281 Warrior Cat Names for Male and Female Kittens


Cats seem to be loners and love to stay out of sight, but they are great protectors of families. Cats can sense danger and will alarm its owner when needed.

So, if you have a cat that’s a survivor and a warrior, then giving it a warrior-like name is the best choice. So, we gathered warrior cat names for your feline friends below!

Female Warrior Cat Names (Girls)

Warrior cats are strong yet lovable. So, here are names for female warrior cats that will highlight your cat’s personality. These names are both sweet and feisty, and we’ll help you choose the perfect name:

Sunny Fallingstar

Rosy Spiritfighter

Daisy Duskstriker

Cherry Pawsion

Mighty Snowfur

Lily Starlight

Icy Rosefang

Rough Leafpaw

Violet Mistique

Ivy Whiskersword

Sage Hearth

Honey Stoneheart

Ruby Steelweather

Bella Wolffang

Peach Rainclaws

Misty Dreamwarrior

May Pawssion

Male Warrior Cat Names (Boys)

If you have a fierce feline friend that will protect you at any cost, then you’ve found the perfect companion!

Give your male cat the name it deserves by choosing from one of the names for warrior cats below!

Thunder Breezers

Beasty Fang

Snow Thorns

Metal Stars

Silvery Meows

Raven Feathers

Honey Fangs

Cloudy Sterling

Wild Mytery

Metal Shell

Hazel Long Wing

Wolfbane Flame

Deathly Scar

Silver Moonlight

Dewey Spirit

Summer Thorns

Pebble Thunder


Hail Nightshade

Storm Nightfeather

Monty Clearpaws

Sir NightSong

Dawn Starmoth

Dawnstar Spirit

Pearlfur Whisper

Snowlight Drops

Ginger Fangs

Wild Whiskers

Cloudy Hunter

Lucifer Dream

Fire Pawstrike

Autumn Firestorm

Stoney Raindrops

Golden Whiskerstail

Aqua Claws

Sweet Purrs

Sharp Whisker

Yellow LightStar

Steel Tail

Silent Winger

Iris Winter

Poppy Snowfall

Robin Mistyfur

Ruby Rainclouds

Black Talons

SIr Oak Watcher

Crystal Claw

Elm Leaf

Rot Throat

Crystal Bloodpool

Big Fluff Fur

Stone Spirits

Ruby Rain Fire

Silent Hisser

Shadow Purs

Royal Fluffer

Ash Fire

Lava Jaws

Chubs Brightstar

Echo Flooder

Lion Purr

Meadow Fallenstar

Golden Flame

Feather Mystery

Cold Blizzard Tail

Ice Watcher

Twig Breezers

Peach Leafsnatcher

Grey Wolf

Sharp Fang Blood

Bell Water

Warrior Cat Clan Names

The Warrior series is about cat clans that each have their own territory. They protect these territories and keep the peace among clans, and have exciting adventures as well.

If you are a fan of these series and have a new cat. then you can definitely choose its own warrior cat name! Let’s check out some of the options below.





Moonless Star



Mystique Star

Grey Wing

Wispy Wing

Shadow Wing

Snow Wing

Misty Stripe

Greyscale Stripe

Shadowfur Stripe


Bloodloose Fur

Cloudblaze Breeze













Whisker Blood

Swift Wind



Fire Paws














Furry Flame

Guard Paws



















Warrior Cat Rogue Names

Rogue cats are lone cats that do not belong to any cat clan in the Warriors series.

If your cat is like one of the rogue cats in the series, then here are some rogue cat name options you can choose from! These names are perfect for either male or female cats.















Duke Cat



Wild Streak





Half Moon Hawk






Black Warrior Cat Names

Do you own a black cat and are looking for unique warrior cat names? If you have wild cats that are fierce and protective of your home, and want to name it an appropriate black warrior cat name from the Warriors series for black cats, then this list is perfect for you!

Black StidePaw

Smokey Soot

Onyx Frosttail

Shadow Heartpiercer

Dark Lionclaw

Silent Crowfeather

Night Dreamscape

Moon Falling Dusk

Sooty Frostbite

Dark Roseblood

Black TigerFang

Onyx Leafdeath

Black Stormcloud

Dark Songbreaker

Dusky Shadowbone

White Warrior Cat Names

Warrior cats are some of the most amazing creatures in the fictional world. If you love this series and want a warrior cat name for your new pet, then you’ll love every name on our list. Here are white warrior cat names perfect for your little warriors.

Snow Paw Drop

Ice Flower soot

White Whiskerbite

Pearl Rainshower

White Shinyfang

Daisy Stormcream

Snow WhiteStorm

Ivory Highspirit

Cloud Fernstone

Vanilla Moonsky

Evil Warrior Cat Names

We can’t deny that some cats have ferocious behaviors that can be a nuisance, but we love them even though they have this behavior.

It’s only fitting to name our funny ferocious kittens something to match their personality, and we have the best warrior names for evil warrior cats below.

Poison White Fang

Cold Viper Poison

Viper Bloodlust

Dark Deathrose

Iron Stoneheart

Wolf Bloodheart

Broken Mightyclaw

Dark Spirittaker

Rot Ironthroat

Stonecrest Frost

Black Poisonstone

Venom Slitherclaw

Snake Fangblood

Wolfbane Shadow

Deadly Fang

Warrior Cat Names for Brown Cats

Do you need names for brown warrior cats? If so, we have the perfect warrior names for your brown furry friend below. Check out these names for warrior cats and see if one of these sounds about right!

