275+ Western Horse Names

The Wild West is known for their great bond with horses. They are like two peas in a pod. If you notice, most Western movies are always centered on cowboys and their horse companions, and if you are a fan of these movies and just got a horse, here are the best Western horse names for you new horse!

Old Western Horse Names

The old west was a vast land where cowboys and rangers live and had a great time with their horse companions. The old west era ended in 1912, but there are many films and other materials inspired by this age. So, if you love the old west, here are the best names for your new horse.

Jack Outlaw

Blessed Gunner

Baron Willis

Slewer James

Small Shanty

Cherokee Lad

Bounty Grabs

Boy Scuds

Jessie Bogus

Skedaddle Runner

Cannon Grazer

Deuce Chance

Miss Muse

Best Sheriff


Fast Shotgun

Chap Momentus

Bodega Jones

Bullet Chaser

Scamp Scutter

Chief Reynolds

Saloon Champ

Eldorado Spirit

Famous Western Horse Names

scenic horse picture

The West is filled with famous names since there’s a whole genre of this era. From films to music, you’ll be surprised about how many there are, and how many famous horses are still known today. If you love all things Western, here are the best names from famous Western horses we gathered for your new horse.

Spur Galloper

Straight Arrow

Boots Crasher

Bullet Speed Runner

Rodeo John

Ro Mare

Spirit Rider

Racing Sundown

Lasso Sam

Flint Bandit

Sprint Shooter



Sling Gallops


Ranger Ryder

Finn Dusty

Rusty Flare

Blaze James

Suzie Skillet

Whiskey Shot

Dark Bourbon

Banks West

Banjo Prancer

Millie Canyon

Shady Smoke

Smokey BIll

Gallop Shanks

Freedom Ranger



Wrangler Jones

El Loaner

Old Thunder

The Main Banner

Trigger Flee

Missy Tonka


White Feller

Scar Bite

Red Buck

Taco Blake

Black Jack

Goodeye Freddie

Old Dollar

Zip Cochise

Loco Shanks

Little Trigger

Silver Cloud

Ol’ Pal

Gil Buttermilk


Copper Rhodes


Raider Jones

El Chico

Topper Blanche

Silver Bullet

Silly Thunderhead

Comanche Spurs

Little Champ

Old Blue

Sunfish Strike

Rolling Tumbleweed

Lone Traveler

Western Show Horse Names

If you are a fan of horse shows and have a new horse that needs a name, here are our top Western show horse names that will go perfectly with your new equine friend!

Sassy Jogger

Missy Pleasure


Loper Jane


Graceful Trotter

Pioneer Champ

Strong Barrel

Penn Shingles

Perfect Balance

Roper James

Wild Gallop

Shane Glimmer

Dolly Prancer

Glitter Sparks

Macho James

Flint Champion

Miss Leticia Sparks

Eyes On Me

Neighing Winner

Winniegh Copper

Silver Medal

Gold Getter

Western Black Horse Names

black horse in autumn

Black horses symbolize power and strength, and if you have one, for sure you’re looking for a name. Here are our top picks for Western black horse names.

Coal Ranger

Midnight Galloper

Black Rattlesnake

Zorro Lasso


Nightmare Mane


Black Stallion

Black Beauty

Leather Dodge

Domino Wick

Hawk Hooves

Dark Halloween

Noir Blossom

Vulture Flyer

Fangs Shade

Darth Galloper

Onyx Dark Stride

Morticia Williams


Prancing Beetle

Ebony Shadow

Flint Sable

Knight Moonlight

Panther James

Evening Mellow

Jessie Midnight

Black Pepper

Jagua Speed

Caviar Shine

Flying Shadow

El Zorro

Coal Strides


Dusky Mane

Western Horse Names Males (Boys)

One of the most challenging parts of being a new horse owner is finding the perfect name. Therefore, here are the best Western horse names for male horses that you might like. Let’s check each one and find you the perfect male horse name.

