105+ Fancy Horse Names for Mares

Horse names come in a variety of styles and types, from stately and regal to funny and imaginative, there is a perfect name for every horse out there.

But, when it comes to finding a special name for a fancy mare, the bar is set even higher.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration from literary heroes or creative combinations of words, this guide will help you find the perfect name for your horse.

Read on below and explore these 105+ fancy hore names for mares!

Royalty-Inspired Horse Names for Mares

fancy horse

Queen Anne

Empress Josephine

Duchess Beatrix

Lady Liberty



Novi Aurora




Princess Freya


Baroness Heloise






Noble Noelle



Queen Esther




Mythology-Inspired Horse Names for Mares

Ancient Faith

Athena’s Tears

Demeter’s Bliss

Forbidden Flame

Gaia’s Strength

Hecate’s Light

Hera’s Fury

Iris’ Flight

Kratos’ Pride

Marduk’s Glory

Nemesis’ Wrath

Nyx Shadow

Persephone’s Dream

Thalia’s Grace

Zeus Thunder

Nature-Inspired Horse Names for Mares


Blazing Sun

Comet Star

Desert Wind

Forest Fire

Gentle Breeze

Heaven Rain

Moonlight Sonata

Northern Lights

Ocean Wave

Purple Sky

Red Blossom

Skyriver Fury

Sunset Glow

Valley Dream

Wildflower Bloom

Winter Frost



Misty Morning

Literature-Inspired Horse Names for Mares

Anna’s Beauty

Beatrice’s Joy

Cora’s Freedom

Don Quixote’s Valor

Emma’s Heart

Frankenstein’s Horror

Gatsby’s Glory

Helen of Troy’s Courage

Ivanhoe’s Knightly Honor

Juliette’s Love

Macbeth’s Greed

Narnia’s Enchantment

Odysseus’ Adventure

Pride and Prejudice

Sherlock Holmes’ Intuition

Daisy Buchanan

Jo March

Music & Movie-Inspired Horse Names for Mares

two fancy mare horses

Amadeus Melody

Bohemian Rhapsody

Casablanca’s Star

Dirty Dancing’s Heat

E.T.’s Magic

Frozen Dream

Grease Lightning

Harry Potter’s Phoenix

Iron Man’s Strength

Jurassic Park Roar

Lion King’s Majesty

Mission Impossible Thrill

No Country For Old Men Fear

The Artist’s Grace

Titanic Romance

Famous Female Figure-Inspired Horse Names for Mares

Aung San Suu Kyi’s Liberty

Cleopatra’s Reign

Diana’s Huntress

Elizabeth I’s Gloriana

Frida Kahlo’s Palette

Galadriel’s Majesty

Harriet Tubman’s Courage

Isadora Duncan’s Dance

Joan of Arc’s Valor

Malala Yousafzai’s Voice

Marie Curie’s Radiance

Nellie Bly’s Tenacity

Rosa Parks’ Freedom

Serena William’s Power

Sojourner Truth’s Resilience

How to Choose a Fancy Mare Name for Your Horse

Choosing a genuine fancy name for your mare can be both an interesting and intimidating task.

After all, this is your horse’s identity and you want to pick something that perfectly reflects who they are to the rest of the world.

That said, here are some helpful tips to make the naming process easier:

  • Make sure it fits your horse’s personality and style. If you have an energetic mare, pick something that evokes their energy like “Galaxy Glamour” or “Wildfire Wonder”.
  • Choose something short and memorable. A name like “Harriet the Heroine” might be unique, but it might be hard for others to remember or pronounce correctly.
  • Be creative! Try combining words from different sources to create a one-of-a-kind name like “Liberty Reign” or “Beauty Tempest”—you never know what inspiration may come out of mixing things up!

With a little bit of time and creativity, finding the perfect fancy mare name for your horse should be easy. Good luck!

Where to Find Inspiration for Naming a Fancy Mare

Naming a horse is an intimate and important task, which means you need to find the right inspiration.

It’s not only a reflection of the horse’s style, character, and personality, but also a way to pay tribute to their loyalty and companionship.

But, it can be hard to find inspiration for fancy mare names.

One great place to start is with iconic female figures throughout history like Frida Kahlo or Galadriel and Harriet Tubman, all of whom have left an indelible mark on our world.

You can also seek inspiration from literature and movies—think Lady Godiva or Cinderella—or look at famous namesakes such as Serena Williams or Malala Yousafzai.

Even music can provide interesting possibilities when looking for fancy mare names.

In addition to these sources, you can look for unique word combinations like Liberty Reign or Valor Dance that capture your horse’s spirit in two words.

Combinations of two unrelated words like Beauty Tempest create an aesthetically pleasing effect.

By combining multiple sources, you can come up with a truly unique name for your mare!

Wrap Up

Finding the best fancy mare name for your horse is both challenging and rewarding.

Make sure you pick a name that reflects your mare’s personality, is easy to remember and pronounce, and is unique.

Feel free to scroll back over our list as many times as you need to, and remember that taking inspiration from literature, history, music or even just coming up with creative combinations of words can help you find the perfect name for your horse.

With a bit of thought and creativity, you should be able to easily create an unforgettable and special name for your loyal companion.

Good luck!