250 Gray Cat Names for Silvery Kittens (and Guide)


The pure white cat, the black cat, and the gray cat are all regarded equally. Gray cats are regarded as luck and good fortune bringers and have cultural importance as well. People also think that a gray cat wiping its ears suggests that it might rain.

Although we generally see other colored cats more frequently and grey cats are liked, they are actually not as uncommon as we’d like to believe. A gray cat has a coat that is a lighter shade of black. There are many cat breeds that both have solid gray coats and ones with patterns.

So, if you own a grey cat, whether it’s a boy or a girl, then we have gathered the best names that you’ll surely love! So, let’s read them together to decide which of these names best fits your furry friend in the article below:

Gray Cat Names Male (Boy)

Gray cats are beautiful, just like any other colored cat. If you have a male cat that needs a name, consider one of these gray cat names, and we’ll help you choose the right name for your gray kitten below:

Grayson Paw

Earl Grey

Ivan Smokes

Bobby Shadow


Dusty Ajax



Shadow Dustin



Dusty Flash






Jake Mist

Jumbo Shadow

Juno Claws

Kane Dust


Loki Storm


March Paws




Ninja Shadow

Oslo Gray



Rai (storm)

Roaring Mist




Smokey Fur

Dusty Coat


Tinley Paws

Echo Purr

King George




Gray Cat Names Female (Girl)

If you have a female cat with a gray coat, the best name for her should be something that resonates with her color. So, if you are looking for gray cat names, then here are some options for your new pet:

Dusty Pepper

Lady Graycie

Miss Pebbles




Dark Prism

Pawrfect Smokes



Sasha Furs

Silver Girl

Talia Storm


ThoraTiki – A goddess of fertility.

Misty Twinkle

Gray Vixen


Silver Crystal

Stormy Fangs


Dark Silk

Stellar Fur

Elsa Claw

Miss Pearl

Little Skylar


Lady Luna Shade

Anastasia Dusk


Sally Shadow


Willow Coat

Cute Gray Cat Names

Who doesn’t love a cute gray cat, right? It’s no surprise for you to get one. Here are cute gray kitten names for male and female cats that you’ll absolutely adore. Find the perfect gray cat name to match your cat’s personality below:

Miss Shady

Duchess Ziggy

Sylvie Shadows

Smokey Myles

Dusty Sprinkle

Blue Dan Meows

Grady Gracy

Windy Storm

Mikey Legions






Levi Long Paw

Dusty Bubbles



Irish Storm


Gray Tabby Cat Names

Tabby cats have many different colors and patterns, if you have a gray tabby cat and are looking for top gray cat names, we listed them below! Let’s read what we have and see which one of them sounds perfect for your new gray cat:


Smokey Speckles

Tinsel Spots

Dusty Spots


Torbie Meowster

Chex Gray Whiskers

Elder Fur

Maxwell Lynx

Celeste Dust

Ember Coal

Esme Rain


Shadow Finley

Glacier Smoke



Gris Paws

Horizon Coats



Ms. Misty Lane




Nico Graystorm

Light Nyx

Dark Orion

Quill Winter

Little Raven

Rory Smokes




Dark Sheen

Siva Coat

Lance Goodstorm

Em Mist

Silver Bell

Tyra Dark paws

Melody Shadows


Sadie Silver




White and Gray Cat Names

Some cats have two coats that mix beautifully like white and gray. If you have this kind of cat, then there are many options for grey cat names for him or her. Here are the top gray cat names for your cat with gray and white markings:

Frosty Blend

Coal Blizzard


Princess Dove

Smokey Bandit



White Sterling


Sir Misty Officer

Oreo Mittens

Glitter Shine


Foggy Snows





Dusty Daisy

Agnes Dirty Fur

Cookies N’ Creamy

Dark Gray Cat Names

There are many shades of gray, some of them darker than others. If you just got a dark gray cat, then here are some name options for them. Let’s find the perfect dark gray cat names for your male and female cats:

Little Haze


Misty Ember



Disco Purr



Pale Black

Smokey Long Coat

Earl Grace

Sterling Powder

Dark Pearl

Miss Lilac

Lord Storm

Skye Storm

King Grayball

Gracie Snow





Moby Paw




Dusky Winter

Gandalf the Cat

Westley Storms


Pawssum Fur

Black and Gray Cat Names

Some cats have distinctive color combinations like black and gray. We’ll help you find the right name to match your cat with the list of black and gray cat names we listed below. We hope you find the right one for your feline friend:





Shadow Midnight

Hex Smoke

Bullet Midnight

Dark Bolt

Skye Weathers


Razor Fangs

Thunder Paws

Dusty Moonshine


Dagger Claws

Midnight Spikers

Mystique Shadow


Mister Monarch


Diana Mist

Dusty Coal



Twilight Eyes

Blue Furs


Salem Shadow

Dusky Medusa

Shadow Mane

Warrior Cat Names for Gray Cats

Do you have a new gray cat you want to name? Is your cat feisty and always loves to have a friendly match with you? If so, it deserves a warrior cat name that can be good for a male or female cat. Here are the names we gathered for you:

Silver Storm

Little Carbon

Charcoal Lewis

Mister Zinc


Coal Whiskers

Marble Toes

Obsidian Fur

Mister Tin

Alloy Paws

Steel Strider

King Mercury

Commander Opal

Granite Shadow

Dark Brick

Duke of Chrome



Dark Slate

Lord Cinder

A Guide: Choosing Gray Cat Names

Gray cats are some of the most majestic-looking common house pets there are.

