205 Tortoiseshell Cat Names for Calico Kittens


Tortoiseshell cats have a unique coloring due to their genes. They might look dirty or messy, but it’s all-natural to them. Tortoiseshell cats are magnificent creatures that most people neglect to get because their markings and patterns are not always pleasing to the eyes.

But, if you are one of the people that love the extraordinary, then this cat is perfect for you!

Now, if you have a tortoiseshell cat and are looking for a catchy name to match its color, we have a list that would be perfect for you! Below are some of the tortoiseshell cat names you can use to name your new feline friend.

Female Tortoiseshell Cat Names (Girl)

Are you looking for names for tortoiseshell cats? If you have a little girl cat, then we have great name options for female tortoiseshell cats. Let’s read the list below and find you the one for your new kitten:



Freckles Galore


Sooty Mc Freckles

Chai Seeds

Candy Fur

Tootsie Pootsie

Nougat Kitty


Truffles O’Fur



Cosmeow Fur

Lucky Spots

Autumn Fur

Poppy Spots

Cayenne Pupper

Sandy Hair


Janice Messy Pants

Ellie Black


Hazel Freckles



Roxy Specks



Misty Cinnamon


Dark Light

Paint Splat









Cookie Dough





Eris Dirtcoat

Prissy Sissy

Male Tortoiseshell Cat Names (Boy)

if you are looking for male tortoiseshell cats for your new pet, then we have what you’re looking for! We gathered the perfect names for tortoiseshell cats you might want to use. These names are witty, funny, and adorable names you’ll surely love:

Harvey Weinfur



Leo Spots

Rusty Coat

Hobbes Snatchers


Ruffus Fur


Dusty Blade

Freckles Roy

Perry Spots




Brownie Furs





Storm Shadow

Fall McDots

Muted Tortoiseshell Cat Names

Muted tortoiseshell cats are one-of-a-kind cats with majestic coats. They are often a lighter shade, almost white and grey, but are still beautiful. If you have a muted or diluted tortoiseshell cat, here are some name inspirations that you can use. Let’s read them now:


Dusty Snow

Misty Cloud

Bella Bonne

Cookies n’ cream

Blue Cheese







Velvet Spots

Silver Bell

Cookie Fur

Dute (short for dilute)


Nova Cat


Drizzler Spots



Jervis Splat

Mochi Fur

Chia Spots






Japanese Tortoiseshell Cat Names

Japanese names for tortoiseshell cats are uncommon but are great options if you want something unique. We listed some of the best tortoiseshell cat names in Japanese that will sound great for your little tortie kitten:

Azuki-cat (sweet red beans)

Chewbi (tiny)

Chawbi (small)

Koko (cocoa)

Mokat (mocha)

Mike Fur(tortoiseshell)

Cho (butterfly)

Hayameow (rare and unusual beauty)

Kameowko (tortoise-child, symbol for long life)

Miekoat (beautiful blessing child)

Nyokot (gem; treasure)

Kittaro (happy boy)

Aklawganeiro (copper)

Kinirawr (gold)

Chairo (brown)


Ayano (my color)

Hitoemi (pupil of the eye)

Kiyomeow (pure beauty)

Mami Cat (true beauty)

Miyakoat (beautiful night child)

Miyu-yu (beautiful gentle)

Suzume (sparrow)

Takatko (noble child)

Takarawr (treasure)

Yoshikoat (child of goodness)

Yua (binding love)

Yukitty (happy)

Yuna (gentle)

Akirawr (bright / autumn)

Akihirawr (great brightness)

Akio (bright man)

Ayumeow (walk dream, vision)

Ichiro (first son)

Isameow (brave, courageous)

Kattashi (firm)

Katsu Dawn (victory)

Satoeshi (wise, fast learner)

Shinobu (endurance)

Takashi (prosperous, noble)

Takeo Coats (warrior hero)

Yasu Freckles (peace)

Black Tortoiseshell Cat Names

There are black tortoiseshell cats, but they are more black with subtle notes of orange and white. So, if you have a tortoiseshell cat with more black fur than other colors, then these black cat names will suit him or her best.

Check out the options for black tortoiseshell cat names below:

Wednesday Adameow

Jet Fur

Midnight Specks

Luna Splatters

Smoky Freckles

Nyx Coat

Diesel Spots

Melanie Marks

Opal Fur


Ghost Dust


Char Spots

Shadow Coat

Magic Dust

Jiji Specks

Salem Shadow


Raven Freckles

Coco Paws


Spooky Beans

Bean Sprays

Twilight Dust


Ebony Coat

Phantom Shade

Crow Claws

Morticia Adameow



Dark Tortoiseshell Cat Names

If there are diluted tortoiseshell cats, there are dark cats as well. So, if you want a tortoiseshell cat name to match your calico cat, then here are great options for you to choose from:

Checkered Coats

Pie Paws



Dottie Penny


Fleck Fur


Fluffy Dust

Rainbow fur




Speck Lighning Toes


Spots McGee





Dash Runner


Feisty Freckles

Racer Specks

Frisky Marbles



Sassy Dust

Joy Spots

Scratch McDots

Lucky Newman

Zip Flecks

Guide to Picking the Best Tortoiseshell Names for Cats

Once you’ve made the decision to pick a tortoiseshell cat name, there is often no turning back until the perfect name has been discovered!

