoming)

Fizzy Anna (Gin Fizz – Wyoming)

Desert Rider (Desert Dust – Wyoming)

Famous Western Horse Names

brown horse with white spot on muzzle

If you are a fan of Western films, you’d recognize some of these names. Here are western horse names you can choose from. Let’s see which of these is the perfect horse name for your first horse.

Trigger Stomper (Trigger – Roy Rogers’ horse)

Flying Silver (Silver – Buck Jones’ horse)

Mane Thunder (Thunder – the original name of Will Bill Elliott’s horse)

Golden Buttermilk (Buttermilk – Dale Evans’s horse)

Always the Champion (Champion – Gene Autry’s horse)

Little Miss Koko (Koko – Rex Allen’s horse)

Loco Moco (Loco – Pancho’s horse)

Red Rush (Rush – Lash LaRue’s horse)

Missy Rebel (Rebel – One of Johnny Mack Brown’s horses)

Ring-eye James (Ring Eye – Starred in movies with several well-known actors)

Wondermane (Wonder – Nickname for Tom Mix’s horse)

Famous Black Horse Names

There are quite a few famous black horses since they stand out from the rest. So, if you need a name for your black horse, here are black horse names inspired by all-time faves and famous black horses.

Pretty in Black(Black Beauty – the most miniature horse from England)

Xspots (On X – China)

Figaro Bliss (Figaro – Australia)

Caviar Hay (Black Caviar – Victoria, Australia)

Stallion Black (The Black – Arab Stallion from Walter Farley’s bestselling series)

Vadis Moon (Quo Vadis – San Jon, New Mexico)

Tornado Chaser (Tornado – Ireland)

Really Ruffian (Ruffian – Glyndon, Maryland)

Prancing Sky (Sky Dancer – Australia)

Moonless (Top Moon – United States)

Great Felix(Felix – United Kingdom)

Miss Cass (Cass Ole – Goliad, Texas)

Famous Horse Names in Indian History

Though there might not be plenty of recognized Indian horses, we still believe they are extraordinary. So, if you want a name for your horse, here are the famous Indian history horses.

Mighty Chetak (Chetak – Maharana Pratap)

Laili Strongs (Laili – Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Sikh Empire)

Mane Udal (Udal – Amar Singh Rathore)

The Kalmi Shine (Kesar Kalmi – Pabuji)

Arbuddy (Arbud – Veer Durga Das’s horse)

Little Shaivya (Shaivya – Krishna’s chariot horse)

Cool Sugreeva (Sugreeva – Krishna’s chariot horse)

Meghan Hay (Meghavahana – Krishna’s chariot horse)

Pushy Girl (Pushkara – Krishna’s chariot horse)

Famous Cowboy Horse Names

brown mare and mustang running on dusty ground

Here are some of the most famous cowboy horses in history that you may take inspiration from when naming a horse. Let’s find out which of these is the most perfect name.

Tony Prance (Tony – Tom Mix’s horse)

Flashy Pearl (White Flash – Tex Ritter’s horse)

Flames Bow (Flambow – Bob Steele’s horses)

Sheikii (Shiek – another of Bob Steele’s horses)

Granite Tops (El Granito – backup horse for a famous horse named Raider)

Nappy Heigh (Nappy – Hopalong Cassidy’s original horse)

Topper Winner (Topper – Hopalong Cassidy’s replacement horse)

Calico Male (Calico – Gabby Hayes’s horse)

Crusty Pie (Pie – Jimmy Stewart’s horse)

Dolor Ness (Dollor – John Wayne’s horse)

Black Sport (Sport – Pernell Roberts’s horse)

Little Target (Target – Annie Oakley’s horse)

Famous War Horse Names

Horses have been the best companions, especially when in war. So, here are some famous war names for horses you might like.

Light Marengo (Marengo – Napoleon Bonaparte’s horse)

Comanc-hay (Comanche – sole survivor of Custer’s Last Stand)

Reckless Runner (Sergeant Reckless – Battle of Outpost Vegas)

Miss or Mister Cincinnati (Cincinnati – Union General Ulysses Grant’s horse)

Clear Copenhagen (Copenhagen – Lord Arthur Wellesley’s horse)

Pale Moon (Palomo – the horse of Simon Bolivar, the “liberator” of Latin America)

Kassie Tank (Kasztanka – Polish war hero Marshal Jozef Pilsudski’s horse)

Wild Traveler (Traveler – Confederate General Robert Lee’s horse, grey American saddlebred horse)

Famous Cutting Horse Names

A cutting horse is valuable to farms that have cattle. But, it’s also a great sport. So, if you want a name for your horse, here are the most popular cutting horse names today.

Wildfire Starter

Smokin Jet

Bueno Ivory Jet

King Khan

Airy Jones

Rise N’ Shine

Journey With Me

Beautful Morning

Ready for Liftoff

Lostma Cowboy

Peaceful Kick

Night King

Smart Little Badger

Elegant Dancer

Riding Free

White Snow King

Chick of Dreams

Peppy Punch

Pie Crusher

Baby Blue

Charming Exploration

Soulful Eyes

Babbling Brook

Big Hooves

Forever Dreamer

Galaxy Skipper

King Cobrastrike

Poise Potion

Lucky Badger

Coolin Breeze

Dressy Dreams

Clear Water

Running Through

Soaring Sky

Ray of Sunshine

Lucky Badger

Willow Goodbar

Big Blue Eyes

Lena My Way

Hoop Jumper

Beyond Stars

Lucky Lady

White Cloudy

Breaking Shoreline

Chasing Fire Storms

Waffle Syrup

Calming Storm

Cold Ice

Spark Shine


Esters Little Klu

Lord Vaquero

Cutter Bill

Joe Ride

Jet Deck

Corona Fleek

Kaweah Bar

Chicado Vill


Mr. Good

Easy Catch

Smart Chic

Olena Prance

Country Classic

Mr. Jessie

Hollywood Dunit

Dashingly Handsome

Poco Bueno

Charger Bar

Park Trouble


Cherry Lakers

Chicks Beduino

Mr. Gun Smoke

Leo Brilly

Peter McCue


Famous Grey Horse Names

If you are looking for the perfect name for your grey horse, here are some of the most famous names you can get inspiration from. Let’s find the best grey horse names from the list we have below.