Sully Ranger

Bucky Wheat

Woody Barren

Bullseye Striker

Buck Shadows

Chief Raider

Patrick Ranger

Clyde Saloon


Mav Strider

Teddy Long Legs


Johnny Mare

Sam Brown

Ranger Buck

Pancho Storms

Wild Boots

Angus Spirit

Dallas Raider

Sure Arrow

Billy Mischief

Reno Rider

Rodeo Jones

Lord Brisket

Hoarse Cactus

Cash Sanders

Duck Chaser

Bronco Shanks

Yukon West

Dianne Bucky

Giant Grazer

Whoa John

Peter Brown Stead

Scout Crasher

Free Soldier

Bull Herder

Black Jack

Hanky Frank

Claire Bronco

Jack Daniels

J.D. Raider

Sparky Wild

Sir Freddie Lone

Gilly Doe

Harpy Dane

Western Horse Names Females (Girls)

show horse with braided hair

If you have a new female horse and it needs the perfect name, here are some great Western horse name ideas for female horses. Let’s see which one of these Western female horse names inspired by the Wild West perfectly fit your new friend.

Dolly Parkson

Dixie Ray

Sunny Kid

Bonnie Stryde

Belle Stargirl

Star Climber

Lottie Doe

Pearl Jones

Della Bullion

Dell Rio

Lily Furgison


Patsy Ray

Reba James

Arizona Skyfall

Lady Free Justice

Dakota Jennings

Charolette Prancer

Maybelle Gallops

Running Houston

Free Dolly

Dawn Raider

Jenny Dumplin’

Montana Skies

Tulsa Rocket

Prancing Paisley

Jolly Jolene

Miss Diamond

Nevada Sunset

Betsy Hay

Wynona Bale

Jolene Dust

Delta Mare

June Bug

Sierra Range

Ruby Freckles

Sugar Plum

Spirit Chaser

Rain Flyer

Shirley Goldie

Dane Goldstar

Misty Alene

Snow Abigail

Birdie Lane

Dinah Shrew

Sue Dwayne Ranger

Flossie Jones

Western Horse Names for Geldings

Geldings are special horses that need special names. If you have a gelding and want a proper name for it, here are Western male horse names for geldings that we picked out especially for geldings.

Sir Amos

Quiet Angus

Sweet Apache

Calm Arrow

Bailey Sweetstorm

Bale Hoarder

Barrel Johnson

Billy Sweetboy

Billy Ray

Biscuit Stash

Blaze Galloper

Sunday Boots

Hot Bourbon

Sweet Brisket

Buck Quiettown

Butch Glazer

Shy Carter

Cash Strider

Little Cherokee

Cisco Bucks

Clyde Stomper

Cody Miller

Colonel Franks

Colt Buster

Sir Cowboy

Curly John

Prancing Daniel

Racing Garrett



Flint Gunner


Hank Freespirit

Hunter Dash

Randy Braveheart

Sherley Surewinner

Dale Strikes

Mister Harry Raider

Jeb Strikes

Racer Johnny

Lieutenant Justice

Landon Spirits

Wild Morgan

Horse Names in Western Movies

Many love western movies, so we are not surprised if you love them too! If you want a horse name inspired by movies about the Wild West, here are western horse names from famous Western movies you will surely love.

Trigger Johnson (Roy Rogers’ horse)

Silver Strider (Buck Jones’ horse)

Thunder Rider (Will Bill Elliott’s horse)

Missy Buttermilk (Dale Evans’s horse)

Allen Champion (Gene Autry’s horse)

Koko Crox (Rex Allen’s horse)

Freedom Loco (Pancho’s horse)

Rush Dale (Lash LaRue’s horse)

Rebel Brown (Johnny Mack Brown’s horses)

Ring Eye Black (starred in movies with several well-known actors)

Wonder Storm (Tom Mix’s horse)

Tony Stream (Tom Mix’s horse)

White Flash (Tex Ritter’s horse)

Flambow Blaze (Bob Steele’s horses)

Shiek Shack (Bob Steele’s horses)

El Granito (back up horse for a famous horse named Raider)

Nappy Flicher (Hopalong Cassidy’s original horse)

Topper James (Hopalong Cassidy’s replacement horse)

Calico Galloper (Gabby Hayes’s horse)

Pie Sparks (Jimmy Stewart’s horse)

Dollor Cash (John Wayne’s horse)

Team Sport (Pernell Roberts’s horse)

Target Master (Annie Oakley’s horse)

Did you like the names we gathered for your western horse? If you found the perfect western horse name, then the hardest part is over! Now, you get to enjoy your horse’s company and make amazing memories together and even recreate your favorite Wild West moments together.