Leopard Sirensong

Honey Mistydrop

Ginger Snapsfur

Honey Wingbreeze

Flame Mysticfoot

Leafsoar Rod

Little Brightfire

Longtail whisker

Hazelwing Spitfire

King Desertriver

Stonepath Weaver

Rippledrop Floater

Warrior Cat Names for Orange Cats

If you have a warrior cat with a beautiful orange coat, you might want a name to match its coat. Here are the names of Warrior clan members that you can match to your orange cat. Let’s see what these names are:

Orange Pearlshine

Tiger Spiritfang

Clay Strikedown

Ginger Lightshadow

Ginger Whiskerdust

Yellow Stardust

Bee Spiritsting

Amber Sharppelt

Gold Mightypaw

Yellow Strongheart

Amber Foxfang

Gold Sandstone

Yellow Mystiquestorm

Honey Bloodspark

Gold Daffodiltail

Lemon Starlight

Gold Spiritfighter

Sun Brightspirit

Canary Goldstar

Electric Lighningyellow

Gold Poppysting

Honey Stormshade

Siamese Warrior Cat Names

Do you a Siamese cat with a warrior-like personality? Why not name it after the Warrior books characters? These ancient names sound regal in today’s world, so let’s see which one of these cats names best fit your furry friend!

Spider Weblight

Raven Scartroop

Lost Fangbite

Ash Shadownail

Blood Nightclaw

Red Moonpoint

Lone Soulsweeper

Sun Fallenfight

Shadow Demonslayer

Moon Striketower

Rain Stormweather

Pebble Starshade

Small Firestarter

Frostpoint Moon

Hawk Sealsoul

Snake Bluewhisker

Grey Warrior Cat Names

The fan fiction Warrior series has made headlines worldwide, and if you are a fan of these series, you know that these names are perfect for a feisty yet loving cat. If you have a grey cat like this, then we have the best names for you below!

Greyscale Whisker

Cloud Dustwhisper

Smoke Stormsailer

Sooty Magicsand

Ash Rainclouds

Slate Darkpetal

Rock Greycrystal

Picking a Warrior Name for Your New Cat

Choosing names for cats based on warriors is a great idea, but can take quite a bit of time and effort if you want a great original warrior name for your pet.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide on what to consider while you are going through the process of researching, selecting names, and choosing one.


Here are the most significant factors that may help determine the best name ideas for your new kitty:

Why Choose a Warrior Name?

If you are here to read about warrior names, and how to choose one, there is a high likelihood that you are serious about finding the right name for your cat. Further, there must be a reason why you’ve come to this particular decision.

After all, you could give your cat any kind of name that you find suiting. So, why decide to choose a warrior-type name?

Are You Part of a Tribe or Clan?

If you are part of a tribe or a clan, picking your cat’s new warrior name may be easier. However, if you’re like most of the modern world, you are disconnected from the tribal heritage of your ancestors and will have to rely on your imagination rather than a traditional tribal name.

Consider Ancient Names as well as Modern

Sometimes, they just don’t make things like they used to. this is doubly the case with names. The further you go back (historically) in your research, the more badass the warrior names become.

Based on current popular culture, like films, and comic book series, there are quite a few modern warrior names to choose from as well. Take advantage of their entire name pool by looking at both.

Think Outside of the Box

There is no box when it comes to naming your new warrior cats. So, make sure you don’t unintentionally put yourself inside of one while you are trying to come up with good names.

Find inspiration as it arises, and allow it to reveal new name ideas to you that you would otherwise never think of on your own. Watch TV, and films, or a read book series.

Other Considerations

After you have taken all of the above into consideration, there are, of course, a few basic considerations to take into account that you may have overlooked.

For example, the attitude and normal behavior of your new kitty, and their fur type and color. These little details make a big impact on which names fit and which ones don’t.

Tips for Choosing Warrior Names for Cats

Picking the best warrior cat names isn’t always easy, in fact, there are so many great options to choose from (depending on what your cat looks like and acts like) that the sheer amount of choices can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Here are some tips/ideas for you to consider while researching the best warrior-type words for your cat’s name:

  • Look all around yourself for inspiration (it’s everywhere)
  • Mix up famous names to come up with original combinations
  • Create original warrior name ideas based on two words
  • Take advantage of all available information resources
  • Consider adding a prefix or suffix to your cat’s name
  • Create names for your pets based on your tribe or clan
  • Read a war-themed book series for inspiration
  • Go over all the names on our site, even for other categories
  • Name your cat after where ancients lived
  • Create a powerful nature-based name (like rushing water or standing mountain)

Only you can choose the very best warrior cat name for your new feline friend because only you know the pet best.

Remember, take all the time you need while naming your cat because a name is usually a permanent decision.

There is no need to rush it.

The Best Warrior Name for Your Pet

Did you have fun looking through all these warrior-inspired names for your cat? Did you find the right warrior cat name for your feline friend?

If you want to find out more, you may use the warrior cat name generator available on the web. We hope you find the name for your warrior or rogue cat from the list we provided above.

Remember, always ask for veterinary advice before getting a cat! Thank you for reading and we wish you the very best of luck with finding the right warrior cat name for your new furry friend!