Foggy Neightion

Greystoke Mane

Blue Sterling Wave

Graphite Clouds

Stone Cobbles


Lamboo Jacks

Mitti Mights

Sterling Amos

Steely Hay

Dan Knight

Grey Storm

Sandy Venom

Iron Shadow


Gray Hour

Dubliner Rhode

Lady Centerville


Smoke Signal

White Tornado

Silver Bullet


Dark Marshmellow


Mercury Flyer


Snowman Bridle

Grey Scale Flinch


Gun Smoke

Jupiter Sterling Ghost


Famous TV Horse Names

If you like to watch television, then you must’ve come across some of these famous horse names. You can choose the best horse names for your new horse below.

Wildfire Chaser (Wildfire – ABC Family’s Wildfire)

Joe D’ Great (Joe D – TV series The Virginian)

Sir Eddie (Mister Ed – CBS series)

Soft Tee (Sophie – Colonel Potter’s horse on M*A*S*H)

Sierra Chestnut (Chestnut – TV series 2 Broke Girls)

Chasing Domino (Domino – The Texan TV series)

Hyper Sport (Sport – Bonanza)

Famingo (Amigo – TV series Walker, Texas Ranger)

Alli Plow (Alípio – Cocoricó)

Little Bandit (Bandit – Caitlin’s Way)

Tornado Chaser (Tornado – Zorro’s black horse)

Little Champ (Champion – 1950s television series)

Darkest Fury (Fury – 1950s TV series)

Spartan Lead (Spartan – Heartland)

Good Spirit (Spirit – Old West)

Lord Joey (Joey – War Horse)

Famous Dressage Horse Names

Watching dressage is an exciting experience, and if you have a new horse, then you can definitely give it the best dressage name from below.

Courage Match (Dutch Courage – won Britain’s first medal in dressage)


Toti Mane (Totilas – Dutch)

Valley Go (Valegro – two-time European champion and Olympic winner known as the Dancing Horse)

Sir Gigolo

Antony Flynn

Udon Chase

Sir Dujardin

Verdades Mights

Prisco Prancer

Neighing Weihegold

Bonfire Stomps

Famous Horse Names in Mythology

Mythology is a topic that many are interested in. So, the names below are surely something you are familiar with. So, choose which of these is the perfect horse name for your new pet.

Mighty Arion (Arion – Adrastus’ horse inThe Ilad)

Kent Shine (The White Horse Of Kent – Symbol of Kent County, England)

Hippocampi Baby (Hippocampus – a creature with the upper body of a horse and a tail of a fish)

Giant Mare (Mares Of Diomedes – giant horses in Greek Mythology)

Emperor Trojan (Trojan – a gigantic wooden horse filled with Greeks that are ready to attack the city of Troy)

Nuckel Vavee (Nuckelavee – a demon horse of the Scottish Orkney Islands’ myths)

Arvie Neigh (Árvakr – Norse Mythology horse)

Alison Mare (Alsviðr – Norse Mythology horse)

Sleepy Neigh (Sleipnir – Odin’s horse)

Gringey Lettie (Gringolet – Sir Gawain’s horse)

Machalith (Liath Macha – famous horse in Irish folklore)

Mighty Bayard (Bayard – famous mythical horse in French songs)

Morry Vach (Morvarc’h – Breton legends)

Kelpie Shine (Kelpie – Scottish folklore)

Famous Horse Names Female (Girls)

If you are unsure which name best fits your female horse, then this list might help you choose. We listed the most famous horse names for female horses below.

Bella Don


Adira Shake

Lady Dakota

Fiery Lady


Coco Lite



Lady Czarina

Alani Flame

Duchess Misty

Fawn Neigh

Silly Dream




Giada Snow

Swift Runner

Duchess Cloves



Lady Freckles

Somber Melody

Famous Horse Names Male (Boys)

Choosing the perfect name for your horse is exciting yet can be overwhelming. Therefore, we gathered the most famous horse names for male horses for you! Find out which of these names sounds about right for your new horse.

Prancing Hero

Striking Thunder

Blaze Fire

Apple Jack-Jack

Cody Flings

Cash McNeigh



Rigged Trigger

Blazer Fun

Strict Officer

Ironclad Hooves

Wrangler Ranger

Colorado Storm


Horseshoe Filler

Golden Blacksmith


Barley Mane

Steeltoe Hoof

Wilbur the Great

Sheriff Thunder

Lucky Bet

Mighty Quarterback

Rushmore Bale

His Eminence

Gibson Chase

Seattle Slew

Lord Elwood



Lord Murpheus

Joe Cottonball

Sir Whirlaway

Grindstone Pat


Lord Buchanan

Misty Barbaro

War Admiral

Gallant Fox

Flying Gallop

Judge Himes

Big Brown Hoof

Stone Street Runner

The names of the most famous horses above are inspirations for your one and only horse. So, find the perfect name, and have fun reading this article made especially for you!