125+ Fancy Male Horse Names

Picking out the perfect fancy male name for your horse can be a daunting task if you don’t already have a few ideas in mind.

It’s important to find something that will resonate with you and your horse, and reflect their characteristics in a unique way.

So if you’re on the hunt for a charming yet fancy name for your male horse, then look no further because we’ve got you covered.

Read on below and explore some of our favorite picks for fancy male horse names – from classic to contemporary, there’s something here for every type of horse.


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Most Popular Fancy Male Horse Names










Prince Valiant






Smiling Sabrina

Bright Bertha

Glamorous George

Zany Zara

Adorable Adam

Graceful Grace

Vivacious Vivian

Noble Nathan

Artistic Arthur

Courageous Caleb

Lucky Luke

Optimistic Oliver

Talented Tina

Grand Gavin

Loyal Lila

More Creative Fancy Male Horse Names




Rogue Knight

Galaxy Rider

King Midas

Sterling Monarch

Shining Dreamer

Charismatic Crusader

Valiant Victor

Royal Richter

Courageous Corsair

Daring Dean

Fearless Felix

Maverick Max

Spirited Sarah

Jovial Joey

Playful Patti

Brave Benny

Glorious Gary

Sweet Salina

Jolly Jerry

Cheerful Chad

Enchanting Everett

Kindhearted Kody

Fabulous Fredrick

Grand Gideon

Charming Cliff

Heroic Henry

Loving Leah

Unique Fancy Male Horse Names

Magnificent Max

Regal Rocky

Bold Baron

Kingly Kian

Brilliant Brian

Dynamic Darius

Grand Gallant

Powerful Prince

Dashing Decker

Vigorous Victor

Imperial Ian

Splendid Spencer

Astounding Andre

Radiant Reuben

Valiant Vance

Resolute Reagan

Joyful Janelle

Clever Cody

Dauntless Derrick

Majestic Maxwell

Gracious George

Glitzy Gloria

Chipper Christie

Fabulous Felix

Zesty Zelda

Energetic Emma

Eccentric Eddie

Adventurous Abbie

Bubbly Bridgette

Vivacious Veronica

Sophisticated and Fancy Male Horse Names

Stately Stephen

Gorgeous Gregory

Astounding Ashby

Dazzling Donovan

Splendid Sylvester

Witty William

Magnificent Malachi

Grand Graham

Sovereign Sebastian

Refined Raymond

Jovial Jonathan

Inspiring Ignatius

Admirable Augustus

Elegant Everett

Brave Brendan

Fancy Male Horse Names Inspired by Famous Horses

Thunderous Thorogood (after the famous racehorse, Thorogood)

Charismatic Secretariat (after the Triple Crown-winning racehorse)

Courageous Crusader (after Seabiscuit’s sire)

Valiant Victoriana (after the British Thoroughbred racer and broodmare of 1843)

Resolute Roan Rocket (after War Admiral’s full brother)

Tenacious Tornado (after one of the earliest racehorses to be recorded in the United Kingdom)

Majestic Man o’ War (nicknamed ‘Big Red’, he was one of the most successful thoroughbreds ever)

Stalwart Seattle Slew (the first horse to win the Triple Crown since 1948)

Splendid Swaps (a prominent California racehorse of 1950s known for his rivalry with Nashua)

Grand Grey Eagle II (an American champion Thoroughbred who won over 20 races during his career in the 1960s and 1970s )

Ravishing Red Rum (a Thoroughbred steeplechaser whose epitaph reads: “The greatest horse ever” )

Dauntless Drummer Boy (an Irish steeplechaser that had a legendary career from 1965 to 1976)

Winsome Winning Colors (the only filly to win the Kentucky Derby between 1915 and 1980 )

Monarch Monarchos ( a Kentucky Derby winner from 2001 )

Magnificent Mr. Pointment( an Australian Thoroughbred Racehorse regarded as one of Australia’s finest horses of all time)

Bonus: Fancy Male Horse Names Inspired by Famous People

Exalted Elvis (after the American rock legend, Elvis Presley)

Regal Rembrandt (after the Dutch master painter, Rembrandt van Rijn)

Splendid Shakespeare (after the English poet, playwright, and actor, William Shakespeare)

Grand Galileo (after the Italian scientist, Galileo Galilei)

Daring Drake (after English explorer and privateer, Francis Drake )

Eminent Einstein (after German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein)

Majestic Mozart (after Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Valiant Van Gogh (after Dutch post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh )

Witty Winston Churchill (after British statesman and Prime Minister of UK during WW2)

Ardent Alexander the Great (King of Macedonia who conquered most of the known world in his lifetime)

Tranquil Tupac Shakur (Legendary American rapper who is considered a symbol of resistance and activism by many people )

Timeless Thomas Edison(American inventor and entrepreneur who developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world )

Fearless Fidel Castro ( Cuban revolutionary leader who governed Cuba from 1959 to 2008 as Prime Minister and then President )

Original Oscar Wilde (Irish writer known for his wit and flamboyant lifestyle among London’s elite social circles in the late 19th century )

Gallant George Washington ( First President of United States and also known as ‘Father of His Country’ for his leading role in the founding of the USA ).

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How to Pick a Really Fancy Male Horse Name?

Naming your male horse is an important decision, so it is important that you take some time to consider your options.

To find the perfect fancy male horse name, try following these tips:

  1. Take into account the breed and personality of your horse when selecting a name. For instance, if you have an Arabian horse with a fiery temperament, a more spirited name such as “Storm” or “Thunder” may be fitting. By contrast, if you have an English thoroughbred with a gentle nature, names like “Gentleman” or “Knight” could be suitable choices.
  2. Think about the meaning behind certain names and their association with your horse. If you own an American Saddlebred, for example, and want to emphasize its athletic qualities – why not consider names like “Athlete” or “Champ”? Or if you own an Icelandic pony and are looking for something unique – why not opt for words from the Icelandic language?
  3. Use online resources such as lists of popular names or databases of historic figures to come up with something truly impressive. There are websites that cater just to horses and can provide plenty of ideas!
  4. Have fun when coming up with name combinations – play around with different spelling variations or add in different middle names for extra effect!

Remember that choosing the perfect name for your horse is all about personal preference.

Take some time to think about what would best suit your four-legged friend and, hopefully, you will end up finding something special and unique!

Places to Look for Fancy Male Horse Name Inspiration

Finding the perfect name for your male horse is a fun but very challenging task.

That’s why whether you’re looking for something classic, contemporary, or unique – getting some inspiration is always a good place to start.

Here are some great sources of fancy male horse name inspiration:

  • Popular culture: Try taking a look at movies, books, TV shows, myths, and legends to find some creative source material.
  • Historical figures: Peruse history books and encyclopedias to unearth some interesting names from the past.
  • Nature: Take your pick from trees, planets, gods and goddesses, stars, and constellations – all part of nature’s beautiful bounty!
  • Words: Think about using foreign words in other languages that have special meanings or certain syllables that are pleasing to your ear.
  • Other animals: Don’t forget to include some names from other animal species into the mix – they may just strike the right note!

Wrap Up

Remember, when searching for a fancy name for your male horse, there are plenty of options to choose from that will accurately reflect their personality and characteristics.

You just need to take the time to pick the perfect one.

From classic choices to contemporary picks, there’s something here for every horse.

Taking some time to consider the meaning behind certain names can be beneficial in finding the perfect choice, but ultimately it’s all about selecting something that resonates with you and your four-legged friend!