Set sails, and prepare to embark on the epic journey of discovering the very best name for your tortoiseshell cat:

Main Factors to Include in Naming Your Cat

There are several factors that may come into play while naming a cat, below, we list the most significant ones regarding picking a tortoiseshell cat name:

Are You Naming a Female or Male Tortoiseshell Cat?

Much like the similar-looking Calico-type cat, most tortoiseshell cats are female.

However, it isn’t unheard of to have a male tortoiseshell cat either.

At any rate, the name-selecting process is going to have slight differences depending on the cat’s sex.

Female cats with multiple colors have a much wider selection of names than most pets.

How Traditional of a Name Do You Want for Your Cat?

If you want a super traditional name, you will need to scroll back up and have a closer look at our list and pick out the most suitable ones. Or, you may run a quick Google search for lists of traditional names from whatever culture you belong to (or enjoy).

Do You Also Own (or Know) This Cat’s Parents?

Are you the owner of the new kitten’s parents as well? If you are, you may be able to come up with a name based on what you call their parents. You may attach a modifier to their name like junior, II, or III, and simply call them by the same name as one of their parents.

Have You Had Other Tortoiseshell Cats in the Past?

Whether or not you have owned or cared for a tortoiseshell can in the past doesn’t make or break you during the name-selecting process, but it can affect things.

As mentioned above, if you knew the cat’s parents, it could speed things up for you. Likewise, if you have never owned this type of cat it could take you a bit longer to come up with a suitable name for it.

Additional Considerations to Make Before Picking a Name

So, you’ve just about wrapped it up, have you? The perfect name is just around the corner!

But, first, take a moment, and consider the rest of the possibilities before you choose a name for your new cat:

Eye Color of the Cat

The hue of your cat’s eyes could make for an easy name. For example, if they are the color of a gemstone, such as an emerald, or topaz, or the color of a natural resource like a forest, the ocean, or the moon, you have your job done for you before you even really get started.

Coat Type of the Cat

Does your cat have short fluffy hair? Long fluffy hair? Course hair that is a medium length? Or some other sort of length and consistency?

These factors can help you choose a better name if you let them. for example, Shaggy is a great name for a messy-looking tortoiseshell cat with medium to long hair.

Hair Color of the Cat

The hair color of your tortoiseshell kitty is multicolored, but there are bound to be a few of the colors (or at least one or two) that stand out from the rest. If a color is predominant enough, you may want to consider going with a name that references the color (or something of that color).

That said, don’t fall into the trap of letting your cat’s hair or appearance, in general, dictate what its name will be.

The Personality of the Cat

Is your cat a fun-loving sort? Or is it the kind that shreds an artful combination of toilet paper and your spouse’s favorite magazines all over the living room floor while you’re at work? Whatever the answer may be, it could change the fact of your cat’s new name forever (so pay attention!).

The Cat’s Story

Where has your cat been, what has it done with its life so far? Has your cat recently retired from decades in the hitman business, or working as a social engineer for the CIA?

Or, maybe it spends all of its time on the internet watching YouTube videos and spinning out conspiracies about the man?

Whatever your cat’s story is could go a very long way in helping you choose the most suitable name possible.

Your History with Cats

If you have a big fat history with cats, you probably have a well of inspiration inside of you already, all you have to do is stop and tap into it.

Do you have past cats (or dogs, rabbits, horses, goats, or fish) that have left a mark on your heart? If so, why not consider repurposing the name as a badge of honor for your new kittens?

Tips for Picking the Right Name

Picking the best name ever is no easy task, but with the right help, you can accomplish anything (even this job).

These tips will help you along the way:

  • Use a name generator if lists aren’t working
  • Brainstorm with friends and family
  • Watch TV and read comic books (looking for names, of course)
  • Look to the past for inspiration for a name
  • Use a crystal ball of scrying sticks to choose a name
  • Be Brave/Think outside of the box
  • Remember your Ancestors (and the Alamo)

Picking the best name for your tortoiseshell cat isn’t as tough as it’s often cracked up to be, especially since the breed has such unique colorings and markings. Keep the tips above in mind and you’ll come up with the best name in no time.

Final Words – Finding the Very Best Tortoiseshell Cat Name

Did you find the perfect name for your male tortoiseshell cat? We hope so, with the vast collection of names presented to you in our lists above.

Or maybe you have female cats that need names to match their beautiful tortoiseshell coat pattern?

We hope you found the perfect name on the list of options we have for you! Thanks for Reading!