109 Quarter Horse Mare Names

Are you looking for quarter horse mare names that capture your horse’s spirit, personality and heritage? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of 105 quarter horse mare names that are sure to inspire. From classic quarter-horse female names like Dolly and Daisy to more modern ones such as Blaze and Stormy, this comprehensive list has something for everyone.

Whether your quarter-horse mare is an all-around athlete or just a companion animal, these unique quarter-horse female names will make her stand out from the crowd. So take some time to browse through our selection of quarter horse mare names and find one that perfectly suits your special four-legged friend!

Here are 15 unique names for quarter horse mares:

quarter horse mare

  1. Taffy
  2. Queenie
  3. Dolly
  4. Daisy
  5. Blaze
  6. Stormy Hooves
  7. Dimity
  8. Daisy Mae
  9. Bounty
  10. Sugar Babe
  11. Sweet Pea
  12. April Showers
  13. Belle Star
  14. Misty Dawn
  15. Sunrise Apple
  16. Stormy Sky
  17. Buttermilk Pie
  18. Storm Chasing
  19. Cowboy Cotton
  20. Lady Liberty
  21. Lady Moon
  22. Ginger Snap
  23. Fancy Feather
  24. Strawberry Shortcake
  25. Miss Whiskey
  26. Dandy Dancer
  27. Sweet Cheeks
  28. Evening Star
  29. Twilight Rose
  30. Golden Blaze
  31. Starlight Sparkle
  32. Chocolate Cookie
  33. Jingle Jangle
  34. Peaches N Cream
  35. Cheyenne Rose
  36. Daisy Delight
  37. Diamond Charm
  38. Pearly White
  39. Prairie Princess
  40. Midnight Magic
  41. Skylar Skye
  42. Cinnamon Sugar
  43. Blueberry Bliss
  44. Willow Wisp
  45. Summer Song
  46. Sandy Serenade
  47. Moonlit Melody
  48. Sweet Rosebud
  49. Gold Rush Gal
  50. Bright Starlight
  51. Dream Catcher
  52. Wildfire Wonder
  53. Daisy Maiden
  54. Stormy Sunrise
  55. Copper Penny
  56. Sapphire Surprise
  57. Lily’s Legacy
  58. Heavenly Heist
  59. Maverick Mystique
  60. Midnight Venture
  61. Diamond Blaze
  62. Secret Shadow
  63. Majestic Pearl
  64. Rebel Whisper
  65. Mystic Sunrise
  66. Starlight Joy
  67. Silver Symphony
  68. Sunny Monarch
  69. Cinderella’s Magic
  70. Wishes of Wonder
  71. Noble Fortune
  72. Dream Come True
  73. Diamonds and Pearls
  74. Whispering Hope
  75. Summer Solstice
  76. Silver Eclipse
  77. Sunlit Splendor
  78. Rhapsody Rose
  79. Golden Charmer
  80. Midnight Mirage
  81. Heavenly Haven
  82. Mystic Melody
  83. Majesty Moon
  84. Starlight Starbright
  85. Dreamy Desire
  86. Sweet Symphony
  87. Alluring Aria
  88. Captivating Cadence
  89. Glorious Grace
  90. Spellbinding Serenade
  91. Beguiling Ballad
  92. Enchanting Overture
  93. Mysterious Nocturne
  94. Heavenly Harp Riff
  95. Mystic Miracle
  96. Flirty Filly
  97. Regal Refrain
  98. Gleaming Gemma
  99. Lightning Lizy
  100. Mystic Misty
  101. Playful Paloma
  102. Bold Bessie
  103. Majestic Magnolia
  104. Peppy Prudence
  105. Sprightly Sunray
  106. Joyful Jenna
  107. Cheerful Chrissy
  108. Vivacious Violet
  109. Energetic Ember

Consider Your Horse’s Personality

quarter horse eyes close up

When picking a quarter horse mare name, it’s important to consider your horse’s individual personality and traits. Are they gentle, energetic, bold or shy? If you know your horse well, you may be able to pick a perfect quarter horse mare name that reflects their unique spirit.

Think About Heritage & Pedigree

Quarter horses are known for their strong heritage and bloodlines, so take the time to reflect on the past generations of quarter horses in your family line. Are there any quarter horse mare names that have been used before in your lineage? If so, incorporating this into your quarter horse mare name can be a nice nod to tradition and roots.

Repurpose an Existing Name

If you’re stuck on finding the perfect quarter horse mare name, look no further than your own family tree! Chances are, one of your relatives has an interesting first or last name which could make the perfect quarter horse mare name when given the right spelling variation or twist.

Consider Nature-Inspired Names

Horses have a strong connection with nature and many quarter horses spend time outdoors grazing in fields or taking leisurely walks through forests; why not choose a quarter-horse female name inspired by nature? Take some time to observe what’s around you — from trees and flowers to birds and animals — for ideas on quarter-horse female names that will resonate with both you and your horse.

Use Wordplay for Fun Names

Wordplay also works great for quarter horse mare names! What better way to capture your quarter-horse’s spirit than by giving them a fun play-on-words twist such as “Wondrous Windy” or “Majestic Moonbeam”? It’s sure to add some extra character while still sounding natural and fitting perfectly with their personality!

Look at Popular Culture References

Pop culture references can provide plenty of inspiration when it comes to finding the perfect quarter horse mare name — think characters from movies, books or television shows that inspire you and would work well as a quarter-horse female name! Whether it’s Ariel from The Little Mermaid or Leia from Star Wars, there are endless possibilities out there for creative quarter-horse female names!

Opt for Meaningful Names

A meaningful quarter-horse female name is always a great option if you want something more meaningful than just an ordinary word or phrase but still want something recognizable enough that anyone hearing it will understand its reference immediately – try using words with positive connotations such as “hope”, “trust” or “joyful”.

Make It Personal & Unique

Pick out special quirks about your horse (or yourself) that make them unique and then use these traits as inspirations when thinking up potential quarter-horse female names – this allows for maximum creativity while still ensuring that the final choice is truly personal and unique only to them!

Use Alliteration For Added Fun

Alliteration adds an extra layer of vibrancy to any chosen quarter-horse female name — try taking two words beginning with the same letter such as “Floating Feather” or “Lively Lady” for an eye-catching choice that will certainly stand out from other horses around!

Choose Names That You Love!

Above all else, make sure that whatever creative quartet horse female name you decide upon is one that YOU love – after all its ultimately YOUR special four-legged friend who will be wearing it forever more!

Wrap Up

Choosing the perfect quarter horse mare name for your four-legged friend is no easy task. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to narrow down which one will fit them best. But with a little creativity and thoughtfulness, you’re sure to find that special quarter horse female name that perfectly encapsulates their unique spirit!

From considering heritage and pedigree or repurposing an existing family name to using wordplay or popular culture references – these tips should help point you in the right direction when deciding on what quarter-horse female names are most suitable for your beloved equine companion! After all, at the end of the day, pick something you love – because they certainly deserve it!