Whether your naming a Russian Blue, Chartreux, or a Persian cat, finding the perfect name for your gray cats can be a bit difficult (especially if you want to find unique gray cat names).

Below, we lay out everything you need to know about choosing the best gray cat names (whether for gray cats, or cats with a bit of gray), including tips and sources of potential inspiration.

What to Think About While Picking Grey Cat Names Cats

If you’ve decided to read our list of the best gray cat names, chances are you’re in the middle of picking grey cat names.

That’s why we’ve included this full-length guide on what to consider while researching and looking for the best names for your gray cats.

Let’s start by addressing some of the most important questions to ask yourself during the naming process of gray cats:

Are You Naming a Gray Cat or Kitten?

The first question is; are you looking for gray cat names for gray cats, or are you simply researching cat names in general? Even further, is it a new kitten, or an older cat that you are naming? Whether you are naming a cat or kitten may make a large impact on the naming process.

What Exact Color is Your Cat?

The second question to ask yourself while naming your grey cat (or gray kitten), is; what exact color(s) is your cat? Is it a solid gray kitten?

Or is it a silver kitty with a light grey coat that needs a name? Not all grey kittens have the same color coats, making the exact color of your gray kittens essential in discovering the best and most unique grey cat names for your pets.

Do You Know the Pet Parents?

Are you the proud owner of the parents of this new gray cat or kitten as well? If so, you may consider naming them after the older cats (especially if one of the parents was/is a great cat). In this case, adding a Junior, or II, to the name of a parent cat is perfect for your new cat.

Are You Experienced Cat Owners?

Do you love cats, love dogs, and love other animals? If so, your past pets’ names may provide you with plenty of inspiration for new name ideas for this kitty. That said, if it’s been a few weeks, and you can’t seem to come up with a proper name for your kitty, it’s time to get the ball rolling.

As any experienced cat owners know, picking the right name takes time, but there is a fine line when it comes to naming cats (if you don’t get it done in time, the cat may end up being called “grey cat” or something similarly boring.

What is Your Cat’s Personality?

Coming up with unique gray cat names is often as easy as taking the time to get to know your new kitten before naming it. Many cute names for gray cats come from their personality and the quirky little behavioral traits they display.

Pay attention to your kitten’s personality and several great name ideas are bound to present themselves.

Does Your Cat Have a Story?

What do you know about your new pet, besides how it behaves, and what it looks like? How did you come to be the happy owner of this gray kitten? Do you know what its story is, where it came from, and who the pet parents of the cat are?

Any details that stand out to you as significant about your cat’s backstory/origins may be the sort of inspiration you need to come up with a fitting name.

What Does the Color Gray Represent to You?

The color gray represents many things to many people; what does the color gray represent to you? For many, the color gray represents sorrow, and depression, though it is just as often a representation of balance, or neutrality even.

When I think of gray, I think of Gandalf… what about you? What do you think of it? The answer may well help you define the best name for your cat.

Additional Considerations About Gray Cat Names

You’re almost to the finish line now, but there are still a few more crucial factors to take into account (especially if you want to narrow your selection down to the most badass gray cat names).

So, before sticking with one of those common names for gray cats that you’ve half-decided on using already, take a minute to ponder these final considerations about picking the best gray cat name for your grey kitty:

Female Gray Cat Names vs Male Gray Cat Names

Obvious factors like whether you are looking for male gray cat names or grey female cat names may dictate which available resources and sources of inspiration are right for you and your grey kitten naming quest for greatness.

For example, a list of famous female singers from the 1920s and 30s may help you find some great selections of female gray cat names (but not so much for male options).

Grey Cat Names for Black Cats (or Silvery Cat)

Fining the most wonderful name for your cute grey kitty isn’t as black-and-white of a process as you may have thought it would be, especially depending on the exact color it the said kitty. The seemingly perfect name for a silver kitty may not be such a lovely name for a black kitty.

Grey Names for a Gray and White Cat

A genuinely sweet name for one kitty isn’t always such a cute name or funny name for another kitty. That means, the regal name you picked out for your little princess, based on grey cat names, might not actually be the best fit for your gray and white kitty.

Pointers for Picking Gray Cat Names

Still on your quest for the most badass gray cat names, or for those cute gray kitten names?

We’ve got a few pointers to share with you below that we know are going to help land you the perfect name for your new grey kitten.

Here are our suggestions for where to look for inspiration (and other tips) while searching for the best names for gray cats:

  • Explore words that mean gray, neutrality, or balance
  • Define what gray means to you, and explore those types of words
  • Use a cute name for gray cats in a different language
  • Name your kitty after a character from one of Shakespeare’s plays
  • Choose one of the most popular female names of the century
  • Pick one of the most popular male kitty names of the decade

Remember, your cat’s new name is totally dependant on you. That’s why it’s worth taking the time to get to know your cat before slapping a name on it from a list.

A Final Word: Choosing the Best Gray Cat Names

Which of these names do you think sounds the best for your special feline friend? Were you able to choose one from our list, or are you still working through the naming process?

These gray cat names for your gray kitten will surely be a conversation starter and they are a great aid to you in your journey of discovering the best kitty name for your grey kitten(s).

If, however, you find that you simply can not seem to come up with a suitable enough name for your amazing furry friend, we suggest performing additional research, using name generators, and doing a bit of soul-searching along the way as well!

Thank you for reading! We hope you found the best name, and enjoy new adventures with your furry friend!