Japanese Cat Names for Male and Female Kittens


Japanese cat names are distinctive and frequently have lovely meanings. In Japan, cats are loved because people believe they can bring luck and riches.

If you are a pet parent that is looking for beautiful Japanese cat names inspired by Japanese culture, then here is the perfect list for you!

We listed Japanese cat names for your new cat, and we’ll help you choose the right name for your beloved pet. Let’s read on, below and discover the right name for your new kitty!

Female Japanese Cat Names (Girls)

If you are looking for Japanese cat names for your female cats, then this list is perfect! We have many options to choose from, together with each name’s meaning, so you can properly select the one that resonates with your new cat:

Aklawmi (beautiful)

Akimeow (bright child)

Aklawra (clear)

Ailkyo (child of love)

Alclaw (love jasmine)

Asameow (morning beauty)

Asuklaws (tomorrow perfume)

Ayameow (iris)

Clawyano (my color)

Ceikoat (child of splendor)

Chichieko (child of intelligence)

Chewka (scatter flowers)

Chiyo (one thousand generations)

Chewoko (child of a thousand generation)

Emi-lee (beautiful blessing)

Emikoats (beautiful blessing child)

Eri-na (blessed prize)

Etsuko (child of joy)

Furmiko (child of abundant beauty)

Hissna (flower)

Halnako (flower child)

Haroar (spring)

Haruclaw (spring child)

Haryuna (spring vegetables)

Hissdeko (child of excellence)

Hiclawri (radiance)

Hina (un vegetables)

Hissako (child of long life)

Hiro-claw (generous)

Hiroarko (generous child)

Hiroarmi (generous beauty)

Hisstomi (pupil of the eye)

Honocat (harmony flower)

Hoshia (star)

Hoshikoat (star child)

Hotaroar (firefly)

Izumeow (spring)

Catmiko (superior child)

Katsumeow (victorious beauty)

Coatzumi (harmonious beauty)

Kazuclaw (child of harmony)

Keitko (blessed child)

Kiclaw (chronical child)

Kimeow (noble)

Kimeowko (empress child)

Klawyomi (pure beauty)

Koatmiko (long–time beautiful child)

Kyo-toe (cooperation)

Kyocat (respectful child)

Meowdoka (circle)

Mai-meow (dance)

Meowki (true hope)

Maicoat (child of dance)

Makotoe (sincere)

Meowmi (true beauty)

Meowna (love)

Meownami (loving beautiful)

Mao-mao (dance cherry blossom)

Masaw (just)

Meowsumi (true clarity)

Mariclaw (true village child)

Mayumeow (true gentle beauty)

Mi-mi (beautiful)

Meowchi (pathway)

Michiclaw (beautiful wise child)

Midoroar (green)

Miekoats (beautiful blessing child)

Meowho (protected, guaranteed beauty)

Miklaw (beautiful fragrance)

Meowki (beautiful princess)

Micoat (beautiful sky)

Meownako (beautiful child)

Minoriss (truth)

Mio-mio (beautiful cherry blossom)

Missaki (beautiful blossom)

Mitsucoat (child of light)

Mitsuroar (satisfy)

Meowa (beautiful harmony)

Miyawko (beautiful night child)

Meowyu (beautiful gentle)

Miyoki (beautiful blessing)

Momokat (peach tree flower)

Meowriko (child of the forest)

Nanala (seven)

Nanailmi (seven seas)

Nao (honest)

Naocat (honest child)

Naomeow (honest beautiful)

Natsuclaw (summer hope)

Natsumeow (beautiful summer)

Nobucoat (faithful)

Noroarko (lawful child)

Rawn (lotus)

Rinaw (dignified)

Rawrna (jasmine)

Rio (village cherry blossom)

Rikat (true fragrance)

Riclaw (child of truth)

Ryokoo (refreshing child)

Sachatko (joyful, happy child)

Saki (blossom of hope)

Sakuraw (cherry blossom)

Satoeko – wise child

Satomeow (beautiful and wise)

Shiniju (pearl)

Shioraw (poem)

Shigecoat (growing child)

Shika (deer)

Shizukat (quiet summer)

Shizucat (quiet child)

Sora (sky)

Sumeowko (child of clarity)

Suzu (bell)

Suzumeow (sparrow)

Takatko (noble child)

Toekara (treasure)

Tamikat (child of many beauties)

Toeruko (shining child)

Tomeowmi (beautiful friend)

Toemiko (child of wealth, fortune)

Toshikoat (clever child)

Umeowko (plum child)

Yasu (peace)

Yassuko (child of peace)

Yokat (child of sunlight)

Yoshi (lucky / righteous)

Yoshia (beautiful stream)

Yoshicoat (child of goodness)

Yua (binding love)

Yuinaw (bind together)

Yukat (gentle flower)

Yukaraw (beautiful pear tree)

Yumeow (reason beautiful)

Yuawmiko (reason beautiful child)

Yui (bind clothing)

Yuclaw (happy)

Yukiclaw (child of snow)

Yukoko (gentle child)

Yuria (lily)

Yuricoat (lily child)

Yuunara (gentle)

Male Japanese Cat Names (Boys)

Do you need the most perfect Japanese cat name for your male cat? If your new cat is waiting to be named, here are some of the best names for cats you can choose from. We guarantee that one of these Japanese names will be perfect for your new male cat:

Aki-roar (bright / autumn)

Akihisso (great brightness)

Aklowo (bright man)

Aklawri (bright or clear)

Arawta (new, fresh)

Catsushi (industrious director)

Ayumu-meow (walk dream, vision)

Dai Cat (great, large)

Daicat (great glory / great nobility)

Daisoarke (great help)

Eiji (eternity orde)

Furmio (literature, scholarly hero)

Hairu (spring)

Hairuki (shining sun)

Harawto (sun flying)

Hayawte (smooth)

Hibiklaw (sound, echo)

Hissdeki (excellent timber trees)

Hideo (excellent man)

Hicaru (light, radiance)

Hissnata (sunflower)

Hirawku (open, expand)

Hissro (generous)

Hiroaki (wide, spacious light)

Hiroki (vast timber trees)

Hiroshi (generous)

Hiroyuklaw (great journey)

Hitoeshi (motivated person)

Hotoeka (tall grass)

Itchyro (first son)

Isameow (brave, courageous)

Itsukat (timber trees)

Jirawr (second son)

Junichicat (obedient first son)

Klawede (maple)

Klawto (ocean flying)

Kaorawr (fragrance)

Catashi (firm)

Catsu (victory)

Kenichew (strong, healthy first son)

Kenji (strong, healthy second son)

Klawnshin (modest truthful)

Kentoes (large strong, healthy)

Kichiroar (lucky son)

Kiyoshi (purity)

Koutta (great peace)

Klawnio (country man)

Kyo-toes (cooperation)

Meowdoka (circle, round)

Macatto (sincere)

Maslaw (true)

Masaaki (pleasing brightness)

Meowsaki (great timber tree)

Meowsashi (righteous aspiration)

Masaruw (victory)

Masatoes (righteous person)

Masayowshi (righteous, honorable)

Masayuklaw (righteous blessing)

Masumeow (true clarity)

Michico (pathway)

Meowchio (man on a journey)

Mitsuo (shining hero)

Mitsurawr (satisfy, full)

Nao (honest)

Naokat (honest timber tree)

Noboru (ascend, rise)

Norawr (to rule)

Norion (lawful man)

Osameow (disciplined, studious)

Ren (lotus / love)

Rawku (land)

Rikutoe (person of land)

Roklawro (sixth son)

Ryocoat (refreshing, cool)

Ryoichi (good first son)

Ryotail (great refreshment)

Satoeshi (wise, fast learner)

Shinobeau (endurance)

Shirow (fourth son)

Sho -sho (to fly)

Shoutail (big flying)

Shinjin (true second son)

Sora (sky)

Susumeow (to advance, proceed)

Toedao (loyal, faithful man)

Tadoeshi (loyal, faithful)

Tailchi (large first son)

Taiclaw (great radiance, shine)

Taklawhiro (of great value, nobility)

Takayowki (noble journey)

Tacatshi (prosperous, noble)

Takeo (warrior hero)

Takumeow (artisan)

Tameowtsu (protector, keeper)

Tarawr (large son)

Toshicat (wise)

Toshiaklaw (advantageous light)

Toshio (genious leader, hero)

Tsuyoclaw (strong)

Yameowto (great harmony)

Yasu (peace)

Yowsushi (peaceful)

Youtail (great sunlight)

Yoshi (lucky / righteous)

Yoshio (joyful life)

Yoshiraw (righteous son)

Yoshissto (ceremonial, correct person)

Yuichew (heroic first son)

Yujina (heroic second son)

Yukicat (happiness / snow)

Yukio (blessed hero)

Cute Japanese Cat Names

Are you looking for cute Japanese cat names? We have names for cats that are kawaii, and we know you’ll love all of them. Therefore, let’s jump into the names and find the best one for your female or male cat:

Suitopaw (sweet pea flower)

Mei-mei (sprout)

Kirei-cat (pretty)

Chisai Toes (little bird)

Shuga Coat (sugar)

Meowru (round)

Furji (unique)

Chīsana (pocket-size)

Chiisai Cat (small)

Kei-si (style)

Doki Paws (excited)

Little Aiko (little love)

Catkoro (roly-poly)

Kichewna (precious)

Akatchan (baby)

Miss Chibi (small child)

Little Chika (scattered flowers)

Black Cat Names in Japanese

If you need male or female Japanese cat names inspired by Japanese culture, then we have the best names for you below. These female and male Japanese cat names are the perfect names for your black cats, so let’s get to know each one of them below:

Kuro-chan (black cat)

Missy Hai (ashes)

Sumokat (smoky)

Yameow (dark)

Clawrasu (raven)

Daku (also dark)

Kage Furs (shadow)

Kuromeow (black rice)

Katzan (volcano)

Meowkkuro (inky)

Meownaka (midnight)

Kyohiss (dark grapes)

White Cat Names in Japanese

If you have a white cat and want a name that’s unique, then Japanese names for white cats are a great option for you! Here are some names for your white pet cat that will surely sound new to other pet parents out there:

Yucat (snow)

Yukiga-fur (snowy or full snow)

Shirawr (white)

Raisupaws (rice patty)

Kumeow (cloud)

Umeowhana (plum blossom)

Shirasagi (white egret)

Mashumeowru (marshmallow)

Little Shinju (pearl)

Katiko (silkworm)

Hakathu (white crane)

Watano-claw (cottonball)

Tofur (block of condensed soy milk)

Japanese Anime Cat Names

Anime has been in our lives since we were children, and if you are one of the anime lovers out there, then why not name your feline friend after your favorite character? Here are some anime cat names that are perfect for your cat’s personality:

Arthur Cat (Code Geass)

Carclaws (Fairy Tail)

Chi Chi Bon (Chi’s Sweet Home)

Katmineko (Azumanga Daioh)

Clawrin (Dragon Ball Z)

Katro (Blue Exorcist)

Kuro–sameow (Trigun )

Princess Luna (Sailor Moon)

Mao Meow (Darker than Black)

Meowth (Pokémon)

Molly Toes (The Ancient Magus Bride)

Necoat (Princess Tutu)

Nyancoat Big (Tada Never Falls In Love)

Nyancat-sensei (Natsume’s Book Of Friends)

Pawtya (Yuri!!! on ICE)

Sakameowto (Nichijoum)

Puwar (Dragon Ball)

Badasss Japanese Cat Names

A badass cat like yours deserves a badass Japanese cat name. Therefore, find the one that perfectly matches your cat’s personality from the names we gathered below:

Odew Nobunaga (Japanese daimyō)

Tempawra (Japanese food)

Nya-chan (meow)

Kyo Toe (a city in Japan)

Tameow (a divine spirit)

Niklawro (victory)


Jigorawr (a Japanese educator)

Nekunaru (to die)

Strong Sukeru (sugar)

Japanese Calico Cat Names

Calico cats have beautiful markings, so they deserve names that bring out the beauty of their coat. If you have a calico cat that is in need of a name, here are Japanese calico cat names you can choose from:

Umeow (calm truth)

Sorawr (summer sky)

Akimeow (beautiful)

Amimi (friend)

Furrymiko (intellectual)

Hayameow (rare beauty)

Klawda (little dragon)

Kiyomeow (pure beauty)

Meowsami (elegant beauty)

Sweet Meowmo (meaning peach)

Japanese Siamese Cat Names

Siamese cats are one of the most popular cat breeds today. There are many pet parents out there with Siamese cats that have the same name, and we know you want something more unique. Here are the Japanese names for your Siamese cat:

Acat (red)

Aklawagan (copper)

Aklawne (brilliant red)

Sir Ao (blue)

Chairawr (brown)

Ginirawr (silver)

Little Haiiro (gray)

Hirawki (abundant joy and strength)

Hiroyuklaw (widespread happiness)

Sir Isao (honor; merit)

Kenji Fur (intelligent ruler)

Kitaro Lad (happy boy)

Naoklaw (straight; honest)

Ryujini (dragon man)

Sin’itchy (faithful first-born son)

Klawiro (yellow)

Kiniro Fur (gold)

Mr./Ms. Kuro (black)

Orenjin (orange)

Bright Shiro (white)

Considerations While Choosing Japanese Cat Names

If you decided to bestow your new feline friend with a Japanese cat name, there must be a reason or two behind the decision.

A slightly deeper inspection, or reflection rather, as to why it is that you believe your cat should have a Japanese name, rather than say, an amusing name, or exotic name.

Considering the following factors helps you pick the right Japanese name for your cat:

What Breed is Your Cat?

You don’t have to have a Japanese Bobtail or Shiba Inu to want to name your cat with a Japanese word or name.

Whether you are Japanese yourself, are interested in Japanese culture, or your cat reminds you of a Japanese anime character, there are more reasons for giving your fur buddy a Japanese word for a name.

Is There Something Special About Your Cat?

Sometimes there is something so special that sticks out about our new pets that it helps us define the best name for them. Other times we need to take a bit more time studying our new pets to notice anything intriguing about their personality or appearance.

Why Use a Japanese Word to Name Your Cat?

There are plenty of foreign languages to choose from when picking a name for your cat. If you’ve chosen the Japanese language for naming your cat, you must have a reason. Explore the depths of your reasoning, and examine what it is that makes you think “Japanese” about your cat.

Picking the Perfect Japanese Name for Your Cat

Which of these names is perfect for your cat? Finding the right name is an adventure that pet parents enjoy. We hope you found the name of your new feline friend from the list we provided above.

Thanks for reading! Good luck picking a great Japanese word to name your cat!